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The Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards

Spring is in the air, and New Yorkers are ready to get back outside and explore a reopening and reinvigorated city. One of the most beloved and quintessentially “New York” pastimes might be strolling through Central Park and admiring storied landmarks and architectural marvels. Residents of 555TEN’s Midtown rentals are close to some of New York’s most famed attractions, including the city’s latest destination and engineering masterpiece: the Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards.

Just a few blocks south of 555TEN and at the center of Hudson Yards, the square features parks, gardens, and space for taking in some fresh air in the shade or enjoying a morning paper and coffee from the shops and restaurants nearby. But the Public Square and Gardens is a bona fide 21st-century destination. In addition to fast Wi-Fi throughout, the square was built atop a working railyard and deploys state-of-the-art horticultural technology to deliver nutrients, irrigate and drain, and allow root growth to its thicket of trees and tens of thousands of diverse plants across five acres. Wildflowers throughout the park offer a colorful tableau of spring’s brightest—and also attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to maintain plant life across seasons.

Visitors can enjoy the park year-round—with plants and greenery supported with temperature regulation control. As part of a sophisticated ventilation system, tubing embedded within the platform beneath the tree roots circulates cooling liquids to combat the heat emanating from the train yard below, while the roots of the large trees throughout the park are supported with soil beds to allow them to grow and stay healthy and aerated. The 60,000-gallon stormwater storage tanks irrigate the park’s greenery while limiting the greenhouse output of pumping extra water throughout—a commitment to providing a sustainable, all-seasons destination.

At the center of the Square is the Vessel, designed by Heatherwick Studio. This honeycomb structure is now one of New York’s most recognizable architectural triumphs. But the striking design of the Vessel isn’t meant to be taken in passively. Visitors can explore the interactive design by ascending the structure’s 16 stories through over 150 interconnecting flights of stairs and taking in the view at one of the designated viewing points high above the city.

Though 555TEN residents can enjoy the comforts of home in their exceptional NYC luxury rentals, stepping outside to the Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards is a perfect reminder of the best of New York in the spring.

Going Out and Open in Midtown West

There’s no question that the past year has been a time of adjusting, adapting, and getting through hard times. But New York City has been the center of resilience and innovation and has transformed its streets and public spaces to let people walk, bike, dine, and be out and about in the city like never before. Residents of Midtown rentals at 555TEN are ideally located to take advantage of the city’s new Open Streets program and to visit the still-flourishing small businesses, safely socialize with friends and family, and enjoy the warm weather for an afternoon or evening in the neighborhood.


The Open Streets program creates both Temporary Limited Local Access and Temporary Full Closures in areas throughout the city during designated hours throughout the week. Limited Local Access limits most through traffic, while Full Closures create open streets and block all vehicle access and parking. Both programs make streets and public spaces easier for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate and allow streets to be used for outdoor dining, retail, or other programming to support the city. 555TEN residents can enjoy limited Local Access and Full Closures on nearby 46th Street or along Broadway from 36th Street to 42nd Street and 47th to 53rd Streets to the north.


The program is designed to allow residents a chance to explore the city and get out and rediscover the offerings of their neighborhoods—and beyond—throughout the city’s boroughs. 555TEN residents can rediscover or create a new morning ritual with a stroll through the streets and grab an espresso and a pastry from their local cafe. While the exclusive 555TEN dog run is still in business for four-legged friends to enjoy, a long walk exploring the sights and sounds (and new smells, for your pets) will bring an exciting change of pace. Or it may be time to take the bike and helmet out of storage for a ride through Midtown to the East River or north to Upper Manhattan that will lend a whole new perspective on the city. Residents can also opt to dine out at their favorite local Italian, tapas, or seafood spot nearby or indulge in a Michelin-star meal for a celebratory occasion, then venture over to Broadway to see the landmarks and attractions at the heart of the Theater District.


While the city continues to adapt and make its streets more open and traffic-free for everyday enjoyment, residents of 555TEN can take advantage by visiting their beloved neighborhood shops, restaurants, and sights and discovering new favorites as they explore the city anew. And if you don’t live here yet, now is also an excellent time to explore our luxury Midtown Manhattan apartments.

From Yonkers to Hell’s Kitchen: Lured by a luxury building that checks all the boxes

Residents of the Midtown luxury apartments at 555TEN are in awe of the wealth of amenities the building offers at every turn. The doorman-attended building is home to a state-of-the-art gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a bowling alley, a rooftop deck, and a covered dog run, perfect for getting those furry friends some convenient exercise. Inside each apartment, residents can enjoy an in-residence washer and dryer, as well as stunning city views. Just steps from the building’s front door, residents also have easy access to the best the city has to offer, from restaurants like Empanada Mama and Totto Ramen to the bright lights of Times Square and the peaceful sanctuary of the High Line.

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Learning and Reimagining the City with CUNY Graduate Center

We’re fully embarked on the third decade of the 21st century, and New York City and its people have exciting decisions to make about how we’re going to grow and thrive in an increasingly complex and sophisticated society. Residents of the luxury Midtown rentals at 555TEN will reap many of the benefits of living in our world city/cultural mecca, including the beauty of Hudson River Park to the west and the attractions and delights of the Theater District seemingly everywhere around them. A walk of just over 20 minutes to the east will also bring them to CUNY Graduate Center, one of the academic institutions that help define New York City.

Like many colleges and universities, CUNY Graduate Center has a public programming component. Its Public Events Email List keeps interested New Yorkers apprised of future happenings at the school, and a tax-deductible Community Membership allows them to support and “receive special access” to the programming, which is often free to the public.

The Center’s spring semester 2021 public events are virtual, although many require an RSVP. On April 21st at 4 pm, “What Matters Now? CUNY Teaches Living History” discusses “transformative activism” as a response to health emergencies like COVID-19. Later in the evening (at 7:30 pm), “City of Science” will reveal the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence.

In May, there will be an exploration of hip hop activism (on May 7th), a dissertation showcase (on May 19th) in which Graduate Center students are challenged to present their scholarship “in language for a general audience,” and a presentation (on May 20th) on Asian American New Yorkers’ contributions to “educational equity and diversity.”

The Graduate Center’s YouTube channel is a resource for live broadcasts and archives of past events like the recent four-part “Rethinking NYC” series, which discussed bias in the city’s criminal justice system, economic “opportunity escalators” to move the city forward, the central role of the city’s “abundant cultural activities and its magnificent public spaces,” and the challenges of leadership as the city prepares for the mayoral election.

In the coming months, CUNY Graduate Center will continue to serve as an anchor and icon in Midtown. Its Italian Renaissance Revival building, located on a stretch of Fifth Avenue, is itself an example of NYC reinvention. For decades, it was the site of B. Altman & Co., one of the most elegant of the Midtown department stores in the 20th century. Evolution is surely a constant in the city, and learning and reimagining your own place in New York City (both metaphorically and physically) will keep you engaged in its transformations. If you want to inhabit a stylish home in a neighborhood with deep history, a vibrant present, and a strong sense of the future, contact us to find out more about the Midtown Manhattan apartments at 555TEN.

Midtown West: The Backbone of the Performing Arts

Hollywood may still be the film capital of the US, but NYC’s Theater District is the theater capital. Midtown West is also the home to many institutions and organizations that have supported the performing arts and performing artists and creators, both within and outside the theater world. The neighborhood of the luxury Manhattan rentals at 555TEN is teeming with performing arts history and backstory, and we’ve created a brief guide to just a few of the nearby buildings of interest. With 555TEN as your starting point, it won’t take you long to track them down. In fact, you may pass them every day.

Feeling utterly alone in a big room with a large audience of strangers, actors have been known to pray (silently), and that may be why the Actors’ Temple and the Actors’ Chapel are so close to many performers’ Broadway workplaces. After its establishment as the West Side Hebrew Relief Association more than a hundred years ago, the Actors’ Temple/Congregation Ezrath Israel, located at 337 West 47th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, began to attract famous performers like vaudeville’s “Red Hot Mama” Sophie Tucker.

Ultimately, everyone from Jack Benny, Milton Berle, and Harpo Marx to Shelley Winters (and at least a few of the Three Stooges) worshipped at this synagogue. Proud of its heritage, the Actors’ Temple welcomes members from all walks of life and doubles as an off-Broadway theater.

Meanwhile, Saint Malachy’s Church/the Actors’ Chapel, housed in a Gothic Revival-style building between Broadway and Eighth Avenue on 49th Street, became the place of worship for Catholics in the entertainment industry in the same era that the Actors’ Temple became popular. In recognition of the “unusual hours” worked by performers, the chapel even “sought and received special permission to celebrate Mass at 4 am, a practice that was banned by canon law at the time.”

The church has been the site of celebrity weddings and funerals, including a funeral service for Rudolph Valentino in 1926, and its parishioners have included Bob Hope, Gregory Peck, Rosalind Russell, Florence Henderson, and Chris Farley, to name just a few. It continues its theatrical tradition via weekly workshopping of material by college-age participants and meetings of the Saint Genesius Society, a gathering and “gym for actors, writers, directors, and comics, but sadly not jugglers (as the ceiling is too low).”

Performing a more secular—but no less significant—role in the entertainment community, The Actors Studio, between Ninth and Tenth Avenues on 44th Street, has for more than 70 years been a celebrated (and, yes, sacred) gathering place for actors, playwrights, and directors who seek to hone their craft, including the famous “Method” of acting,  alongside their peers. Brando, Monroe, and Dean were just a few of the many illustrious members of the Studio.

When you step out from your Midtown apartment,  you’ll find an abundance of buildings—some glittering, some modest—that make up the story of NYC. They’re all about all the people who have passed through their doors. At 555TEN, we’re excited about the history of our neighborhood and eager to help you find your place in it.



A True Destination at Moynihan Train Hall

The Midtown West neighborhood just south of 555TEN’s luxury rentals has recently experienced a lot of exciting, future-forward changes. In just the last 15 years, the High Line broke ground and evolved from an intriguing idea into a model for modern urban parks around the world. Meanwhile, the new Hudson Yards features many public attractions, including 14 acres of plazas and green spaces. Now the neighborhood boasts a transportation hub worthy of its sophisticated and increasingly international audience: the Moynihan Train Hall. And it’s within easy (15-minute) walking distance for residents of 555TEN who are traveling light.

The Moynihan Train Hall, named after New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who began promoting its construction in the 1990s, has been a long time coming, and it literally builds on some of the area’s most beautiful architecture. The historic grandeur of the original Pennsylvania Station, designed in 1910 by “legendary” architectural firm McKim, Mead & White, is, in fact, the subject of a permanent glass-wall photography exhibit in Moynihan Train Hall called Penn Station’s Half Century. The new hall, which connects to the current Pennsylvania Station, regains the glory of that first station via a redesign by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill of the Beaux-Arts James A. Farley Building (also originally by McKim, Mead & White) that served as the city’s main post office for more than a century.

The new concourse’s 92-foot-tall skylight, with a huge four-faced clock hanging from the center, will dazzle and energize travelers. Also suspended from the ceiling is a sculptural homage to skyscrapers, The Hive by Elmgreen and Dragset. Go by Kehinde Wiley captures the movement of New York through illuminated stained-glass renderings that evoke the spirit of breakdancing, a fundamentally New York art form.

While clearly in graceful competition (or conversation) with Grand Central Station on the East Side of the city, this extension of the West Side’s train hub is also a practical accomplishment that doubles the size of the concourse space. Not only is the ambitious hall a recognition of the renaissance of rail travel as part of a sustainable regional and national transportation network, but it is a “beta test for adaptive reuse projects in the LEED for Transit category” of the United States Green Building Council. A food hall is scheduled to open later in the year, offering a touch of day-to-day comfort in the impressive surroundings. There’s even free Wi-Fi to make waiting more productive.

How easy—and now how exhilarating—it is to pack a few things in your Midtown Manhattan apartment at 555TEN and head out for a weekend on Long Island or possibly a longer trip (all points Amtrak) from Moynihan Train Hall! And, if you’re not living at 555TEN yet, you should contact us ASAP for a 21st-century upgrade to your lifestyle itinerary, just up the street from “the” station.

Luxury Residences From New York to Singapore are Offering Pet Concierges, Grooming Services, Mud Rooms and Dog Parks

Pet parents and their canine companions living in the Midtown Manhattan apartments for rent at 555TEN won’t have to brave the brisk New York City weather to get in a walk this winter. The Extell-developed tower is home to plenty of enviable pet-friendly amenities, including a covered, heated dog run on the building’s 12th floor, where pooches can get in some exercise, and in-building pet care services offered by Throw Me A Bone, including dog walking, feeding, and pet-sitting.

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Top 15 Rental Buildings with the Best Indoor Amenities

If the winter weather makes venturing out an unappealing prospect, you’d be lucky to call the Midtown Manhattan apartments at 555TEN home. The Extell-developed luxury tower has everything a person could want to keep them entertained, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, weight-training facilities, studios with bikes for cycling and Nexersys Boxing Exergames, fitness classes, an indoor saltwater pool, and a fireplace-heated all-season lounge on the roof. Even furry friends will enjoy calling the building home, thanks to a covered dog run and in-building pet care services from Throw Me A Bone.

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A Coffee Lover’s Paradise in Midtown Manhattan

New Yorkers are fueled by coffee. New Yorkers drink seven times more of the stuff than average for Americans, and the city has more coffeehouses per capita than anywhere else in the country. Takeout coffee cups are even an important accessory in New York fashion, from clear plastic domes with iced lattes inside to the iconic blue and white Greek coffee cup full of hot java. New Yorkers pay close attention to the coffee shops near their building, and the many high-quality coffeehouses around 555TEN make living in these Midtown rentals a treat for connoisseurs.

555TEN residents will want to pick up their morning cup at The Jolly Goat, which has been brewing exquisite espresso beverages since 2014. Using beans roasted by their sister company, Urban Rooster Coffee, The Jolly Goat serves the full range of drip and espresso drinks as well as specialty versions like Turmeric or Beetroot Wellness Lattes, which combine the classic flavors of a latte with root powders that boost vital functions. The Jolly Goat also serves tea and seasonal beverages like hot apple cider, keeping customers coming back for more all year.

For a lunchtime treat and refuel on caffeine, 555TEN residents can head to Bibble and Sip, the cute coffeehouse bringing French baking and Asian flavors together to create a line of unique and mouthwatering pastries, backed up by a line of specialty lattes. Creations like the Earl Grey Vanilla Cream Puff and the dessert cakes inspired by Japanese kawaii-style confections are as eye-catching as they are delicious, while drinks like the Matcha Jasmine Latte and Iced Black Coffee Float are sure to tempt even the most diehard coffee purists. Not to worry, though; Bibble and Sip’s menu also features delicious standard drinks like Americanos and Cortados.

When the time comes for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up, 555TEN residents will love swinging by Bird & Branch, the avian-themed coffeehouse serving flavorful coffee concoctions and delicious baked goods. Seasonal offerings like the Mockingbird (a latte made with kabocha and fresh cinnamon) live alongside the full range of traditional espresso and drip coffee options as well as baked goods from around the globe, including everything from Yuzu Ricotta Toast to Horchata Granita. Customers will have a hard time resisting one of the shop’s pie slices, which this season include Blackberry Ginger and Black Sesame Brown Butter Pies.

These are just a few of the many high-quality coffeehouses within easy walking distance of the Midtown luxury apartments at 555TEN. So, enjoy a fresh cup of joe and schedule a virtual or in-person tour of 555TEN today!

Winter Wonderland!

When you’re in the midst of New York City at the “most wonderful time of the year,” that means (frosted) window shopping, sipping hot apple cider and cocoa from the farmers’ market, and bundling up to go ice skating in some of the city’s magnificent public rinks. Just around a few corners from the Midtown Manhattan apartments at 555TEN is one of the season’s most beloved destinations—Bryant Park’s Bank of America Winter Village.

Unlike anything else in the city, this aptly self-proclaimed winter wonderland is every holiday lover’s paradise—with shopping, food, and festivities spread out in a European-inspired open-air market. But the piece de resistance of this holiday village is its 17,000-square-foot ice skating rink, the only free-admission rink of its kind in the city. Bring your own skates (or rent a pair) and show off your spins and jumps or clutch your partner as you glide along for the fun. Children under 10 can rent skate mates as they learn the basics safely.

This year, the skating rink has taken on added safety protocols to ensure skating remains safe for visitors and staff. Rental equipment will be sanitized, and high-touch surfaces disinfected throughout the day, with hand sanitizer and washing stations located around the park. Convenient online booking will guarantee skaters can stay safely distanced, and masks will be required for staff and skaters alike.

After a final brisk lap around the rink, a visit to the après-skate Lodge Deck cocktail bar is in order. Visitors can enjoy cocktails or hot beverages to warm up, as well as food items, including toasted marshmallows while taking in the Christmas Tree and skaters whizzing by.

For those who prefer staying off the ice, plenty of attractions still await. Nonskaters can book a 90-minute session of iceless curling at the curling cafe. Or, for a relaxing afternoon, cozy igloos are available for renting. These private, dome-shaped pockets of furnished space are ideal for an intimate gathering of friends of up to eight. Best of all, you can stay warm in the heated space while enjoying food and drink items ordered straight to your igloo, all in the center of one of the most bustling spots in the city.

Everyone can enjoy browsing or doing gift shopping in the holiday shops lining Bryant Park. The panoply of shops, all housed in custom-designed kiosks, include food purveyors; clothing and accessories vendors; home and pet suppliers; art, jewelry, and wellness gifts; and holiday wares for a true one-stop holiday shopping experience. Meanwhile, kiosks selling sweets, crepes, waffles, Chinese street snacks, and Italian dishes can fuel another round of shopping, skating, or ambling through the winter village.

This year, whether it’s for an ice-skating outing or a last-minute gift for the hardest-to-shop-for family member, residents of the Midtown rentals at 555TEN can experience the best of winter right near home at Bryant Park.

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