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Fostering a Dog During Quarantine? These Are the Most Pet-Friendly Apartments, Lux Exposé

Four-legged residents are every bit as pampered as their human counterparts at 555TEN. The pups living in these Midtown rentals have the luxury of a heated, covered dog run — great for burning off energy when the weather’s not pleasant enough for a trip to the park. And your best buddy will have ample opportunity to meet other pups, thanks to the building’s social hours. (Their humans can mix and mingle, too!) And when residents are at work or away for the weekend, they can rest assured their pets will be well cared for, thanks to pet care experts Throw Me a Bone, who offer on-site services that include pet sitting, walks, grooming, and daycare for residents’ canine companions.

Focus on Your Health, At Home

You’ve probably been doing a lot to keep yourself busy at home this year — whether it’s picking up new hobbies, making homemade bread, or learning a new language. A great idea for using all the extra time spent in your dwelling place is focusing on your health and well-being. Thanks to the generous living spaces, the high level of comfort, and the modern conveniences of 555TEN, these Hudson Yard luxury rentals are the ideal place to tend to both your emotional and physical health.

Here are some easy ways to make your well-being a priority from the comfort of your Midtown West apartment.

Level Up Your Cooking

Eating well is essential to maintaining good health. And though there are plenty of restaurants near 555TEN from which you can order, now’s the time to take full advantage of your chef’s kitchen with its state-of-the-art appliances. Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or someone whose culinary achievements revolve around a microwave oven, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to cooking. And who better to help you than the pros? Take some time to peruse, where you can learn from some of the best chefs on Earth. Tap into the farm-to-table movement with lessons from Alice Waters. Hone your skills with instruction from Gordon Ramsay — don’t worry, it’s a video class, so Gordon can’t critique you in person.


Human beings have probably always felt the occasional need to step back from everyday life, take a deep breath, and ground themselves. With the stress of today’s world, centering yourself is a necessity, and there’s no better way to do it than with meditation. But if you don’t know how to get started, the Calm app is a popular choice for learning. And, perhaps best of all, you can use it anywhere. The app offers meditation tips, classes, and guided sessions for all levels of practice, along with a series of narrated stories to help you sleep. And, thanks to double-paned glass at 555TEN, you’ll be able to get your moment of zen a little more easily.


In addition to calming and focusing the mind, it’s important to connect with your body. Yoga helps you do just that. Get some expert guidance online from Gaia (formerly known as Gaiam), a leader in yoga and wellness for over three decades. This renowned wellness company has fostered a community of yogis through products, classes, and online content. The options are endless — bend, stretch, and give yourself a relaxing workout with yoga practices ranging from kundalini to vinyasa flow.

Whether you’re in one of 555TEN’s lofts or a three-bedroom penthouse, there’s more than enough room to roll out the yoga mat and do your sun salutations. And in these Midtown West luxury apartments for rent, you can do all your health and wellness activities surrounded by stunning views of NYC.

5 NYC Rentals With Outdoor Pools to Beat the August Heat, Off The Mrkt

The summer heat may be at its peak, but residents of 555TEN have an easy way to keep cool right at home. Atop the 56-story building’s Midtown luxury apartments sits a stunning roof deck with a spacious pool and sweeping views of the city and the East River from its perch 650 feet above street level. In addition to taking a dip, residents can relax in one of the roof deck’s private cabanas or on a chaise lounge or enjoy some quality time at the building’s all-seasons club and bar.


555TEN’s Midtown West

With summer in full swing, bicycling along the Hudson River Park or soaking in the sights, shops, and sounds of Midtown West are just a few ways to take advantage of the sunny weather and the best the city has to offer. Residents of the 555TEN luxury rentals can enjoy an unparalleled suite of rooftop amenities, including the pool, sundeck with cabanas, and club and bar, perfect for lounging with the latest bestseller and a well-deserved cocktail. But just a stone’s throw away from these Midtown West apartments is the Hudson River Greenway, which provides abundant options for staying active while soaking in the greenery and the great outdoors. And, of course, the ideal way to cap off a summer evening is a meal from one of the city’s finest restaurants, which are serving their world-class fare for no-contact delivery, takeout, and limited outdoor dining.

For a breezy jaunt on a bright weekend afternoon or a long-distance cycling session to keep in shape, the Hudson River Greenway is the right destination. One of New York City’s most welcoming outdoor spaces, the well-maintained thoroughfare extends over 12 miles across the West Side of Manhattan, just parallel to the Hudson River, and offers spectacular, unobstructed water views. The Greenway is also removed from city traffic, with separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrian traffic, for added safety and convenience. For additional summer action (or relaxation), the pathway is dotted by kayaking facilities and well-manicured lawns for rest or a casual picnic, as well as playgrounds and basketball courts for an impromptu pickup game.

After a day in the sun, 555TEN residents can return home to prepare a replenishing meal, with the aid of top-of-the-line stainless-steel appliances and quartz-stone countertops, ideal for spreading out and preparing the season’s freshest ingredients. But for maximum convenience, a range of superb dining options are all close by. For the latest from veteran chefs David Bank and Brian Ghaw, Taladwat features what Eater NY describes as “exceptionally delicious” seasonal Thai. Their authentic “countryside” recipes represent the best of Thailand’s regional cuisine, with a range of coconut stews, satisfying mains, and a colorful assortment of spice-infused dishes. Order the tom turmeric with a thick crab cake as its centerpiece, or the pork belly in a sweet and spicy soy broth, or anything really, for convenient takeout or delivery to your door.

One of the neighborhood’s perennial crowd-pleasers, B Side, serves up brick-oven pizza baked to perfection. The crust is quite chewy, and their inventive signature pizzas include the Carbonara, which combines fontina, pancetta, panna with egg, and the Killer Bee, which mixes sweet and spicy with soppressata, garlic puree, chili oil, and honey. For a healthy accompaniment, the roasted Brussel sprouts or black kale salad with pickled, dried apricots, almonds, and mint present the same complexity of flavors as B Side’s beloved pizzas.

For a pastry to accompany your morning coffee or for a warm, crackling baguette to accompany every meal of the week, a visit to Sullivan Street Bakery is in order. This quintessentially New York City bakery was founded by Jim Lahey, the first recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker, and has become the destination for foodies and anyone who appreciates an exquisitely baked loaf of bread. The soft community loaf, cornetto, pains au chocolate, focaccia pizza, and pasta, among other delectable goods, are now available for delivery and pickup, along with their cookbooks, which will enable you to recreate some of Lahey’s tasty treats at home.

With a wealth of options for each meal of the day—and for staying active with fresh air, sun, and Hudson River views—residents of the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN can always make the most of the summer, all within the dynamic Midtown West neighborhood.

5 NYC Rentals with Outdoor Pools to Beat the August Heat, Lux Exposé

Residents of the Midtown luxury apartments at 555TEN can beat the heat this summer with a dip in the building’s stunning rooftop pool, which features exciting views from its perch 650 feet above street level. In addition to the pool, the 56-story tower offers residents access to an amenity-packed roof, where they can relax on a chaise lounge or in a private cabana, explore the building’s all-season club and bar, or warm up in front of the indoor/outdoor fireplace when the temperature dips.

555TEN: In-Person and Virtual Appointments in Midtown West

Social distancing guidelines are now a part and parcel of daily life in New York City — and 555TEN is no exception. The team here has created a comfortable viewing experience designed to keep prospective new residents safe, while showing them all that these Midtown West apartments have to offer. Here’s what you can expect.

Take a Virtual Tour
Think you might be interested in renting at 555TEN? The first step is a virtual tour. Request one from the leasing team, and you’ll receive high-quality video footage of these luxury rentals — from studios to three-bedroom apartments. Then, from the comfort and safety of your current home, you’ll “walk” through the 555TEN apartments, admiring such features as double-paned window walls, rich wood floors, open-aspect kitchens gleaming with quartz stone counters, and luxurious Porcelanosa-tiled bathrooms.

Because it’s a virtual tour, you can pause and go back as many times as you like. (You can even take a break to have a cup of tea!) If you have questions after the tour — either about the apartments or what the Midtown West district has to offer — you’ll be able to speak to a knowledgeable member of the team online or on the phone.

Take an In-Person Tour
If 555TEN seems right for you, book an in-person tour with the team, so you can see these residences in the flesh. Prior to your arrival, you’ll need to complete a COVID disclosure form, to ensure you understand and adhere to current health and safety policies. When the time for your appointment comes around, your designated leasing agent — and the prospect and broker, if present — will be wearing personal protective equipment.

Throughout your in-person tour of the apartment, social distancing will be maintained. That means you can picture life in your new home safely. At the end of the tour, the rental agent will wash their hands and sanitize, while keeping their mask on. It’s a great time to ask them any remaining questions you might have.

Get to Know the Neighborhood
Before or after your tour, take the opportunity to stroll around Midtown West. From 555TEN, you’ll be within easy walking distance of a slew of coffee shops, restaurants, and supermarkets, not to mention the Theater District and Hudson Yards. If you and your friends or family want to continue discussing your move, why not head to nearby Hudson River Park, where you can sip coffee, gaze out over the Hudson River, and embrace the tranquility. Soon enough, this may be your new local park.

Ready to get started? Contact the 555TEN leasing team today.

Celebrating Holi with 555TEN and Stage 48

Every year, millions of people around the world come together for a celebration of color and dance called Holi. In Manhattan, of course, they celebrate this ancient Hindu festival on a rooftop, complete with a full bar and live music. That’s the scene in Hell’s Kitchen where tickets for Stage 48’s “Holi in the City” have sold out five years in a row. Taking place just minutes from the Midtown NYC apartments at 555TEN, the event combines the best elements of the Holi celebration and NYC’s institution of the weekend brunch to create a new tradition that’s as good for the soul as it is for the Instagram feed.

Holi goes back at least as far as fourth century India as a festival marking the beginning of spring, and its modern traditions recall these ancient roots. Celebrants used the festival as a way to break free of the rigid caste system and engage in playful water and colored-dye fights with their peers and elders in a chaotic whirlwind of color, music, and dance. In a nod to romance, the tradition of throwing colored powder — resulting in the eye-catching Holi photos that made the festival famous — was inspired by the mythological love story of Krishna and Radha. The colored powders at the heart of the Holi festival represent their love as well as the happiness and freedom that come with the new season.

Today, Holi celebrations take many forms across the globe, all of which involve dousing fellow celebrants with water and colored powder to create psychedelic scenes. At Stage 48, participants are asked to wear white clothes and head to the rooftop for an afternoon of dancing and colors, all to tunes played by live musical performers. Beverages and complimentary appetizers are on hand should anyone need fuel to keep them on the dance floor. And roving photographers are always nearby to capture the colorful magic. And thanks to the organic colored dyes provided by Stage 48, guests can safely paint themselves blue or eye-catching pink.

When the dancing is done, residents of the luxury rental apartments at 555TEN can retreat to their Midtown homes to wash off in their Porcelanosa-tiled bathrooms and dump their newly dyed clothes in their in-unit Bosch washer/dryer for a quick rinse. At 555TEN, you’re never far from the best that Manhattan has to offer, so head over to the building’s website and start your new Midtown life today!

Hell’s Kitchen Photography Workshop

The over-the-top bright lights of Broadway. The sunsets behind the Hudson River. The gleaming towers and tall buildings — like the Midtown West luxury rentals at 555TEN — that make the skyline iconic. There’s no question as to why New York is the most photographed city in the entire world. The city’s ever-changing, dynamic energy lends itself well to images in a variety of media, from quick snapshots posted on social media to high-end glossy editorials that attempt to capture NYC’s unique features.


You can get in on all the photography fun by taking a tour with Shoot New York City that will let you explore the town and practice your photography skills. The upcoming Hell’s Kitchen & Midtown West Street Photography Workshop focuses on the neighborhood surrounding the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN. This four-hour tour will take a small group out into the world of high-octane street photography on Saturday, Feb. 29. Whether you’re a selfie-snapper or a professional photog, this tour is sure to be both exciting and illuminating.


But what exactly is “street photography”?


Street photography isn’t your typical pose-and-smile endeavor. It’s a fast-paced, unplanned style that, when done correctly, captures the heart and soul of its subjects in serendipitous moments captured by the camera lens. While the style may seem random, the best street photographers know what to look for and possess a technique that makes catching these moments on film second nature to them.


On the surface, street photography seems like a simple undertaking: Just go out onto the street and take pictures. But, as anyone who’s ever attempted to take a perfect shot in the moment will tell you, it’s anything but.


One of the most common obstacles to overcome is the fear of taking your camera out and shooting. After all, it can be unnerving to point a camera at strangers and take their picture. One of the goals of Shoot New York City is to help those new to street photography get over any embarrassment or fears they might have about shooting in public.


In addition to overcoming mental blocks, Shoot New York City teaches you valuable techniques for getting great shots — with a focus on composition. How you frame and compose your shot affects how an audience will see the picture, which can make or break the message you’re trying to convey. While getting the angles correct is easy with a still object, like the Empire State Building, it’s a bit more difficult when you’re shooting “from the hip.”


The “Auto” setting on most cameras will get you fine photos most of the time, but true photographers know that “Manual” is the way to go. During the workshop, you’ll learn how to use your camera like a pro and dig deep into the more mechanical aspects of street photography. Think: aperture, focus, and f-stop.


Ready to get out there and channel your own Helen Levitt?


Sign up for Shoot New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen & Midtown West Street Photography Workshop today. The tour only accommodates five people, and the event will take place rain or shine. And, most important, don’t forget your camera — both digital and film cameras can be used.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward in 2020: The 555TEN Way

Starting the new year off right is never easy. And since New Year’s resolutions usually focus on health-conscious activities like improving your diet and getting in shape, living in the heart of New York City presents an extra challenge. However, the Midtown West apartments for rent at 555TEN are an oasis of wellness in Hudson Yards. And Hudson Yards itself, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, offers countless opportunities to pursue any type of self-improvement you might desire. So, now’s the time to lace up your running shoes, grab a notebook, or learn a new skill. New year, new you!

The most common New Year’s resolution is undoubtedly to hit the gym. Fortunately, residents of 555TEN have access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities right inside their very own building. Head to the Health & Wellness Floor to work up a sweat on the treadmills and weight-training machines while being inspired by Midtown views, or take a class in the private fitness studio. If you’re a swimmer, you’ll love the indoor saltwater lap pool. And if spinning is more your thing, check out the top-of-the-line Peloton bikes. Adventurous residents will love the Nexersys Boxing Exergame, which takes shadowboxing to a whole new level. When your workout is finished, drape a towel around your neck and hit the high-end changing rooms before heading back out into the world (or just back to your residence).

Another common New Year’s resolution is to become more organized. Conveniently located near 555TEN are a couple of stores where you can pick up some great organization tools. Check out MUJI in Hudson Yards to stock up on stylish stationery, sleek file boxes and binders, and a host of useful planners and calendars that will turn organization into an aesthetic treat. For more quotidian needs, head to The Container Store, where you’ll find the right trays, boxes, and shelves to perfectly complement your luxurious 555TEN residence.

But New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be about fine-tuning your life. What is sometimes most needed in the new year is a fresh start, and learning a new skill can be just the ticket. Luckily, 555TEN is located near a ton of art studios that offer classes for all ages, giving you the opportunity to discover a new talent while making something that is the perfect expression of your unique personality. Check out Mud Matters, the pottery studio where amateurs can take their spin at the wheel or use silver clay to create unique jewelry. Whether you want to meet new people through a group class or hone your pottery skills with private lessons, Mud Matters is one of the best places to create art in a safe and judgment-free environment.

Plus, a stylish mug or handmade vase will look great in your modern 555TEN apartment. Head over to the 555TEN website and start the journey to a new you today!


Environmental Responsibility in Your Neighborhood

There are a number of things you can do in and around your own home at the 555TEN Midtown West apartments to boost NYC’s environmental friendliness. You’re probably already lessening your carbon footprint by taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bicycle to get where you’re going. And apartment living means that you’re using less energy to heat and cool your home. But still, there’s a lot more that we can all do to reduce our environmental impact even further. Here are a few easy ways to help out the planet that you can easily fit into your lifestyle.


Eat Local and Organic When Possible


The organic and local “trends” of a decade ago are now standards that many of us regularly seek out — and with good reason. Fewer chemicals and preservatives are used in the production of organic foods, and so these substances don’t wind up in our bodies — or in the Earth. Locally sourced foods require less fossil fuels for transportation and less refrigeration (read: less energy) to keep them from spoiling in transit. The Hudson Yards Down to Earth Farmers Market provides an opportunity to shop for this more environmentally friendly fare. From mid-May through mid-November, this Thursday farmers market offers a variety of foods, organic and local as well as traditionally produced and sourced. Bring your own reusable bags and baskets and reduce your footprint even further.


Don’t Just Throw It Away


A city of millions naturally generates a lot of trash, but with a bit of planning and effort, the amount that each of us throws away can be substantially reduced. Composting is an easy and beneficial way of doing this. While composting may seem difficult in a place where outdoor space is limited, compost sites, such as the Pier 76 Community Compost Drop Off, are here to help. The Pier 76 site accepts fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and filters, teabags (with the staples removed), rice, pasta, bread, cereal, egg and nut shells, and dried and cut flowers. Make certain to remove meats and dairy, as well as any fats or oils, from your drop before delivery. For your convenience, the brown bins at the site are available daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m for dropping off compost. While they don’t recycle aluminum, plastic, or paper, you can (and should) do so according to the guidelines and schedule found on the New York City Sanitation website. And, as an additional way to reduce waste, remember to ask or opt for compostable packaging when you shop.


Reuse and Reclaim


Here is an astonishing statistic: According to the Earth Institute at Columbia University, the average American discards about 80 pounds of clothes per year; and nearly 85 percent of that ends up in a landfill. While that’s a lot, it doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping. However, the next time you feel the need to update your wardrobe, consider skipping the fast fashion and make a dash (on foot or bicycle) for the chic stylings of vintage clothing at shops like Couture du Jour or Morphew. While it takes a little more effort, the hunt for just the right piece is incredibly rewarding — both for the environment and your wardrobe. Likewise, instead of throwing away your own gently used pieces, consider selling or consigning them. Donate warm coats and other practical garments to local charities that ask for them, but only if they’re in need of the items: Unwanted or unneeded clothes or shoes can cost charities money to dispose of and result in increasing their environmental footprint. 


With a little thought and effort, you can make a difference. The neighborhood around the Midtown West luxury apartments at 555TEN makes it all the easier with the availability of local markets, composting, and options to recycle and reuse. Helping NYC reduce its carbon footprint a little each day can make for big changes over the long term. Keep up the good work. The planet is counting on you.

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