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Thanksgiving at 555Ten

November 2017

The signs are all there: the weather has begun to cool; the clocks have slid back an hour, ushering in 5 pm sunsets; and department store sales ads are showing earlier in the season. It’s official; the holiday season is here. And the opening ceremony, the grandiose introduction to this period of unencumbered wonderment, is undoubtedly Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving does not have all the stress of the later holidays; it’s rather pure in its approach. It’s about family, friends, and food. So, if you’re one of the lucky New Yorkers who recently moved into the 555TEN luxury rentals in Midtown West, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your new digs.

Here’s our 2017 Thanksgiving hosting guide:

Cook Ahead

This one is vital. Leave as little to the last day as possible because there are always hiccups that will arise and cause significant delays. If you leave too much to Thanksgiving Day (or Eve), when the inevitable derailment occurs, things could snowball into calamity, and nobody wants that. Moreover, Thanksgiving Day should be about spending time with your family and friends. Regardless of how stunning the kitchens are in your 555TEN apartment, you don’t want to be stuck there all day. Some dishes obviously need to be left to the day of, but many (and we mean many) can be prepared the night before.


We’ve all been to those Thanksgivings when one person cooks nearly everything and never gets to enjoy the holiday. Don’t let this be you. As you’re preparing something, call a friend and ask them to help out. It’s more than likely that you’ll receive many offers of assistance throughout the preparations; graciously accept them!  Moreover, in the lead-up to the day, send out an email and see if anyone is interested in contributing; this will help ease the individual burden and also differentiate the menu a bit. Thanksgiving should be an ensemble performance.

Utilize the Neighborhood

Some people ascribe to this notion that everything served on Thanksgiving needs to be homemade, but we do not agree. You live in New York City, one of the culinary capitals of the world; it would be foolish not to utilize your surroundings.

Carlo’s Bakery, which has been in business for over a century for a good reason, is just a few avenues away, and their cookies and cakes are phenomenal. (Try their Chocolate Cheese Rugelach!)  Amy’s Bread is also right around the block, and their pumpkin pie and their old-fashioned cornbread are both stellar and perfect for Thanksgiving. And just to the east is the acclaimed Little Pie Company. You may be an incredible baker, renowned throughout your family, but the odds of you making a better pie than them are remarkably low. Their sour cream apple walnut pie will blow your mind. Plus, buying a pie is much less work than making one although you should order your pies ahead of time. Last but certainly not least, to the east is the famed Magnolia Bakery at Rockefeller Center. It’s a little more of a trek, but all their stuff is delicious, and we’d recommend grabbing some of their cupcakes to switch it up a bit.

Enjoy Yourself

Since even Mario Batali has things go wrong on Thanksgiving, the key is not to stress over the little mishaps. Be the best host or hostess you can be; show your guests around your sprawling residence; point out the premium finishes as you gaze out over shimmering Manhattan through your massive windows. Hang out; have a drink; converse. Make your friends jealous (but in the nicest way).

Raising the Roof This Fall

November 2017

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons in New York City, and if you live in one of the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN, there is no more perfect way to enjoy the city and the season than the building’s all-seasons rooftop lounge. Here, the possibilities for socializing and relaxing—with the city at your feet—are endless, punctuated night and day by breathtaking views of the skyline and the river.

Host a post-brunch cocktail hour for friends after a busy weekend of theater, art openings, and the parties of the season. Take a trip (a few blocks away and all the way to the 1920s) to see The Play That Goes Wrong at the Lyceum Theater and then head back home to make everything right. The bar and lounge atop 555TEN provide a cozy yet festive atmosphere where you can kick back on your home turf and linger into the night. You and your guests can enjoy the views through the floor-to-ceiling windows while the glow of the indoor/outdoor fireplace warms your skin. For a more exclusive get-together, you can even book the indoor space for up to four hours. The sunset and the city will make their own show for you as the autumn breezes glance off the river and the buildings of Midtown West.

In this unique amenity overlooking Midtown West, urban design and nature form a perfect marriage, not just in the views, but also all around you on the roof. Thanks to the landscape designer Steven Tupu’s expertise, you’ll find yourself surrounded by pristine white birch trees chosen for their striking appearance in every season. You can relish the warmth of the indoor lounge and gaze at the carefully curated grasses and plants, which—like the landscaping on the High Line—stand and bend with the weather and create eye-catching moments within the larger outdoor space.

These plantings also provide green habitats for birds from near and far, another striking reminder that even in the city—and in the cooler weather—you are never far from nature when you make your home in one of 555TEN’s luxury rentals. Meanwhile, your guests, lulled by the natural beauty and the glistening lights of Manhattan and New Jersey, may get so comfortable they will feel like you’ve just taken them on vacation.

Hudson Yards Farmers Market

October 2017

Hudson Yards’ Down to Earth Farmers Market is one of most dynamic markets in the city. The “there’s something for everyone” trope is wildly overused, so we’ll just say this: if you enjoy fresh produce, vibrant soups and salads, mouthwatering baked goods, authentic kimchi and every kind of pickle your heart desires, you’ll love this place. From June through the middle of November, vendors from all over New York and New Jersey come to display their meticulously crafted fare. Fortunate residents of the 555TEN luxury rentals are right down the block from this charming market, which runs every Thursday from 10am-6pm through November 16th.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite vendors at the market:

Horman’s Pickles

Since the 1950s, the Horman family has been in the pickle business, and it shows. According to the “Picklosophy” section of their website, Nick Horman states that after graduating college, he realized his mission in life was to “create quality pickles that could show people what a pickle could, and should, be.” He takes pickles seriously. From classic dill and bread & butter to brown mustard, horseradish, sweet cajun, spicy sour, and a variety called “red flannel,” their pickles make sure that all taste buds feel welcome.

Kimchi Kooks

Many New Yorkers see kimchi as a chic, new superfood, but the art of preparing fresh kimchi began over 1,500 years ago, in Korea. The owner of Kimchi Kooks, Kate Kook, is continuing the tradition while adding a contemporary flair. As Kook notes, her technique has been passed down for generations. What truly separates Kook’s kimchi is how she plays off that foundation to create intriguing products like kale kimchi and cabbage and beets kimchi, which sit alongside original white kimchi and other classic varieties.

Nemeth Orchards

Nemeth Orchards has been selling their fare at farmers markets in the city for 30 years, and by all accounts, they’ve been a hit from day one. You’d be hard-pressed to find a fresher or more delicious apple pie than Nemeth’s. Everything they sell, from their sinfully sweet muffins and pastries to their aromatic apple cider, is made from the apples and berries they grow. On a brisk fall evening, there is nothing better than some warm pie from Nemeth.

Simply Soupreme

Fresh soup is another seasonal staple, and Simply Soupreme has you covered and then some. Their line of dairy-free, gluten-free, carrageenan-free, additive-free, drinkable soups not only cater to an array of dietary restrictions, but they are filled with nutrients and are (most importantly) delicious. From classics like tomato basil and lemongrass miso to more avant-garde options like cucumber mint, carrot ginger, pumpkin pie, and butternut-apple flavors, there’s something for all palates here.

These are just a few of the vendors frequenting the Down to Earth Market this fall. Click here for a full rundown.

No Dog Walker, No Problem

October 2017

Owning a pet in New York City can be challenging at times—and stressful. Finding a capable groomer, reliable pet-sitter, punctual dog walker, and talented trainer can be an arduous exercise. But for residents of the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN, every pet service imaginable is available right at home, courtesy of the renowned pet care experts at Throw Me A Bone.

If there is a building more pet-luxurious, not simply pet-friendly, we’ve yet to find it; this is as all-encompassing as it gets.

Throw Me A Bone and 555TEN offer “pet-specific amenities” that include a grooming spa, a veterinary clinic, a daycare facility, and a covered, outdoor play space where pups can socialize with their four-legged neighbors. As for services, they offer dog walking, cat sitting, grooming, traditional training sessions, training boot camps, in home drop-bys, overnight care, 2-hour play session, house call vet visits, and “yappy hours.”  For those who are unaware, “yappy hour” is a dog/owner social gathering. Your pup can get to know other pups, and you can get to know your neighbors.

One of the biggest stressors for the NYC dog owner is ensuring your dog gets enough outdoor time and enough exercise. At 555TEN, your dog can spend the day playing with other dogs or exploring the neighborhood. If you’re stuck late at the office, there’s no need to worry about your pal being cooped up inside all day. Moreover, on the days you are home to take your dog for a stroll, the Pier 84 dog run is right nearby and is open year-round.

When building this pet-centric partnership, 555TEN wanted to collaborate with the best in boutique pet care, and that’s why they chose Throw Me A Bone. They are dedicated experts who take their job very seriously—and it shows. They always take meticulous care, and, above all else, they really love the pets.

The services offered will free you (the fortunate resident of the 555TEN luxury rentals) to spend more quality time with your dog, while not having to worry as much about the daily details. You can rest assured that your pet is being pampered, and/or worked out, and/or groomed while you’re stuck at work. A bit of jealousy may set in when you begin to realize your dog is living his/her best life while you toil the day away. But it’s a welcome revelation.

555X: Taking Luxury to New Heights

October 2017

High in the sky above Hell’s Kitchen, the rooftop lounge at the 555TEN luxury rentals offers residents a chance to be immersed in stunning views of the New York City skyline and beyond. From the lounge’s seasonal pool to the comfort of its private cabanas, the heart-stopping scenes and electric pulse of Hell’s Kitchen become the backdrop of your day-to-day life. You can take your dog to be groomed, swim in a pool overlooking the city and the river, and get a different full-body workout every day of the week—all without leaving the building. While all the apartments at 555TEN in Midtown West provide a new level of comfort for city living, the possibilities of maximum ease and luxury rise even higher with the 555X Residences—magnificent homes at the top of the building.

The 555X experience encompasses exclusive amenities and finishes, including the special added touches of interior designer Paris Forino. In the 555X Residences, located in the tallest part of 555TEN, you will inhabit spaces that Forino has helped to make light and serene via a choice of elegant paint palettes to give your home a personal touch, as well as an exclusive light fixture whose lines capture the elegance of her aesthetic. New York Post article listed her as one of the “20 biggest power players in New York City real estate” and described her “as one of New York’s most sought-after interior designers,” who uses “elegant, old-world design touches…executed with the clean, modern finishes coveted by today’s buyers.”

In an interview with luxe. interiors + design magazine about what inspires her, Forino said, “I love looking at how fashion designers put palettes together, especially at haute couture shows. The pieces that walk down those runways are works of art.” When you look at a room that Forino has helped to pull together, you see the work of a visionary who knows how art infuses design. And her work is completely in line with the vision behind the the 555X Residences, which, as part of this merging of beauty with purpose, will also include top-of-the-line, chef-quality kitchen appliances from Miele and a uniquely designed backsplash.

Meanwhile, living at the top at 555X means even more luxury perks like a complimentary massage, personal training sessions, and special privileges at the rooftop cabanas, bowling alley, and with the on-site pet experts at Throw Me A Bone. And LIVunLtd concierge service is there to connect you to what you need in the building and beyond, whether you are planning your move-in or a night out.

The visual pleasure of life in the 555X Residences is as much a defining factor beyond the windows as it is within. Watch the sunset or sunrise in bed, as the illuminated clouds create a different dramatic backdrop every day beyond the building tops. 555X’s savvy about what makes life in the city a thing of ease and pleasure means that anything you can dream of wanting while gazing into the far reaches of the city can quickly be made a reality, even—and especially—among the clouds.

New York Real Estate Gratifies Individual Requirements

October 2017 / Deluxe Pad

Anyone looking for apartments for rent in Manhattan can stop once they’ve found 555TEN, the new residential development from Extell Development Company. These Midtown luxury apartments range in size from lofts to three bedrooms and feature modern interiors with quartz stone countertops in the kitchens and Porcelanosa-tiled bathrooms. Residents will have access to a comprehensive amenities suite, including the health and wellness floor, two separate saltwater pools, a bicycle storage/service station, and 24-hour concierge service, as well as special luxuries like the two-lane bowling alley and a full-service pet spa by Throw Me A Bone, which comes complete with a covered dog run.

Extell Unveils Exclusive 555X Collection at Luxury Rental Tower

October 2017 / CityBizList

Luxury seekers need look no further than 555TEN in Midtown West. An exclusive collection of elegant apartments—555X—is located on the Extell-developed tower’s 44th through 55th floors. With touches by Paris Forino, these premier residences offer custom interior palettes, Miele appliances, Forino-designed light fixtures, and stunning views from their peerless vantage point, as well as priority reservations, discounts, and complimentary services within the building. 555X residents can also enjoy all the building’s communal amenities, including a rooftop pool and observation deck, fitness center and private class studios, covered dog run, children’s playroom, arcade, and bowling alley.

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Extell Unveils 555X, Premier High-Floor Rentals on Manhattan’s West Side

October 2017 / City Realty

The Midtown West rentals at Extell’s 555TEN have just revealed their crown jewel—555X—a collection of elegant residences with touches by Paris Forino on the 44th through 55th floors. Ranging from open-concept studios to three-bedroom homes, each is outfitted with Miele appliances, panoramic city and water views, and a customized color scheme in the bedroom and living room. 555X residents will also find ample diversions, thanks to the two personal training sessions, complimentary massage, premium bowling reservations, and reduced valet parking rates that come with their homes, as well as communal amenities like the fitness center, covered dog run, and rooftop pool.

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Close to the Coast: The Hudson River Greenway

September 2017

Going green
Pining to get away from it all, but with no time for a vacation? You can always escape to the Hudson River Greenway. At 11 miles—and running close to the no-fee rentals at 555TEN—this is the longest greenway in all Manhattan. No wonder, then, that New Yorkers love to explore it, picking out the myriad gems lining the West Side from Battery Park up to Dyckman Street. Before you start plotting your route, though, you need to choose your ride. Allow us to give you a helping hand.

Wheely great choices
Most people who use the Hudson River Greenway choose to do so by bike. But don’t panic if you don’t have a set of wheels—there are plenty of places along the route to grab a rental. Head to a nearby Citi Bike station: assuming you’re setting out from your luxury 555TEN apartment, you’ll easily find one at 11th Avenue & West 41st Street or 9th Avenue & West 39th Street, among other spots. This cheap and easy way of acquiring a cycle means you can be in the saddle just moments after leaving home (and abandon your bike as soon as you feel the urge to get that first beer). Annual memberships and day passes are available, though if you’re toying with the former, it’s worth calling in at Enoch’s Bike Shop on 10th Avenue, Midtown West. Since 1983, these guys have been kitting out New Yorkers with the best Masis, Haros, and KHSs. Trust us, your wheels are in good hands.

Of course, there are other ways to travel along the Greenway. If you’re planning to skate or blade, take a trip south to Uncle Funkys Boards and score yourself a Loaded Fattail or Arbor Rally. Newbie? No matter: they do lessons, too. Or, if you prefer to keep it simple, get yourself a pair of sneakers and take a walk.

Greenway gems
Wheeling along the Hudson River Greenway, you get a fresh perspective on NYC—and you’re guaranteed to see things you’ve never noticed before, no matter how long you’ve lived in Manhattan.

The “Greenway” isn’t called that for nothing. Running through no fewer than five parks (Battery Park, Hudson River Park, Riverside Park South, Riverside Park, and Fort Washington Park), there’s verdant scenery everywhere. Either feast your eyes as you whiz past or make a couple of scenic stop-offs en route to your final destination.

Parks aside, every itinerary is different. Perhaps you’ll call in at one of the concerts they have at West Harlem Piers. Or admire the boats at Seventy-Ninth Street Boat Basin. Or even learn something new at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Then you can reward yourself at Tribeca Grill, while plotting out the stops for your next Greenway jaunt.

555TEN | Interview with Steven Tupu (Terrain NYC)

June 2017

Landscape architect Steven Tupu, a principal with Terrain NYC, is responsible for 555TEN’s green spaces, from its playful rooftop garden and dog run to the subtle Japanese maple trees that welcome residents and visitors at the building’s entrance. Tupu was inspired by what he characterizes as 555TEN’s “infrastructural landscape,” its proximity to the Hudson River, and its tall perch in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Considering 555TEN’s context in every direction and during every season of the year, he arranged birch trees to bring shade and texture to the rooftop garden and selected a variety of grasses to give the landscaped roof distinctive areas while providing the lush and colorful texture that he grew to love in his native New Zealand.


What is it about 555TEN’s location that makes it such a compelling site for landscaping?

Looking south and west, there’s the end of the High Line and the view across the Hudson River to New Jersey. 555TEN is located at the edge of an “infrastructural landscape,” and this location provides a unique view of the urban skyline and the expanse of the Hudson River.


What might residents find surprising about 555TEN’s location?

555TEN is so ideally located for city-dwellers—right in the heart of the Theater District and close to the transportation hub of Times Square—that it’s easy to forget that it sits right next to the scenic Hudson River. The landscapes include lush terraces that add native plant habitats for local and migratory birds and pollinators. New York is part of the natural world, even if it doesn’t always seem that way.


How did you develop your special expertise in urban landscaping?

I’m a native of Wellington, New Zealand, a famously verdant country. We are also a nation of gardeners, and we are used to making the most of small spaces. These early experiences and that natural backdrop inspire my vision for the urban landscapes I design for Terrain NYC.


What features of 555TEN were most inspirational for Terrain NYC’s landscaping process?

At 555TEN, the deep setback terrace on the ninth floor and the wraparound terraces provided a unique challenge to develop a design language that could connect these spaces and different amenities with the flexibility to form smaller more intimate spaces.

Plantings of grasses and perennials are grouped in large masses and flow around the exterior columns and glass curtain wall. The colors and textures of the plantings enhance the building’s facade, starting with the Japanese maple that greets visitors at the front entrance. Having been involved early in the design process, my team and I were able to take full advantage of the tall building’s structured setbacks. That’s where the amenities suite opens onto the spectacular south-facing terrace and dog run and the more intimate yoga terrace along the northern edge.


Does the landscaping shape the experience of 555TEN for pets, too?

Yes! At the southwest edge of the amenity terrace is a dog run and viewing area that includes built-in timber bleacher seating for owners to socialize on and playful timber topographic mounds that define running circuits for the dogs to explore.


Is color and shape part of the landscape design process for 555TEN as well?

Very much so. For New York City’s multiseason climate, we selected four-season birch trees that are green in the spring, white and serene in fall and winter, and able to provide light shade from the sun in the summer. With 555TEN’s architectural palette including matte bronze and stainless steel, the green variety of Japanese maple was also a natural fit. We also chose tall native grasses for the terrace landscaping. They are dynamic in the breeze and provide a soft edge, helping to define the various spaces.


How does 555TEN become part of the natural world, thanks to Terrain NYC’s landscaping?

Native shrubs, grasses, and perennials serve another function in providing much-needed habitats for birds and pollinators. As with the High Line, 555TEN’s terraces are green oases for people, pets, and even wildlife, and we designed them as integrated pockets of nature and social spaces at the bustling crossroads of Midtown Manhattan.