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Close to the Coast: The Hudson River Greenway

September 2017

Going green
Pining to get away from it all, but with no time for a vacation? You can always escape to the Hudson River Greenway. At 11 miles—and running close to the no-fee rentals at 555TEN—this is the longest greenway in all Manhattan. No wonder, then, that New Yorkers love to explore it, picking out the myriad gems lining the West Side from Battery Park up to Dyckman Street. Before you start plotting your route, though, you need to choose your ride. Allow us to give you a helping hand.

Wheely great choices
Most people who use the Hudson River Greenway choose to do so by bike. But don’t panic if you don’t have a set of wheels—there are plenty of places along the route to grab a rental. Head to a nearby Citi Bike station: assuming you’re setting out from your luxury 555TEN apartment, you’ll easily find one at 11th Avenue & West 41st Street or 9th Avenue & West 39th Street, among other spots. This cheap and easy way of acquiring a cycle means you can be in the saddle just moments after leaving home (and abandon your bike as soon as you feel the urge to get that first beer). Annual memberships and day passes are available, though if you’re toying with the former, it’s worth calling in at Enoch’s Bike Shop on 10th Avenue, Midtown West. Since 1983, these guys have been kitting out New Yorkers with the best Masis, Haros, and KHSs. Trust us, your wheels are in good hands.

Of course, there are other ways to travel along the Greenway. If you’re planning to skate or blade, take a trip south to Uncle Funkys Boards and score yourself a Loaded Fattail or Arbor Rally. Newbie? No matter: they do lessons, too. Or, if you prefer to keep it simple, get yourself a pair of sneakers and take a walk.

Greenway gems
Wheeling along the Hudson River Greenway, you get a fresh perspective on NYC—and you’re guaranteed to see things you’ve never noticed before, no matter how long you’ve lived in Manhattan.

The “Greenway” isn’t called that for nothing. Running through no fewer than five parks (Battery Park, Hudson River Park, Riverside Park South, Riverside Park, and Fort Washington Park), there’s verdant scenery everywhere. Either feast your eyes as you whiz past or make a couple of scenic stop-offs en route to your final destination.

Parks aside, every itinerary is different. Perhaps you’ll call in at one of the concerts they have at West Harlem Piers. Or admire the boats at Seventy-Ninth Street Boat Basin. Or even learn something new at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Then you can reward yourself at Tribeca Grill, while plotting out the stops for your next Greenway jaunt.

555TEN | Interview with Steven Tupu (Terrain NYC)

June 2017

Landscape architect Steven Tupu, a principal with Terrain NYC, is responsible for 555TEN’s green spaces, from its playful rooftop garden and dog run to the subtle Japanese maple trees that welcome residents and visitors at the building’s entrance. Tupu was inspired by what he characterizes as 555TEN’s “infrastructural landscape,” its proximity to the Hudson River, and its tall perch in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Considering 555TEN’s context in every direction and during every season of the year, he arranged birch trees to bring shade and texture to the rooftop garden and selected a variety of grasses to give the landscaped roof distinctive areas while providing the lush and colorful texture that he grew to love in his native New Zealand.


What is it about 555TEN’s location that makes it such a compelling site for landscaping?

Looking south and west, there’s the end of the High Line and the view across the Hudson River to New Jersey. 555TEN is located at the edge of an “infrastructural landscape,” and this location provides a unique view of the urban skyline and the expanse of the Hudson River.


What might residents find surprising about 555TEN’s location?

555TEN is so ideally located for city-dwellers—right in the heart of the Theater District and close to the transportation hub of Times Square—that it’s easy to forget that it sits right next to the scenic Hudson River. The landscapes include lush terraces that add native plant habitats for local and migratory birds and pollinators. New York is part of the natural world, even if it doesn’t always seem that way.


How did you develop your special expertise in urban landscaping?

I’m a native of Wellington, New Zealand, a famously verdant country. We are also a nation of gardeners, and we are used to making the most of small spaces. These early experiences and that natural backdrop inspire my vision for the urban landscapes I design for Terrain NYC.


What features of 555TEN were most inspirational for Terrain NYC’s landscaping process?

At 555TEN, the deep setback terrace on the ninth floor and the wraparound terraces provided a unique challenge to develop a design language that could connect these spaces and different amenities with the flexibility to form smaller more intimate spaces.

Plantings of grasses and perennials are grouped in large masses and flow around the exterior columns and glass curtain wall. The colors and textures of the plantings enhance the building’s facade, starting with the Japanese maple that greets visitors at the front entrance. Having been involved early in the design process, my team and I were able to take full advantage of the tall building’s structured setbacks. That’s where the amenities suite opens onto the spectacular south-facing terrace and dog run and the more intimate yoga terrace along the northern edge.


Does the landscaping shape the experience of 555TEN for pets, too?

Yes! At the southwest edge of the amenity terrace is a dog run and viewing area that includes built-in timber bleacher seating for owners to socialize on and playful timber topographic mounds that define running circuits for the dogs to explore.


Is color and shape part of the landscape design process for 555TEN as well?

Very much so. For New York City’s multiseason climate, we selected four-season birch trees that are green in the spring, white and serene in fall and winter, and able to provide light shade from the sun in the summer. With 555TEN’s architectural palette including matte bronze and stainless steel, the green variety of Japanese maple was also a natural fit. We also chose tall native grasses for the terrace landscaping. They are dynamic in the breeze and provide a soft edge, helping to define the various spaces.


How does 555TEN become part of the natural world, thanks to Terrain NYC’s landscaping?

Native shrubs, grasses, and perennials serve another function in providing much-needed habitats for birds and pollinators. As with the High Line, 555TEN’s terraces are green oases for people, pets, and even wildlife, and we designed them as integrated pockets of nature and social spaces at the bustling crossroads of Midtown Manhattan.

555TEN | The Perfect Slice

May 2017

Though Midtown West is renowned for its Michelin-starred restaurants and cocktail bars, sometimes all you want is a simple (or at least artisanal or wood-fired) pizza. Fortunately, the 555TEN luxury rentals are just a short walk from three of the best pie shops in NYC. Here’s where to grab a slice of the action.

La Vela Dining & Bar |558 11th Avenue
Owner Antonio Mauro, a native of Naples, and his chef serve up all the classics with an authentic Southern Italian pedigree—from lasagna with lashings of bechamel sauce to profiteroles stuffed with fresh cream and glossed with molten chocolate. You can also whet your appetite with the likes of baked clams in Italian breadcrumbs. But their most popular dish, naturally, is their brick-oven pizza. Keep it simple with a Margherita or indulge with the Carretiera topped with sausage and broccoli rabe.

Capizzi |547 9th Avenue
If the wood-fired ovens, homey atmosphere, and tables laden with antipasti don’t tell you you’re in Italian heaven, surely the rich aroma of Capizzi’s pizzas will. Taking a leaf out of his “Nonna’s” (cook)book, Joseph Calcagno has created one of the finest family-owned Italian restaurants in Manhattan, just down the road from the 555TEN rentals. Napolitano pizzas are loaded with combos like hot Italian sausage and fennel, or asparagus, truffle oil, and roasted pine nuts. And the wood used to lend that oaky, hickory-smoked taste to the pizzas? That’s imported from Italy every week. You should try to save room for tiramisu, but we won’t blame you if you can’t.

Kiabacca Bar |639 10th Avenue
Turns out “kiabacca” has quite a few meanings, but the one we’re running with is “a positive feeling that someone or something gives you.” The Kiabacca Red Sangria or Spicy Manhattan will get you off to a good start before the specialty pizzas come into play. The house-made crushed tomato sauce gives these pies their trademark juiciness—we’d suggest a Return of the Big Mike with soppressata, cherry peppers, and roasted garlic & caramelized onion jam. Or go topical and tuck into a Hamilton pie—the shrimp and andouille sausage are enough to make anyone burst into song.

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555TEN | The Music of Hell’s Kitchen

May 2017

There’s always something new to experience around the 555TEN luxury rentals. Midtown West is home to some of New York City’s most vaunted restaurants like Esca and VYNL, the buzz of Broadway’s epic theater, and the ultimate urban oasis of the Hudson River Park. And, of course, there’s Hell’s Kitchen’s thriving live-music scene, which will really make your ears perk up. From dancing to bossa nova beats, to catching up with your favorite band or singing a ballad or two yourself, there’s something for every music lover in the neighborhood.

Don’t Tell Mama | 343 West 46th Street

The name “Don’t Tell Mama” comes from the title of a song from the Broadway classic Cabaret, which is appropriate, as it’s one of the city’s most popular spots to catch a cabaret performance. Since 1982, theater lovers have flocked to this charming “multiplex” after their Broadway shows let out. Equal parts sophisticated and camp, with a restaurant, piano bar, and two cabaret spaces, it’s a hub of hums and high notes as sung by Broadway stars and yet-to-be-discovered unknowns. Sing along to “Send in the Clowns” as you dine on their prix-fixe menu or channel your inner Ethel Merman and give your favorite show tune a whirl at the piano bar. It will be a night you’ll want to tell everyone, including “mama,” about.

Terminal 5 | 610 West 56th Street

Back in the heyday of the late-90s/early-aughts club scene, the 40,000-square-foot Terminal 5 was one of the two biggest nightclubs in New York City. Now it’s home to a music venue that’s beloved by artists and their fans. Terminal 5 schedules an eclectic roster of artists like the rock legend Chrissie Hynde-fronted Pretenders, rap superstar Gucci Mane, and alt-darling Bonobo. With a 3,000-person capacity, it’s one of the largest music spaces in Hell’s Kitchen. And if you want to escape the crowd pre- or post-show, you can have a drink on their roof deck.

Swing 46 | 349 West 46th Street

Hear live music every night of the week while you dine on a juicy filet mignon, snack on their garlicky PEI mussels, or sip a smoky chardonnay at the bar at this joint on red-hot Restaurant Row. Professionals and amateurs alike burn off those extra calories on the dance floor where no one is judging your skills. But if you do need to get into the “swing” of things, this establishment offers a half-hour dance lesson nightly at 9 pm. Whether you want to get up and dance or just snap your fingers to the sounds of the George Gee Orchestra, David Berger & the Sultans of Swing, or Swingadelic, this supper club is for swing kids of all ages.

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555Ten | 10 Residential Amenities That Rock

April 2017 / Forbes

At 555TEN, even the pets are pampered. These Midtown luxury apartments feature Throw Me A Bone, the full-service pet care provider, within the building. Residents have access to on-site daycare and pet-sitting services as well as a veterinary clinic, dog-walking, training courses, and even a grooming spa. There’s also a covered outdoor dog park and dog run that’s available for every season. Residents will want to take advantage of the rest of the building’s luxury amenities, such as the sky-top pool and sundeck, indoor fitness center, and 555PLAY, a suite of gaming options that includes a bowling alley and arcade.

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555TEN | Interview with Michael Fazio of LIVunLtd Concierge

April 2017

One of the great perks of living in 555TEN’s luxury Midtown West rentals is that every resident has automatic access to the services of LIVunLtd, a lifestyle concierge that specializes in making client experiences effortless, from finding hard-to-get theater tickets to planning parties and events and even coordinating a move. Here, founder Michael Fazio explains what sets LIVunLtd apart and why residents of 555TEN may come to rely on their services as part of the 555TEN lifestyle.

How did you and Abbie Newman start working together?
While working as concierges in some of New York City’s finest hotels, we compiled a “little black book” of our special VIP guests who would call upon our help from wherever they were in the world. We eventually realized that we could take our expertise out of the hotel world and into the wider world of concierge service. One of our clients was a real estate developer who hired us to create a concierge program for a luxury residential building. And the rest is history!

What will LIVunLtd offer the residents of 555TEN?
Residents of the luxury NYC rentals at 555TEN will all become registered LIVunLtd clients and enjoy unlimited access to the team of concierges based in our Midtown Manhattan office. Residents can work with our team to streamline their moving-in process, make restaurant reservations, book concert tickets, or even plan a party or a spa day.

What sort of atmosphere will the LIVunLtd team cultivate at 555TEN?
Exclusive clubs like the SoHo House offer a model of comfort and service that has inspired us to customize some of the offerings at 555TEN in a way that makes residents feel catered to. This luxury rental building has beautiful amenity spaces, so that gives us a great setting in which to plan events like culinary demos and tastings by popular NYC chefs, film screenings, author and expert talks on a range of topics—from fashion to finance—and casual cocktail gatherings and game nights where residents can meet each other.

Will LIVunLtd offer any special promotions or experiences to 555TEN residents?
Luckily, our substantial client base allows us to gain special access to Broadway shows, baseball games, arts festivals, and more, so each month we’ll be offering 555TEN residents the chance to take part in one of these special events. Recent highlights included access to tickets to a benefit performance of Hamilton, a private suite at Citi Field with pregame photo ops, and a special preview of J. K. Rowling’s new movie, followed by an after-party. We also offer regular discounts on products and services through our monthly newsletter.

In your opinion, which Midtown West hot spots might become local favorites for 555TEN residents?
The Marshal, Esca, Dianne & Elisabeth, and Robert, the restaurant at the Museum of Arts and Design, are all wonderful. The trick is getting a table, and that’s where LIVunLtd can help. One of our “secrets” is to book as far ahead as one month. Another is to call at 4 pm, which is when restaurants are reconfirming their seatings for the evening—that’s when you might score a table due to a last-minute cancellation.

A great day at 555TEN’s Midtown West Rentals begins with “rising and shining.” How does the team at LIVunLtd like to meet a new day?
Depending on the day, we might like to start with a Ninja Essentials class at Mark Fisher Fitness and then stop in at Juice Press to refuel with a Super Food Smoothie. Or we might check to see if there’s a Daybreaker morning dance party or book a trampoline class and get airborne with Louis Coraggio. For brunch, we’d take a walk to Indie Food and Wine near Lincoln Center for oatmeal and coffee and then walk to DeWitt Clinton Park with one of our pups to play at the dog run. A power breakfast at Cafe Cluny or Marta is also a savory weekend treat.

555TEN | Making Your New Home Yours

March 2017

An exciting new lifestyle awaits you when you move into your 555TEN’s luxury rentals, and the key to transforming your new Midtown West apartment into a home can be found in the interior design choices you make. Luckily, 555TEN’s location means that its residents are positively spoiled by local stores that sell all the eclectic objects you’ll need to put your personal stamp on your new space. Here are some of our favorite home decor boutiques:

Francis Interiors, Inc | 452 W 47th Street
If you want to go beyond these retail options, let Francis Interiors take over the process of decorating your apartment. “Good design is problem solving” is their mantra, and Francis Toumbakaris and his team will work their magic on your Midtown West apartment in no time. Toumbakaris’s portfolio includes a naked-floored Central Park West bachelor pad punctuated with grey-washed walls and cow-skin lounger, as well as an elegant Upper West Side prewar apartment featuring pale pine kitchen cabinetry, contemporary chandeliers, and a white padded sofa. He can work his magic on your Midtown West apartment, too.

Furnish Green | 1261 Broadway
Looking to add a touch of Mad Men modishness or La La Land luxury to your apartment? Furnish Green adds 5-15 new items to its Midtown showroom every single weekday. From mirror, brass, and chrome credenzas to mid-century Adrian Pearsall rocking chairs, this unique boutique will kit you out with timeless furniture no one else has. The best thing about it? You’ll wind up with a one-of-a-kind apartment, the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Lampworks | 630 9th Avenue
Unsure how to put the finishing touches to your luxury apartment for rent? Allow Lampworks to shed some light on the situation. From classic table and office lamps, to Sputnik chandeliers, to elegant crystal rod sconces, to backlit bathroom mirrors—you’re sure to find your lighting solutions. The icing on the cake is that Lampworks can create bespoke lighting; if you have an illuminating idea, these folks will bring it to life.

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market | West 39th at 9th Avenue
For over 40 years, this collection of antique and bric-a-brac stalls has rewarded the intrepid shopper. Every Saturday and Sunday, come rain or shine, the stall owners rock up, pitch up, and sell their wares. What you might find on any given day is anyone’s guess—maybe it’ll be a 19th-century chest of drawers; perhaps a Persian rug, mosaics, a watercolor by a long-lost painter, or even a brand-new record collection on vinyl. Whatever you discover, you’re sure to have a ball as you chat and haggle with the people on this unique patch of Hell’s Kitchen.

555TEN | Broadway’s Best Bites

March 2017

Devoted theatergoers and musical lovers at the new Midtown West luxury rentals at 555TEN have no doubt been beckoned by the lights and siren sounds of Broadway, as some of the most storied theatres in the world are just a few blocks away. And with Hell’s Kitchen’s array of dining options an easy meander from your apartment, grabbing a companion for a post- or pre-show dinner or drink couldn’t be easier. Here are three of our favorite destinations, sure to complement any drama, musical, or comedy:

Barbetta | 321 West 46th Street

Few restaurants in New York City rival Barbetta’s historical charm. Founded in 1906 by the Maioglio family, Barbetta is the oldest Italian restaurant in the city. It also lays claim to a number of “firsts”—most notably, as the first restaurant, in 1911, to own its own espresso machine. Inside, the wood-paneled bar area and ornate dining room immediately whisk you away to the grand old days of Broadway, where patrons in top hat and tails, or a floor-length gown and fur, might be spotted during an evening of highballs and witty society repartee. But the true gem is the garden, a Midtown oasis where breezes carry the scents of oleander and jasmine through century-old trees. The setting is ideal for savoring old-school Italian foods of the Piemonte tradition, paired with a bold red from the excellent wine list.

The Lambs Club | 132 West 44th Street

While The Lambs Club’s name pays homage to the 148-year-old social club for actors, songwriters, and literati that once occupied the landmarked space, its fare is decidedly contemporary. Chef Geoffrey Zakarian is known for innovative twists on beloved dishes, like the New York strip steak au poivre with bone marrow, thyme potato mousseline, and green peppercorn bordelaise. Diners can sample the kitchen’s best offerings from the pre-theater menu, but not to be missed is the autumn mushroom soup and the New York-style cheesecake with Buzzard Crest Vineyards grapes, molasses crumble, and Concord grape sorbet. And don’t forget the wine: The Lambs Club’s wine list has been dubbed one of the nation’s best by Wine Spectator.

Joe Allen | 326 West 46th Street

For classic, fail-proof fare, give this unpretentious Broadway favorite a try. For over five decades, eponymous owner Joe Allen has served good food made well—an understated philosophy reflected in the restaurant’s nearly invisible façade. Still, there’s more glamour here than Joe, an old-style restaurateur who still lives over the joint, lets on. While the walls are covered in posters of some of Broadway’s greatest flops (no hit shows ever make the cut), the restaurant and bar are a frequent haunt among A-list celebrities. If you find the restaurant packed after an opening night performance, try Orso and Bar Centrale next door, also owned by Allen. Orso features a selection of classic Italian pizzas and pastas, while Bar Centrale offers an eclectic mix that ranges from oysters and tuna rolls to Argentinian empanadas.

555Ten | 5 NYC Apartments That Are Perfect for Pet Owners

February 2017 / Gotham

Furry friends will be just as excited to come home to the pet-friendly Midtown luxury apartments at 555TEN as their human counterparts. 555TEN generously caters to the four-legged set with a covered dog run from the pet care experts at Throw Me a Bone while supporting residents by taking the hassle out of taking care of Fido, thanks to the on-call veterinarian, grooming, dog walking, and training services also available inside the building.

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555TEN | Romance in Hell’s Kitchen

February 2017

The Hell’s Kitchen luxury rentals at 555TEN put you at the center of the world’s most exciting city, and the locale presents the perfect destination for a night out with that very special someone on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day. Within walking distance, you’ll find world-class cuisine, the best of Broadway, the magic of the city as seen from the water, and some novel activities to engage in with your Valentine.

Walk west from 555TEN, and you’ll come to the edge of the Hudson River, where you can watch the sunset or, better yet, immerse yourselves in it by taking a Circle Line sunset cruise around the island, seeing it from a new perspective. On the “Harbor Lights” cruise, the lights of the skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge doubly shine in the pink glow of the Manhattan sunset, and you can watch and photograph it all from the cozy, heated interior of the Circle Line ship. The boat also has a fully stocked bar and a café that let you take in the full vista of New York while sipping a cocktail or nibbling a snack.

For a more active urban adventure, head with your date to the Manhattan Plaza Health Club for a night of indoor rock climbing. Spend the evening scaling the colorful walls whose terrain of lifts and foot rests create an architectural, climbable indoor sculpture that combines the challenge of a rock face with the intimacy of a neighborhood gym. Learn new ways to (literally) support each other and work on new skills as a couple by challenging yourselves and helping each other overcome fears.

If that sounds too much like hard work, then the two of you can always take advantage of the cultural offerings of Midtown’s music scene and Broadway shows, all of which are conveniently located near the no-fee rentals at 555TEN. The Hammerstein Ballroom is a legendary music venue where, in the coming months, you can catch the most desirable tickets in town for performances by Bon Iver, Tove Lo, and Sting. Or, if a theater is more your thing, check out Kinky Boots at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre or an award-winning play at Playwrights Horizons.

Sometimes, though, you have to stick to the classics: a beautiful dinner will always make for a perfect night. Esca, part of the Mario Batali restaurant “invasion” of New York, is the kind of place you and your date will want to return to throughout your relationship, to keep experiencing its food and ambiance. Feast on a platter of wild Maine Belon oysters, paired with a bottle of 2015 Valle Isarco Gruner Veltliner; then, when you come back for a one-year anniversary celebration, you can dine on spaghetti served with a one-pound lobster, chili, and mint—plus a bottle of Georges Laval Brut.

There’ll be plenty to celebrate with your date, your city, and your 555TEN luxury rental in Hell’s Kitchen, where everything romantic and good is possible on land and water, especially on Valentine’s Day.