The Return of Summer on the Hudson

August 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (No, not “that” time of year.) We’re talking summer, particularly summer in NYC when the Parks Department holds Summer on the Hudson: a celebration of art, culture, and physical fitness in Riverside Park. The 555TEN luxury rentals, just minutes from the waterfront, bring you close to the Hudson’s concerts, dance performances, yoga classes, cardio sessions, and much more. Keep your mind and body moving from now until October with something for everyone just around the way from 555TEN’s Midtown West apartments.

Warm-weather wandering is always better when you’re feeling fit and ready to move and groove. Name your fave, and Summer on the Hudson probably provides it. Do you regularly perform a sun salutation followed by a downward facing dog? Stretch it all out with Yoga Flow after work, when veteran Nina Semczuk leads you on your yoga journey to more strength, greater flexibility, increased balance, and focus—all in the great outdoors. Never had a knack for those poses? Don’t fret. Pilates in the Park has you covered in your quest for a stronger core, body alignment, and, above all else, more energy. Of course, if you’re simply looking to lose a few pounds and get your heart pumping, Butt and Gut with veteran Donald Calliste will do both AND provide you with more tone and definition. Fitness fans, rejoice: Summer on the Hudson is here to help. Whatever your routine, switch it up on occasion with any number of dance classes or even some tai chi.

Summer on the Hudson also provides cinephiles and music lovers endless opportunities to indulge in new works and old favorites. Pack a blanket and some snacks and head to the Pier 1 Picture Show for an evening screening of Summer Wars, WALL-E, or Up. Grab a set of headphones and “quietly club” with the rowdiest no-noise event ever at the Silent Disco. This unique all-ages spectacular features live DJs spinning tunes while party-goers dance the night away in seemingly silent splendor. Or bring your friends and be the main attraction as you sing it loud and sing it proud at #TotallyPublicKaraoke. Don’t miss the Sweet Spot Festival featuring summer soundtracks of reggae, soulful house, disco, and Afro-beat music—all spun by a variety of “North America’s most-renowned sound architects.” If you love a sunset (and don’t we all?), make a play for Amplified Sundays with its live, infinitely danceable music playing through until day turns to night.

If you’ve got kids, then you won’t want to miss the numerous activities that Summer on the Hudson has planned for both the young and the young at heart. Learn a little something together about the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s efforts to restore the harbor. Missed the last eclipse? Then come out on a Sunday when the Amateur Astronomers Association brings out their solar telescopes. These special instruments are designed to allow for safe sungazing and sunspot spotting in the full light of the summer sky. Not sure what you’d like to do? Attend a Game Day for giant tic tac toe, lawn bowling, hopscotch, and jump rope. Play Dates and Super Soccer Stars give those under the age of five the activity that they need and crave and a matched dose of focused time that moms and dads will love.