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2020 Design Trends

Sleek and modern or over-the-top and baroque — your home design style is something that expresses who you are, what you value, and how you live. Aside from the layout and location, it’s one of the most essential aspects of your home. With ample space, well-thought-out architecture, and a choice location in Midtown Manhattan, the luxury apartments at 555TEN have the layout and location already taken care of. The only thing you have to think about is the style you want to bring to your no-fee NYC rentals.

While there are tried-and-true design elements that find their way into many homes, perhaps you could try giving your style an update with the latest trends — it’s 2020, after all. There’s no need to be slavish to fashions, of course, but adding a little something extra and modern to your design philosophy can pay off brilliantly.

So, let’s take a look at the latest home design trends for 2020.

Environment-Focused Design

Over the past 20 years, and with the advent of the green movement, there has been a strong focus on consumerism and its effects on the environment. That’s why a trend for the decade ahead involves looking back on what we’ve been doing wrong and correcting those mistakes for the future by designing with sustainable and ethically made products. And we’re not just talking about eco-friendly sisal rugs — think sumptuous faux-leather sofas (yes, sumptuous) and carefully sourced furniture. Another aspect of this trend places an emphasis on reusing objects. So, you can feel both hip and virtuous when bringing that gorgeous antique wood coffee table back from the weekend Chelsea Flea Market.

“Grandmillennial Style”

Publications like Elle Decor are touting “grandmillennial style” as one of the latest trends in home design. But before you start thinking it’s just another term capitalizing on the millennial demographic, take a closer look. This style of design, according to House Beautiful, who brought the term “grandmillennial” to a wider audience last fall, is the age-old tradition of mixing the old with the new. Items once thought stodgy, like chintz-pattern china, are given a new and exciting life when used as decor accessories alongside modern pieces. The style is certainly not for everyone, but perhaps a nod to it might be a whimsical way to bring a bit of 2020 into the home — even if you’re not a millennial.

Is There a Pattern Here? 

Bold and daring patterns have held a place in the eyes of designers since design began. But in 2020, patterns are no longer meant just for small accent pieces. According to Forbes, they’re meant to be used wherever they might work in the home. Geometric, illustrated, or variant-color patterns can be used for big pieces, like your dining room table. You can even use patterns on your walls, thanks to bold, new wallpapers many manufacturers are offering. If you’re renting and want to get in on the patterned-wall craze, there are several companies that make temporary but durable wallpapers that won’t harm your walls.

And if you’re not into decorating at all, perhaps the best home decor to have is a sprawling vista of NYC from floor-to-ceiling windows — like the views you’ll find at the 555TEN luxury rentals.

Dining Out for the Holidays

So many of our cherished holiday memories revolve around sumptuous home-cooked meals. From kicking things off with a Thanksgiving feast to closing out the season with a spectacular Christmas dinner, the holidays sometimes seem like one continuous whirlwind of cooking and cleaning. Fortunately for residents of the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN, memorable meals prepared by world-renowned professionals are just minutes away. So, take a little pressure off your packed holiday schedule and enjoy the season to the fullest at the prime dining spots in our 555TEN restaurant guide.

Just a four-minute walk from 555TEN luxury rentals, the lively bistro Chez Josephine has been catering to the Broadway crowd since 1986, bringing the legacy of the legendary Josephine Baker to life nightly. Here, you’ll find live piano music, an ambience only enhanced by snowfall outside the windows, and, of course, top-flight food. Classic French fare, including escargots and tartares, populates the menu. And there are local offerings, too, including Long Island duck and home-fried chicken, which will make any evening at Chez Josephine a culinary adventure. 

Also near to 555TEN is the new location of West Village favorite Dell’anima. The restaurant recently downsized and moved uptown to Gotham West Market while retaining the wine selection and food quality that made it a neighborhood favorite for over a decade. The Dell’anima experience is centered on its 22 kitchenside seats, where diners are treated to a front-row view of culinary feats carried out by chef Andrew Whitney and his team. The menu is organized around bespoke wine selections and a range of pastas made in-house, bringing delightful Italian-inspired pairings to every meal. 

Residents seeking a reward for persevering through this often exhausting family-fueled season should head to STK Midtown, one of the New York outposts of the international steakhouse brand. From a hip interior to a fantastic soundtrack provided by an in-house DJ to mouthwatering twists on classic steakhouse fare, the STK team has thought of everything. It’s the perfect place to escape from a crowded Christmas season and simply enjoy an evening of fine food, drink, and company. Plus, with dry-aged beef and Japanese Wagyu on offer, diners won’t leave empty-stomached or unsatisfied. 

After dinner, residents can head back to their comfortable abodes and enjoy all that 555TEN has to offer. The generous living spaces offer a host of top-of-the-line fixtures and appliances. And the exclusive residential amenities include access to an entire health & wellness floor. But if an evening of pure relaxation is in order, residents can simply gather on the rooftop to warm themselves by the indoor/outdoor fireplace. It’s the season for making memories, so start your 555TEN journey today!


Every holiday calls for a fun and festive meal to celebrate, but Thanksgiving sets the bar. If you’re hosting dinner at the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN or just looking for a dish to share at a friend’s place, here are some excellent recipes and tips for must-have side dishes and a flavorful roast turkey, grilled or deep-fried. Don’t forget dessert!

If you want both a beautifully cooked and a perfect-looking turkey—the one that’s the centerpiece of every iconic Thanksgiving photo or painting—follow Anthony Bourdain’s advice: make two birds. The first one is your showpiece for the table. Make it a smaller bird, roast it at 425 degrees for two hours, basting it occasionally before dressing it up “like a showgirl, with chop frills and elaborate fruit garnishes on a bed of old-school parsley or kale.” For your second bird, you can roast it in the same manner or you can perform a new twist on what has become a modern turkey classic and deep-fry it. Thankfully, this technique has become safer with the advent of electric deep fryers by makers such as Butterball. Forego the open flame and medieval kettle of oil, opt for an electric countertop model, and cook that fowl to juicy perfection in a single, safe, and easy hour.

Next to the perfect turkey, great stuffing makes or breaks the holiday. Again, keep it simple. All you need is the right blend of bread, eggs, celery, onions, sage, and a few other hearty spices such as thyme and rosemary. has a stuffing recipe that has all of these ingredients and tastes spectacular too. Because stuffing is likely to be the most time-intensive part of your prep, prepare it a full day ahead of your meal, cool it, cover it, and put it in the fridge for baking and serving the next day. Just be certain to add a few minutes onto your cook and prep time, so that it’s ready to eat on Thanksgiving Day.

Like the turkey, sweet potatoes bring comfort with both their heartiness and simplicity. You can toss them into the oven at 400 degrees, bake them for 45 to 60 minutes until the juices start to seep out and caramelize on the skin, and then serve them with butter and brown sugar for an easy side. Or, you can dazzle your guests with this whiskey-glazed sweet potatoes recipe from Guy Fieri that combines several of our favorite fall ingredients into a single masterstroke of side-dish sorcery. Pecans, apples, and sweet potatoes are taken to a new level of sweetness with a one-two punch of whiskey and agave nectar. The result is an aesthetically stunning and equally sumptuous creation, sure to get your guests talking. And the warm aroma that the cinnamon and nutmeg impart during cooking adds instant holiday cred to your home and party. 

Finally, don’t forget the desserts. When it comes to this holiday, that means pies representing the hallowed trio of Thanksgiving classics: pecan, apple, and, of course, pumpkin. If you’ve been searching for a pumpkin pie that doesn’t crack on top (or is less likely to), give Chef John’s a try. Don’t forget to add a heaping dollop of whipped cream and grated nutmeg to the top. Our choice for pecan pie is easily this Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie recipe found on Its secret is cooking the sugar and corn syrup first. And while we respect that there will always be a debate among apple pie aficionados over what constitutes the best recipe for this all-season staple, we can all come to a détente over the classic recipe found at If you’ve never made an apple pie before, this is the one to start with. They’ve also provided a short video showing you how to prep and assemble it, so even novice bakers can make the perfect pie.

Thanksgiving is about people coming together to express gratitude for all that they have. There’s no better way to do so than to celebrate your bounty with a perfectly prepared feast of perfectly prepared recipes. Try some of our suggestions for the ultimate turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, or dessert, and guarantee that your table will be the talk of the town this holiday season. Or tweak what you see here to create your new version of these Thanksgiving traditions.

From everyone at 555TEN’s luxury rentals, we wish you, your family, and friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

NYC’s Best Luxury Apartment Buildings for Millennials

New Yorkers looking for luxe amenities without the commitment of buying an apartment have a standout option right in the center of Manhattan: 555TEN. These Extell-developed Midtown luxury apartments for rent come with premium appliances, including in-residence washer/dryers, as well as a choice of light or dark finish packages, and they’re complemented by a top-of-the-line amenities suite, including indoor and rooftop pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a lounge with a fireplace, on-site pet services (including a covered dog run), and a private bowling alley.

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Upcoming at Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is home to many vendors and retailers hosting awesome events and activities throughout the year. Book some time in a nap pod, focus on your wellness with a free fitness class, or connect with friends at your new favorite watering hole. You can relax, recharge, or reinvent yourself in any number of ways in NYC’s grandest retail space—just down the way from 555TEN’s luxury rentals.

When you’re out and about and in need of a quick bit of shuteye but don’t have time to head back home, fear not. 3DEN  offers a private, quiet space that’s specifically designed for you to rest and sleep in comfort. The Casper nap pod (a twin bed outfitted with fresh sheets and secluded behind blackout curtains) provides a cozy spot for a quick nap at any time of day. If you don’t need to snooze, 3DEN also offers meditation pillows, comfy chairs, private showers, workspaces, and soundproof phone booths to accommodate the needs of those on the go. You can also purchase a number of extras from fine brands such as LOLI Beauty, Dirty Lemon, Seed, Goby, and Harry’s. If you’re like us, you’ll be looking for a hot cup of joe when your session is over, and we rejoiced when we found out that coffee comes with the package. Bonus! And at $6 for a 30-minute session, a visit to 3DEN is pure value.

 Once you’re well-rested, get your blood flowing with a free fitness class at Athleta. Empowering women and encouraging them to take on a more active lifestyle has been central to the brand since its founding, and their free community fitness classes are part and parcel of that ethos. To give you an idea of what to expect, a recent yoga event featured FitPro Tess Jonas accompanied by DJ Julie Bobek. During the class, they took participants through a 60-minute yoga session—suitable for all skill levels—and followed it with mimosas overlooking a phenomenal view of the Vessel. More boot camps, running groups, and other wellness classes are currently being planned. Keep in the loop by signing up for Athleta event emails or by checking their calendar or the Hudson Yards calendar for more details and upcoming opportunities. 

Work and health are important, but full balance also involves cutting loose and kicking back with friends on occasion. Hudson Yards has a variety of happy hours that are perfect for reconnecting over excellent food and smartly mixed cocktails. Two of our favorites can be found at Belcampo and Hudson Yards Grill. Happy Hour at Belcampo offers $5 drafts, $6 wine, and the Belcampo Cocktail of the Day for $7, along with a delectable Belcampo Burger special. Hudson Yards Grill showcases brasserie fare prepared by native New Yorker and chef Michael Lomonaco in his new “American concept” restaurant. $10 classic cocktails with new twists, like the Lavender Margarita, $5 drafts, and $6 wines are served alongside bar snacks of mixed nuts and wasabi peas. Just don’t fill up with those deliciously salty munchies right away. Burgers, a sushi bar, prime cuts of meat, and daily specials await. In fact, make time to linger past 7 pm and explore the menu further.

Dinner out is always a treat, but there’s one meal at home that we look forward to all year: Thanksgiving. And Citarella’s Taste of Thanksgiving makes certain that you’re prepared. On November 4th, join them for a master class in “how to create the ultimate Thanksgiving feast.” Citarella’s head butcher will be on hand to demonstrate turkey prep techniques, and the master pastry chef will be doing pie-baking demos. As you may expect, samples will abound. Enjoy perfect wine and cheese pairings during the event, taste some of their most popular side dishes, and come away with new ideas for your own spectacular Thanksgiving meal. Citarella is ready to help make your next holiday the most memorable yet.

The Midtown West apartments at 555TEN are conveniently located near Hudson Yards, NYC’s premier retail destination. The ever-expanding schedule of events, classes, and gatherings, courtesy of the many retailers and restaurants at Hudson Yards, ensures that there’s always something new happening for your next visit. We’ll see you there!

The Ultimate Brunch in Midtown West

Imagine an autumnal Sunday afternoon in New York City. Despite the fact that it is not a working day for many, it would not be unusual to see a multitude of New Yorkers venturing out from the comfort of their Midtown West apartments. What drives them from their well-appointed luxury homes, like those at 555TEN? What pulls them away from the comforting bliss of an afternoon Netflix binge? The answer is simple: brunch. 

Everybody loves, and is willing to go out of their way for, a great brunch. But what if you could have something more than your average brunch? What if that brunch could be a brunch tasting, prepared by some of the finest chefs in the city, and you could catch a performance while you sampled your farm-fresh eggs? If eating omelettes with a drag queen or munching on biscuits and gravy with a Broadway star sounds like your dream come true, then the New York City Wine & Food Festival has a treat for you. 

For 11 years, the NYCWFF has gathered the best chefs, food, and libations to raise funds for the Food Bank for New York City and No Kid Hungry. Guests get to indulge in amazing meals knowing they’re helping a good cause. To make the deal even sweeter, this year’s lineup is loaded with fun and original brunch tastings, many of which are right around the corner from the 555TEN luxury rentals. 

Start the weekend off right on Saturday, Oct. 12, with the Farmer’s Market Brunch at The Standard High Line. Embrace fall in all its flavorful glory as you savor dishes featuring the freshest local flavors. Chef Geoffrey Zakarian is your host. He picked the lineup of chefs for the brunch, which includes Anita Lo and Dale Talde. If you’ve ever watched Zakarian as a judge on “Chopped,” you know his taste is top-notch, so your experience will be, too. This is sure to be a culinary afternoon to remember. 

Prefer a little more flair — and a little shade — with your pancakes? Head over to the Highline Stages where you can experience what promises to be the most “fabulous” of meals. At Barilla’s Drag Brunch, presented by Absolut Juice, a squad of drag performers takes the stage to dazzle you while you sip your mimosa. With guests like Downtown nightlife staple Joey Arias and host Debi Mazar, you’re sure to be entertained. There will be dancing. There will be donuts. There will be decadence. What more could you want on a Saturday?

The next day, Sunday, Oct. 13, offers more chances to experience some spectacular food and entertainment. Go ahead and sing along with Tony Award nominee Alex Brightman at Four Roses Bourbon’s Broadway Tastes at Metropolitan West. Just make sure you’ve finished that bite of bacon first. With fan favorites Big Daddy’s, The Flying V food truck, and the world-famous Sylvia’s soul food restaurant on hand to create their best Broadway-themed dishes, you’ll be the one singing their praises.

Oysters might not be quite as flashy as Broadway performers, but at the Oyster Bash, they steal the show. Learn how to shuck your own at The Standard High Line, or skip the hassle and try samples from some of New York’s finest restaurants, such as Docks Oyster Bar and The Standard Grill. Wash it all down with bottomless beer, wine, and cocktails.

This is just a sample of the fun that awaits festival-goers. Other events include a pizza tasting, a dumpling tasting, and an epic brunch finale featuring 30 restaurants. So get out there and eat, New York! You owe it to yourself to make all your brunch fantasies come true. And eating waffles while you raise money to end hunger? That sounds like a delicious combo, indeed. 

New York’s Luxury Real Estate Is Going to the Dogs

The Extell-developed rentals at 555TEN in Midtown have something for every resident—including the four-legged ones. The luxury tower is home to a covered, climate-controlled dog run on the building’s 12th floor, meaning that Fido can always get plenty of exercise, no matter how brutal the weather outside. The pet-friendly building, which already has a number of animal Instagram influencers among its ranks, also offers walking and pet-sitting services from Throw Me a Bone, as well as “Yappy Hours” for residents and their furry friends.

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Four Developments Every Pet Owner Will Love

Getting your dog plenty of exercise and socialization doesn’t have to mean yet another trip to the dog park—if you live in one of the Midtown rentals at 555TEN, that is. The Extell-developed luxury rentals offer the city’s most expansive set of pet-friendly amenities, including a covered dog run where pups can socialize while their owners do the same. The building is also home to Throw Me A Bone’s pet-specific amenities, including skilled handlers who can feed, walk, and play with residents’ furry friends when they need an extra set of hands on deck.

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Every dog has its day in these pet-friendly NYC apartments

Pet owners who live in the Midtown rentals at 555TEN can keep their pups easily entertained—even in inclement weather—without braving a trip to the park. The Extell-developed Manhattan luxury tower already has plenty for its human inhabitants to love: oversized windows, stainless-steel appliances, wood flooring, washer/dryers in each residence, and amenities like a rooftop pool and bowling alley. There’s even more for their furry friends to wag their tails about, including a covered dog run and pet care services from Throw Me a Bone.

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Autumn Event Roundup

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the city has slowed down. In fact,
as the crisp days of fall settle in, there’s a special energy buzzing around the Midtown West
apartments at 555TEN. Living in one of the city’s most bustling neighborhoods means you
can always find something happening nearby. And this time of year, navigating the sheer
volume of local events can be daunting. But don’t fret, we are here to help. Here are some of
the events we’re looking forward to as the leaves begin to change.

It’s no secret that New Yorkers have great style. Fall in the city is an exciting time for
fashionistas, many of whom will be flocking to MODA, one of the world’s premier fashion
trade shows. Bringing designers and retailers together, MODA is a high-end trade show put
on by UBM Fashion that “translates high-end women’s fashion for your customer’s everyday
life.” Besides providing a platform for designers to show their work, MODA also offers a
selection of seminars on relevant topics and issues for fashion industry insiders, such as
sustainability and the power that social media influencers wield on the market. The show
runs from Sept. 15 to 17 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center — just a short walk from
the 555TEN luxury rentals.

If MODA interests you, you might also want to check out FAME. Another highly
anticipated UBM Fashion trade show, the event is aimed at a slightly younger demographic
than MODA. Where MODA presents timeless fashion, FAME is on-trend, showcasing of-
the-moment labels like Elan, which makes high-end, travel-ready clothing for women who
have “mastered the balance between comfort and making a statement.” Think relaxed fits,
chunky sweaters, and maxi dresses that billow in the wind; basically, pieces that are
functional enough to travel in, but still look chic once you arrive. This trade show runs
alongside MODA from Sept. 15 to 17 at the Javits Center.

Anthos Day New York
Let’s switch gears from fashion to technology. If you’ve been on the lookout for ways to
take your business to the next level, consider attending Google’s Anthos Day. At this event,
industry leaders will provide a day of educational talks on using Anthos, a technology that,
according to Google, “lets you build and manage modern hybrid applications, accelerating
your application development and enabling your business with transformational technologies
like service mesh, containers, and microservices.” If that sounds like something you could
use, check out the event on Sept. 16 at Center415.

Bard in the Park
The autumn chill is just around the corner, but there are still a few warm days left for some
satisfying outdoor fun, particularly in the form of a theatrical performance. On Sept. 13 at 7
p.m., Hudson River Park’s Bard in the Park has one final performance on tap, and it’s a
good one: Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Song.” A Shakespeare play is almost always
stirring, but add the unique open-air setting at Clinton Cove, and you really have something special. You may need to bring a sweater, sure, but attending one last outdoor performance
is an ideal way to mark the end of summer.

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