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Find Your Perfect Oasis at 555TEN

The Midtown rentals at 555TEN have a number of outdoor oases on the doorstep: the sprawling banks of Hudson River Park, verdant rooftop bars like Vue180 and Gallow Green— plus, of course, the Hamptons are just a couple of hours’ drive away. But for those lazy summer days when you don’t want to venture far at all, 555TEN’s on-site amenities have you covered.

Taking a Dip

The jewel in the crown of these luxury Midtown rentals has to be its rooftop pool. Here, 56 stories up, you can begin your morning, wind down your evening—or while away an entire Sunday afternoon—in the cooling alfresco waters. South-west facing, the pool gets glorious sunshine for the best part of the day, and its unobstructed views provide unrivaled glimpses of the Hudson—its piers and parks—and the New Jersey skyline beyond. There’s ample room to swim proper lengths, and the kink at one end of the pool provides somewhere to sit back, relax, and soak up the views.

Sunning Yourself

Chaise lounges are liberally scattered poolside—an ideal spot to sip an iced coffee and devour a few chapters of a summer blockbuster. There are stylishly appointed private cabanas too—so when it’s time to seek shade, it’s ready and waiting. Our top tip: come up here for a sunset nightcap and see Manhattan glow in remarkable pinks, purples, and ambers.

Working Alfresco

However balmy the weather might be, sometimes we’ve still got to work. At these Midtown NYC apartments, you can still bask in the summer rays while hosting video calls with clients, catching up on emails, or poring over contracts. While 555TEN’s residents’ lounge provides an elegant midcentury-inspired space to work year-round, its greenery-ensconced terrace is a shoo-in for the summer season. Tables, chairs, and lounge seating invite you to get comfortable with your laptop—and every time you glance up from your screen, you’re greeted with cinematic views from 56 floors up. Now that’s what we call working from home.

Going for Walkies

When temperatures soar, and even a stroll in the park feels a bit of a stretch, simply take your four-legged friend to one of 555TEN’s two dedicated dog runs. Here, your beloved pooch can let off steam in a safe (and cool) environment; though fully covered and enclosed, the dog runs are also open to the elements, meaning you and your furry pal get your fix of fresh air. It’s also a great spot to meet new dog/human friends!

555TEN is equipped with everything you need for the perfect summer. Inquire today about our Midtown Manhattan apartments for rent.

Pier 84: Hudson River Park’s Oasis

Pier 84 at Hudson River Park is a blend of relaxation, activity, and culture that’s hard to resist. As late summer and early autumn loom, it’s time to check out everything that the Pier has to offer—just a 10-minute walk from the Midtown Manhattan apartments for rent at 555TEN.

Here, you’re sandwiched between two landmarks: the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and the Circle Line. But the heart of Pier 84 is its own world, complete with a bustling boathouse, an array of dining options, and a lively dog park.

Lounge, Relax, Repeat

Center stage at Pier 84 is its lawn. Whether you’re catching some rays or enjoying a picnic, it’s the place to be. Nearby, there’s a thriving community garden—a city dweller’s patch of green where nature lovers can dip their fingers into the soil. Access to the community garden’s flora is exclusively for its official volunteers, yet everyone is invited to meander around its perimeters and soak in the lively pier atmosphere. 555TEN residents who are keen on lending a hand should review the Pier 84 page on the Hudson River Park website to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Hudson Adventures

Ever tried kayaking with skyscrapers as your backdrop? At Pier 84’s boathouse, you can paddle out and savor the unique view of Manhattan from the water. And if you’re new to kayaking, no worries—there’s a team ready to guide you. You can even go on a tour to a “secret beach.” The Pier 84 Boathouse also offers other water activities, including paddleboard and outboard canoeing.

History at the Harbor

Just a hop away is the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Dive into history aboard the USS Intrepid. This isn’t just about military might; it’s a journey into our space age and beyond. Current exhibits include “On the Mend: Restoring Intrepid’s Sick Bay,” “On the Line: Intrepid and the Vietnam War,” and “A View from the Deep: The Submarine Growler and the Cold War.” 

Pier 84 in Hudson River Park is more than just a hangout—it’s a Manhattan experience. From lazing on the lawn to embracing the Hudson on a kayak or stepping back in time at the Intrepid, it’s a mix of laid-back vibes and intriguing adventures.

While you’re checking out Pier 84 and the Hudson River Park, stop by 555TEN and check out our luxury apartments for rent. We’d love to give you some more tips on other hot spots near Midtown West.

Best Rooftops Bars in Midtown West

Nestled within the fast-paced buzz of Midtown West, not only will you find towering skyscrapers and the glitz of Broadway but also the area’s hidden treasures—its rooftop bars. If you call 555TEN home, your own rooftop pool and lounge might feel like the ultimate retreat. Yet, right on your doorstep, there’s a variety of rooftop bars just waiting to be discovered. Let’s explore a few:

The Skylark | 200 West 39th Street

Perched 30 stories above the city streets, The Skylark is more than just a bar. It’s a carefully curated experience. Picture yourself relaxing in a private nook, experimenting with inventive cocktails from Skylark’s Mixology Program and amazing food by Abigail Kirsch as the city’s panorama unfurls beneath you.

The Refinery | 63 West 38th Street

When you step onto The Refinery’s rooftop, you’ll find yourself beneath the majesty of the Empire State Building just a few blocks south. The space oozes with charm, like an artist’s loft with a twist. In the summer months, the roof peels back, fairy lights twinkle, and suddenly you’re in a rooftop wonderland. Come enjoy some specialized cocktails like the Flower District which is made with Gin Lane Victoria Pink, hibiscus, pomegranate, lemon, and strawberry-infused Rockey’s Milk Punch.

Spyglass Rooftop Bar | 47 West 38th Street

Elevated on the 22nd floor of the Archer Hotel, Spyglass offers an unforgettable cityscape view that sweeps across Bryant Park and beyond. This is a place where sipping on a craft cocktail feels like a high-stakes adventure. Or try some of their special deserts like the salted caramel bourbon shake.

Hidden Rooftop Gems

But there’s more to Midtown West’s rooftop scene. Swing by Roof at Park South on the east side for their electric vibe or step into the upscale atmosphere of The Sentry Penthouse Lounge & Bar. Gaze out at the city from the iconic Ophelia, mingle at Daintree Rooftop & Lounge or spice up your evening at Nubeluz by Barlovento.

Midtown West offers not only a bustling city rhythm but also an opportunity to find your own slice of peace in its rooftop bars. Each one is unique, offering an experience that will leave a lasting impression. So, whether you’re a 555TEN resident or a visitor, the views from these bars are more than just an Instagram moment—they’re the stuff of unforgettable memories.

Bike Along the Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park: An NYC Treasure

New York City, the urban jungle, holds an unexpected treasure along Manhattan’s West Side—Hudson River Park, which has a bikeway up and down its entire length. This expansive park, stretching four miles from 59th Street to the lower tip of Manhattan, presents a perfect setting for cyclists, joggers, and laid-back strollers alike. And it’s so close to 555TEN, that it’s almost part of your backyard.

Get to Know Hudson River Park Better with a Digital Guide

Explore the park in depth with a handy digital guide on the Bloomberg Connects app. It’s a free and fun way to discover everything about the park, from its numerous art installations and public performances to its inviting piers, making your visit more than worthwhile.

Pier 84 Jazz Nights: Music and More

When the sun sets, jazz nights come alive with rhythm and soul at Pier 84 near 555TEN. Here’s your chance to enjoy some live jazz, soak in the lovely waterfront views, and immerse yourself in the rich, multifaceted culture of New York. Recent artists include Ariacne Trujillo Quartet, Salongo, and Eric Person Quintet. Check out the park’s official website for schedules and more.

Stroll, Jog, or Bike Along Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park offers a fantastic experience, whether you’re after a heart-pumping jog, a calming walk, or a leisurely bike ride. It’s not just a backdrop; it’s a living microcosm of a city that never sleeps.

Beyond the Usual: Hudson River Park Attractions

Delve into the captivating public art in the park, including the permanent AIDS Memorial between Pier 46 and Pier 51 and Long Time, the sculptural water wheel at Pier 66, or explore the various piers, each with its own appeal: fishing at Pier 34, the “green beach” at Pier 45, a nautical playground at Pier 51, and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at Pier 86, to name just a few. Anthophiles and other appreciators of nature can check out the bloom guide to find the right times to view the park’s 55 different types of flowers.

If you’re a resident of one of the Midtown West rentals at 555TEN, the Hudson River Park is so close that you can make it part of your daily itinerary. Contact the 555TEN team to hear more about life on the West Side of Manhattan.

Midtown West’s Jazz Pulse: A Swinging, Melodic Haven near 555TEN

Prepare to be whisked away on a jazzy journey at a dynamic duo of Midtown West venues that groove to their own beat, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of musical bliss. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or a casual toe-tapper, get ready to embark on an extraordinary experience at the Birdland Jazz Club and Swing 46 that will leave you with a skip in your step and a melody in your heart.

Stepping onto the stage first is the iconic Birdland Jazz Club, a legendary hot spot that has been swinging since 1949. Move into its timeless embrace and surrender to the magnetic allure of jazz history. With two floors of non-stop entertainment and a menu that hits all the right notes, Birdland serves up an unforgettable experience that will have you humming along. From the vibrant tunes of the Wagner High School Jazz Band to the rhythmic symphony of the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra and the mind-blowing Guitar Night featuring Frank Vignola and Mike Stern, Birdland showcases New York’s jazz prowess in all its glory.

But the party doesn’t stop there! Swing 46 emerges as the ultimate call to dance-floor action, blending the best of jazz with infectious energy. This lively jazz and supper club sets the scene for an electrifying ambiance that will make you want to swing and sway all night long. Picture yourself moving in perfect harmony to the vibrant sounds of jump blues, rhythm & blues, swing, boogie-woogie, hot jazz, and Latin jazz. The bands and orchestras that grace the stage at Swing 46 are masters of their craft, unleashing melodies that will have you twirling and tapping your feet. And don’t worry if you’re new to swing dancing—the complimentary dance lessons will have you gliding across the floor like a pro in no time.

Birdland Jazz Club and Swing 46 offer a double dose of jazz magic, each with its own unique flavor that celebrates the vivacity and spirit of Midtown West. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of Birdland or the irresistible energy of Swing 46, prepare to be captivated by performances that will make you want to dance, laugh, and revel in the joy of music. So, if the idea of jazz-infused living in Midtown West sets your soul on fire, don’t miss your chance to connect with the Midtown rentals leasing team at 555TEN. Your new home, where the rhythm of jazz is just a swing away, awaits!

Living It Up with Fido, Steps from Pier 84 Dog Run

When it comes to embracing the furrier side of the family, 555TEN doesn’t just walk the walk; it fetches the ball and brings it back. Tailoring to those who understand that home isn’t complete without a pet by your side, 555TEN crafts an environment where every woof and purr is celebrated.

We’ve teamed up with Throw Me A Bone to create an on-site pet care experience that’s more spoiling than a belly rub from grandma. Our pet-loving experts make every pat count, keeping tails wagging while you’re out taming the concrete jungle.

The delight doesn’t stop at your front door. Our backyard, a private covered dog park, is a pooch paradise where tails wag freely, and the city’s hum is drowned out by joyous barks and playful frolicking. It’s not just a park; it’s a doggie daydream brought to life.

And when it comes to hitting the town, we’re just a dog’s bark from the widely acclaimed Pier 84 Dog Run, cozily tucked away in the heart of Hudson River Park. Think of it as an amusement park for your pooch, complete with cooling spray showers, water fountains, and intriguing stone pieces to conquer. Each visit is a new chapter in your pet’s adventure story.

555TEN also sits amid a veritable buffet of boutique pet stores. Whether you’re hunting down a squeaky toy that squeaks just right or a bespoke pet bed that matches your throw pillows, these stores have you covered. Pet shopping has never felt so chic.

So, pack up the leash and the favorite treats (oh, and your possessions too) and bring your furry friend to the place that gets it: the Midtown rentals at 555TEN. Here, we celebrate the love, joy, and sheer unpredictability that come with pet ownership. It’s not just pet-friendly; it’s pet-fabulous. Get ready to elevate your pet-parent experience—give us a call and let us show you around!

A Day in the Life of a 555TEN Resident

Perched atop the Midtown Manhattan apartments at 555TEN is a swimming pool where taking a dip is like floating along the skyline. It’s the sort of activity New Yorkers would line up for, but at these NYC luxury rentals, it could be an everyday activity. The pool is just one part of an unprecedented amenities package that lets you make the most of staying home, so that you can make the most of a night on the town in Hell’s Kitchen when you’re ready for it.

Imagine evenings after work unwinding by the pool 56 stories up in the sky with the city stretching out far below. Or picture weekends gathering with neighbors or out-of-town guests on the sundeck, where you can use private cabanas or chaise longues, with proximity to the lounge and bar to really make a night of it. With the warmer weather on its way, this is the kind of space you’ll use as an anchor for both relaxation and for socializing in equal measure.

Indoors, the amenities continue, with a saltwater lap pool — ideal for cooler or rainy days — where you can tap into a spa vibe, do a round of laps, or just relax and read a book with the sound of the water lapping at the travertine marble tiles. The rest of the Health and Wellness floor includes studios for group classes as well as personal use, a designated cardio area, and a weight room. Find your personal groove with Peloton bikes or the Nexersys Boxing Exergame.

For the playful side of residents of all ages, 555PLAY includes a bowling alley, a children’s playroom, and an arcade — another great place to gather with friends for some afterwork fun or a full-on celebration when the week is done.

Your days will fall into a different rhythm when so much of what you need is at your fingertips morning and night. These luxurious conveniences will also open time in your schedule to be out and about in the city to experience the aspects of Midtown life that brought you here in the first place, like destination restaurants and on- and off-Broadway plays. For a truly special night out, try the tasting menu at Kochi, a Korean restaurant where the focus is on grilled skewers of things, like Berkshire pork, shrimp, and halibut — all of which will attest to the restaurant’s having earned a Michelin star.

While watching the chefs at Kochi prepare your 12-course meal is a kind of theater in itself, you can follow your meal with a trip to the actual theater, which, in this neighborhood, means top actors in productions people half a world away dream about seeing, like Tom Stoppard’s “Leopoldstadt” or “A Doll’s House,” featuring Jessica Chastain. It’s the kind of perfect night that could happen only in New York, after a day of pampering and relaxation at your home base above it all at 555TEN.

Explore the Drama Book Shop

Residents of the Midtown rentals at 555TEN are accustomed to being squarely in the center of Manhattan’s finest cultural establishments and entertainment venues. From Lincoln Center and, of course, to Broadway, the area around 555TEN is a mecca for all things dramatic and the finest theater productions, new and those with storied, decades-long runs. 555TEN residents are also just a few blocks from another iconic New York institution, which is part of the city’s theater lore: the Drama Book Shop.

For over a century, the Drama Book Shop has been proving its mettle as New York’s finest shop for theatrical works, boasting upwards of 8,000 plays, as well as accolades, including a Tony Award Honor for Excellence in Theatre, which is given in recognition of achievement in theater in categories outside the Award’s traditional categories. Its central location on West 39th Street became home in 2020 when it came under new ownership.

Its new owners include another theater legend, Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with friend and fellow Drama Book Shop patron Thomas Kail, as well Jeffrey Seller and James Nederlander. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s history with the store began long before he took on the mantle of owner. In fact, the beginnings of his career can be traced to December 2001, when Wesleyan University theater troupe Back House Productions, founded by Kail and others, became the store’s resident theater company. In 2002, the group began rehearsals for a new musical in the Arthur Seelen Theatre below the store’s then 40th Street location. That musical, directed by Kail, was none other than Miranda’s In the Heights, which became a Tony Award-winning sensation and a mixing of theater greatness only possible in New York City.

The Drama Book Shop’s current location was designed by Hamilton’s scenic designer, David Korins, and his team. The old-world ambiance, with dark wood shelving and pendant lights, is complemented by a full-service cafe, which adds to the shop’s homey appeal. Today, the Drama Book Shop continues to serve the theater and arts scene and the greater community with a welcoming space for its patrons. 555TEN residents need only walk a few blocks to browse the shelves and check out the offerings over a pastry and coffee, all while steeped in a true piece of the city’s theater past and future.

Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of living in the middle of NYC culture at 555TEN.

Take a Walk on the High Line

With sunny days and blue skies ahead for the foreseeable future, it’s time to celebrate all that summer has to offer. Residents of the Midtown rentals at 555TEN are within walking distance of one of New York City’s most beloved destinations—and one of the most idyllic spots for spending a summer afternoon or balmy evening: the High Line. From its proximity to some of the city’s finest art galleries to its summer events calendar, the High Line has something to offer all its visitors throughout the season.

Formerly an elevated freight train rail along Manhattan’s West Side, the High Line stretches just under a mile and a half from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street. Since its debut in 2009, the High Line has attracted millions of visitors every year, thanks to its planted gardens, landscape architecture, trails, play areas, and gathering spaces. Whether for a sun-soaked amble through the park or to check out the public art displayed throughout, the High Line remains one of the city’s most popular draws, not just through the summer season.

In addition to its key attraction—of natural beauty embedded within the broader city landscape—the High Line also offers a sense of community. On Tuesdays, the park is open for evening strolls and an opportunity to do some stargazing. High-powered telescopes are provided between sunset and the park closing, as well as guidance from members of the Amateur Astronomers Association, who can offer some wisdom throughout the process of identifying and reveling in astronomical sightings.

Visitors can make the most of a trip to the High Line by enjoying everything along its path on the West Side. 555TEN residents can peruse the dining options, wine shops, and flower stalls at the Chelsea Market near 15th Street for some shopping, a meal of lobster rolls and oysters, or a taco to enjoy while picnicking in the park. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s storied gallery culture offers residents an opportunity to check out the most cutting-edge works on display in the city—and the world.

Residents of 555TEN’s Midtown rentals can conveniently explore the city’s culture and green spaces all summer long. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of living close to many of New York’s finest parks.

A Night at the Theater

Broadway is a destination that is so much more than a geographic location. It’s the place where world-renowned theaters offer people from around the world a chance to step into a fantasy that lives and breathes in real time before their eyes. Residents of 555TEN don’t need a plane ticket to see the most acclaimed theaters in the country. In fact, living so close to Broadway means the magic of the Great White Way can become a vital part of your New York City life. Right now, Broadway is drawing crowds for shows both legendary and new. Here, we bring you highlights from a long list of not-to-be-missed productions playing this spring.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is so much more than a theatrical expansion of the Harry Potter universe — it’s also a show that takes the concept of immersion into a world as far as it can go, with the halls and lobby of the Lyric Theatre itself embellished with details that make you feel as though you are in the world of Harry Potter before the show even begins. Of the newer, slightly abridged version of this show, Alexis Soloski of the New York Times writes, “directed by [John] Tiffany and choreographed by Steven Hoggett, with an essential score from Imogen Heap, it remains diamond-sharp in its staging and dazzling in its visual imagination, as magical as any spell or potion.”

“Life of Pi” features puppets so outsize they require multiple highly trained puppeteers to control them. Based on the acclaimed book by Yann Martel, it’s another visual immersion in a literary landscape that actually goes beyond the imaginable. Puppeteer Nikki Calonge, who operates Richard Parker/Tiger, says of working on this show, “‘Life of Pi’ defies what many expect from puppetry, performers, and plays in general — come see the effort and joy we’ve put into this show! We’re on Broadway, which is full of some of the hardest-working, creative, and passionate talent I’ve ever met; the whole community is alive with ideas and big dreams.”

“Hamilton,” the show memorized and beloved by kids and adults alike across the country, is still drawing crowds to the Richard Rodgers Theatre, where the whole notion of how history is made and told is explored in its collection of rap-inspired, showstopping hits.

In the case of Lea Michele of “Funny Girl,” its star power itself that works as the engine for the show. But her performances here are once-in-a-lifetime experiences where the kinetic combination of star and character show you what humans are capable of through the medium of song and dance.

In the unflaggingly popular “The Lion King,” there is a production level that brings an entire world to life through craftsmanship that, in many ways, exceeds that of blockbuster films where many of the stunning effects take place in camera. Here, Simba and Mufasa move in costumes designed by the legendary Julie Taymor, who also directs. Each one is a living, moving work of art of stunning proportions. As if that weren’t enough, the music by Elton John is already so deeply a part of the culture that to see it live is to physically enter the American collective unconscious. It’s the kind of show you’ll want to savor and see again, which is easy to do when you live just moments away at the Midtown luxury rentals at 555TEN.

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