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Gardening in the Heart of Manhattan

The 56-story tower at 555TEN present the perfect environment for growing a host of apartment-friendly plants. From providing pops of color, to performing valuable duties as air purifiers and mood boosters, plants make great housemates and even better decoration, giving us a connection to the natural world — even in the middle of Manhattan. Keep reading for our guide to filling your new 555TEN home with verdant vegetation.

Choosing the Right Plant
If you’re planning to do a bit of gardening in your new sky-high apartment, you first need to decide which type of plant best fits your needs. The simplest leafy addition to any home is Epipremnum aureum, often called pothos or devil’s ivy. This hardy green houseplant adds color and texture to any home, and is perfect for everything from sitting on a table to hanging in a basket. In their guide to apartment plants, blog 6sqft writes that devil’s ivy “can survive in a variety of lighting conditions,” and Apartment Therapy points out that the plant “will tolerate a missed watering here and there,” making it ideal for more absent-minded plant parents. Best of all, devil’s ivy acts as a natural air purifier, absorbing common household toxins like formaldehyde.

Another healthy option is Sansevieria trifasciata, which is commonly known as the snake plant because of its long, slim leaves that coil upward in a serpentine fashion. Sunset calls this plant “The Survivor” due to its capacity to thrive despite neglect (however unintentional) from its caretaker. Best of all, snake plants work at night to absorb carbon dioxide and strip toxins, including formaldehyde and benzene, from the air, making them great bedroom companions.

More adventurous homeowners may opt for the challenge of keeping exotic plants, which often need quite a bit of care to grow. If you’re up to the task, try the legendary Venus flytrap plant, which requires conditions that recreate its boggy native soil — as well as an occasional feeding of insects. Nothing starts a conversation like a carnivorous plant on your windowsill.

Public Gardens
Just minutes away from 555TEN is Hudson Yards, one of New York City’s finest new attractions, and home to the city’s smartest garden. This five-acre elevated garden is home to over 28,000 plants, including 200 mature trees, all of which provide roosts for a wide range of local and migratory birds. Residents of 555TEN will love their proximity to Hudson Yards, where they can find inspiration for their home foliage, as well as enjoy shopping, dining, and Vessel, NYC’s newest piece of interactive artwork.

Making Use of Your Second Bedroom at 555TEN

Space in Midtown West is a true luxury. That’s why many people opt for a two-bedroom rental apartment: You can keep the first as your master bedroom, and the second, well, the options are endless. Here, we’ll suggest a few ideas for that second room to give you some inspiration.

Home Office
An increasing number of people have the option to work from home — though few have the option to work from a home with the eye-popping vistas of NYC found at 555TEN. Furnish your second bedroom with a desk and a computer, and you’ll have a home office that’s the envy of Midtown West. Every time you take a break from the screen, you can gaze out over the city and appreciate exactly what you’re working for. Complimentary coffee comes courtesy of your own chic kitchen, fitted out with quartz stone counters and stainless steel appliances.

Always meaning to read more? Your own personal library could help. Fit your second bedroom with a few bookcases, fill them up with all those tomes that have been on your reading list since forever, find a comfy armchair to sink into, source a good reading lamp, and you’re good to go. And, of course, this is one library where listening to music — or sipping a glass of Rioja — isn’t frowned upon.

Walk-In Closet
Fashion is an addiction, and it’s all too easy to wind up with a collection of clothes that has outgrown your wardrobe. Fortunately, in your two-bedroom apartment at 555TEN, you have the luxury of turning that extra space into a walk-in closet. Feel like a true star as you peruse the rails each morning, picking out that killer shirt or dress, and be smug in the knowledge that you needn’t ditch a single one of your 67 pairs of shoes.

Media Room
Fancy yourself as something of a movie buff? Live the dream by transforming your second bedroom into a media room. A large flat-screen (or a projector) and an uber-comfy couch are all it takes to create your own personal cinema. Oh, and a popcorn machine in the kitchen might be good, too! Plug in a game console, and you have the ultimate gaming night on your hands. You’ll show them who’s boss at Rocket League.

A Bedroom
You might, of course, simply want to make your second bedroom … another bedroom. After all, you’ll have plenty of willing dinner guests. And if the party continues into the wee small hours, that second room becomes an invaluable extra bedroom. Word of warning: Your guests might just love the bedroom so much, it’ll be difficult to get them to leave in the morning.

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards, the new NYC community located just blocks from your home, is open for business! With spring in session, this is the perfect time to mosey over from your Midtown West apartment and discover everything Hudson Yards has to offer. From the already popular Vessel sculpture to retail and restaurants, this New York neighborhood has it all. Check out some of our favorites, just down the way from your 555TEN luxury rental.

At the center of all the buzz surrounding Hudson Yards stands Vessel. This spiraling, staircased sculpture is a landmark unto itself. Built to be climbed, this new, giant interactive artwork was designed by Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio as the focal point from which “people can enjoy new perspectives of the city and one another from different heights, angles and vantage points.” Over 2,500 individual steps and 154 interconnected flights of stairs lead you to 80 landings over almost a mile of climbing. Come to take in a new view or simply roam in contemplative bliss, but whatever you do, don’t forget to book it ahead of time: Entry is free, but your experience at Vessel is timed and ticketed.

 In a city that boasts an extensive roster of classic department stores and high-end retailers, one prize destination has consistently eluded the Five Boroughs — until now. New York City’s first Neiman Marcus is a splendid three stories of fashion, food, and an assortment of services. Interactive fitting rooms that allow customers to adjust the lighting to suit their outfits are the ideal places to assemble that next ensemble. Take a break and make a reservation at The Zodiac for a taste of executive chef Alex Pilas’ finest or grab a quick snack at City Bakery or Irving Farm. An array of white-glove services awaits, including shoeshine, gift wrapping, and a concierge. Or get a blow-out and your makeup done at BLVD. Plus, you’ll find other bonuses not often available at uptown department stores, including classic arcade games and noted speakers.

While you could easily spend a full day (or five) at Neiman Marcus, an additional 800,000 square feet of other restaurant and retail offerings await, including another first in NYC: Forty Five Ten. The second-largest of six stores in the chain (only the Dallas flagship location is bigger), Forty Five Ten brings together fashion, art, and design from both new and pillar brands. The store showcases creative spins on both the apparel and the fixtures — works of art all their own — in departments labeled Women’s Designer, Men’s Designer, Vintage, and 4510/SIX, a category that showcases emerging and cutting-edge designers. Everything in the store is carefully chosen and curated. From the clothing to the modern art that frames the displays, luxury is at the heart of everything in this shop. Or, as Forty Five Ten president and creative director Kristen Cole describes it, “the sheer freedom to dress, create, and express ideas as an individual.”

When you’re ready to eat, shop some more, or maybe do some of both, then a visit to Mercado Little Spain should be next on your agenda. The creation of internationally acclaimed culinary innovator José Andrés, Mercado Little Spain distills the best of Spanish dining into multiple bars, restaurants, kiosks, and even a market — all within four storefronts’ worth of space at Hudson Yards. Inspired by the mercados of his native land, this is “a veritable love letter to Spain from chef José Andrés and his team.” More than a food court, this collaboration among Andrés and chefs Albert Adrià and Ferran Adrià revolutionizes the culinary craft and trade by creating not one new restaurant in the city, but what is, for all intents and purposes, more like 15.

For a taste just a little more far afield, visit Wild Ink, the first international location for the U.K.-based rhubarb hospitality group. Executive chef Peter Jin brings together a masterful variety of flavors and techniques to produce a menu of distinctive Asian-inspired offerings. The 90-seat dining room pulls in elements from the East, such as bamboo ceilings and tables topped with Lazy Susans, and presents one of the larger bars in Hudson Yards. The expanse is tied together with curved banquettes that wind through the space. Combined with the expansive windows, the whole of the restaurant’s design brings a club feel to Wild Ink. Comfortable and visually appealing, it invites you to linger, however, it’s the food that will assuredly first beckon. The menu boasts “culinary stories from the East, told in the West” with creations such as Duck ‘a la Kumquat’ made of crispy duck leg, roasted breast, and caramelized endive; or the Arctic Char with curry leaves, caper-raisin relish, and beurre noisette. More than a restaurant, Wild Ink is a culinary journey.

All of this and more await you at Hudson Yards. Stop by and explore the newest and grandest additions to the neighborhood.

Deep-Freeze Fad: Whole-Body Cryotherapy

What do Justin Timberlake, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Aniston, and Cristiano Ronaldo have in common? Besides success, fame, and a seemingly everlasting youthful appearance, these celebrities all swear by the same controversial wellness trend: whole-body cryotherapy. If for some reason the word “cryotherapy” gives you chills, you’re on to something. The prefix “cryo” means, according to, “icy cold” or “frost.”

Whole-body cryotherapy, or WBC, is the practice of subjecting your body to extremely cold temperatures. If you’re thinking that you do that every winter, think again — we’re talking about temperatures that are, quite literally, otherworldly. The inside of a WBC chamber is cooled using dry nitrogen vapor, bringing the air inside down to a breathtaking -280 degrees Fahrenheit — roughly the temperature on Saturn. How does the body survive such temperatures? The key is in brevity: WBC participants only stay in the chamber for short bursts of time, between two and three minutes.

According to Vitality NYC, the wellness center just blocks from the 555TEN luxury rentals, the process “signals a chain of physiological reactions that stimulate circulation, healing, and detoxification.” WBC enthusiasts say these reactions lead to a wide range of benefits. One example is the claim that WBC can aid in rapid weight loss. As the body kicks into overdrive in order to maintain a healthy temperature, the “metabolism is swiftly raised and the body burns more calories to facilitate heat production.” How many calories, exactly? According to Vitality NYC, a single session can burn as many as 800 — more than the average person burns during a five-mile run. Other touted physical benefits include reduced inflammation and improved workout recovery time, results that make WBC popular with elite athletes.

People who have undergone WBC also report benefits to their mental state. Increased feelings of calm and relaxation are commonly claimed, a benefit Vitality NYC asserts is an “increase in the hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine.” This increase is also said to be the force behind a reported drop in issues like insomnia and anxiety.

WBC is also thought to boost the body’s natural detoxification processes, encouraging the skin to expel toxins and absorb oxygen. A good detox has benefits not only for your health, but also for your appearance. According to Vitality NYC, the skin has a very specific response to extremely low temperatures, activating “cellular repair mechanisms” that increase collagen production and reduce cellulite.

If cold therapy sounds unappealing after the long winter, you can take your wellness in a different direction, and book a session at Vitality NYC’s infrared sauna. This therapy uses infrared light to heat the body, a process that some claim activates a cleansing and detoxifying process.

Wherever your wellness journey takes you, into bitter cold or deep heat, you’ll only be steps away from the Midtown West apartments you call home, where you can reap the benefits of a rejuvenated body.

A Perfect Spring Saturday

Spring is here, and the perfect Saturday awaits after a long work week. Its starting point is your 555TEN luxury rental. With an attended fitness center in-house and a private studio for scheduled classes and individual use, you can wake up and head straight to your favorite gym session. When you’re done with your cardio or your laps in the saltwater pool, head out for a stroll and enjoy all that the neighborhood offers. What does your ideal Saturday look like? For our suggestions on food, feeling and looking fabulous, and places to have fun with friends, read on.

The Midtown West apartments at 555TEN put you in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and at the center of a plethora of options for living well. Nothing caps off a hearty workout on a crisp spring morning like a nutrient-rich and protein-packed smoothie. Refresh yourself at the nearby Juice Press. If you’re up with the sun and looking for a healthy and powerful boost for your body, opt for the Clean Green Protein. Blended with spinach, banana, kale, hemp protein, raw almond butter, chia seed, coconut nectar, and raw almond milk, this one packs a whopping 16 grams of protein and 20 grams of fiber — but it will leave you feeling light and ready to take on the day. For a mid-morning treat that will transport your mind while soothing your muscles, order a Hawaiian Healer. The combo of lemon and mint with banana, cinnamon, ginger, pineapple, and maple are sure to bring a bit of to Maui to Manhattan, enlivening your spirit and satisfying you with alternating hints of heat and sweet.

Feeling good can only be made better by looking fabulous, too. After breakfast, swing by Drybar Hell’s Kitchen for a quick blowout or touch up. Never been to Drybar? Then you must book an appointment and see what all the fuss is about. They offer no cuts, and they don’t do coloring. They’re all about the blowout. It’s that simple. Looking to drop those curls? Ask for the Straight Up. In want of classic waves in the style of old-school Hollywood? Then you’ll probably want the Old Fashioned. Does your best look appear when you’re under the sun and in the sand? They’ve got you covered with their Mai Tai — a look that says effortless and beachy. Skip the scissors and the dye on this Saturday, and let Drybar style you with any one of 11 different looks sure to complement your own personal sense of style.

Finish your day with good friends, flavorful food, and the best of beverages at Legacy Records, one of the hottest new restaurants in NYC. Chef Ryan Hardy brings Italy’s northern coasts to your table with delectable and inviting classics like branzino with salsa verde and Amalfi lemon, and novel twists on world cuisine, such as honey-lacquered duck for two with satsuma mandarin and pistachio. Oenophiles will delight in just knowing that Arvid Rosengren, the reigning “Best Sommelier in the World,” is leading the hospitality and wine team that includes Jeff Bell, a master of mixology. Together, they’ve managed to curate a beverage selection offering draft beers from Brooklyn (Threes Brewery Table Beer Saison) to Belgium (Orval Trappist Ale), wines that span the best of Europe (Jacqueson Rully Blanc 2017, Burgundy, France; and Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo ‘Perbacco’ 2014, Piedmont, Italy, to name two), and a list of shaken and stirred libations that could easily keep you and your crew here for an entire evening out.

The perfect spring Saturday is all within reach at 555TEN. All you have to do is get out there and enjoy it.

“Cake Boss” Around the Corner: A Look at Carlo’s Bakery from 555TEN

Living at 555TEN means waking up in the middle of the most exciting city on Earth, where everything, from theater to pastries, is world-class. Take, for example, nearby Carlo’s Bakery, where Manhattanites have been enjoying classic Italian pastries and elegant cakes for over a century. Residents of the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN are less than a 10-minute walk away from this “Cake Boss”-approved bakery. Come with us as we explore the past and present of this iconic New York institution:

Family-Owned Excellence
Carlo’s Bakery was founded in Hoboken, N.J., in 1910 by Carlo Guastaffero, who ran the bakery for 44 years before selling to Bartolo Valastro Sr. in 1964. When Valastro passed in 1994, his wife Mary and their three children took over the business and began to expand it across the country and across the hemisphere, opening locations in Las Vegas, São Paulo, Brazil, and, of course, on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. Valastro’s son and namesake, Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro Jr., is now the shop’s master baker and the face of Carlo’s, hosting TLC’s show “Cake Boss” and appearing on Food Network and NBC’s “Today,” where viewers voted his cake the best in America.

Tradition Meets Innovation
From classic cannoli to Americanized sfogliatelle (filled pastries sometimes called “lobster tails”) to good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies, Carlo’s has trays of fresh-baked sweets for sale all day. The shop also features a line of cupcakes, with favorites including red velvet and carrot cake, as well as the Eastern European treat rugelach, which resembles a croissant filled with cream cheese and nuts. And, of course, Carlo’s serves delicious cups of coffee to wash down these goodies.

The “Cake Boss” Earns His Title
But if you’re heading to Carlo’s, chances are it’s for the shop’s legendary cake offerings from the “Cake Boss” himself, “Buddy” Valastro. The bakery’s wedding cakes are things of beauty, and range in size and style from smaller modern varieties to extravagant vintage centerpieces decked out in multicolored icing flowers. Carlo’s also offers a wide range of pastries for other occasions, with a line of desserts that includes a cake shaped like a bottle of whiskey, and another that looks like a stack of waffles, complete with a hovering bottle of syrup drenching the top in chocolate frosting. Carlo’s Bakery is also the perfect place to grab a cake for a gender reveal party or child’s birthday, with a line of children’s cakes featuring intricate jungle and fairy tale scenes.

Image courtesy of © Carlo’s Bakery

Yachting Around on Valentine’s Day

Just blocks away from the luxury rentals at 555TEN sits Pier 81, one of NYC’s newest entertainment destinations. This fleet of floating venues docked on the Hudson River offers a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the city. Reminiscent of many of your favorite rooftop hotspots, this waterfront social scene promises something out of the ordinary, and is sure to make your Valentine’s night one that you will not soon forget. Take in the views of Lower Manhattan, indulge in a four-course sit-down dinner, and elevate your basic Valentine’s “dinner and drinks” to a whole new level.

With Pier 81 so close to the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN, you’ll eventually want to take in all it has to offer. Head over for a casual afternoon excursion aboard the North River Lobster Company to crack lobsters and have a few beers on Manhattan’s only floating lobster shack. Or bring the entire firm, or even a few dozen friends, for a chartered event aboard the World Yacht Duchess: a blank canvas upon which to plan the ultimate luxury party on the water. However, for the sweetest day of the year, you’ll want to book a cruise for yourself and that someone special aboard Hudson’s.

The newest edition to the Pier 81 fleet, Hudson’s is a 161-foot, three-story floating seafood lounge and rooftop bar. Commissioned in the summer of 2017, this 10,000-square-foot yacht boasts 360 degree views and offers a decidedly “out of city” experience. It all begins with your 5:45 pm boarding. Enjoy sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres as you await your departure at 7. Or, indulge in one of Hudson’s creative cocktails, like the Rye of the Storm, made from Hudson Manhattan rye, oleo saccharum, grapes, strawberries, Royal Ginger KomBrewCha*, and mint.

Once out on the water, you’ll enjoy Hudson’s fabulous “Harvest-to-Harbor”menu: a four-course meal made from local, seasonal Hudson Valley ingredients. The appetizer, entrée, and dessert are your choice. Winter offerings include a starter course of selections such as pan-seared baby lamb chops with fire-roasted tomato and salsa verde, or grilled delicata squash with maple lime vinaigrette, chili flakes, and pomegranate. For your main, we recommend the braised short rib with celeriac puree, baby carrots, and asparagus, or the delectable wild mushroom pappardelle and roasted tomatoes, wild mushroom ragout, baby kale, parmesan, aleppo pepper, and tomato oil. And while dessert offers three choices, for us, on Valentine’s Day, there’s no competing with the chocolate ganache of double chocolate, raspberry sauce, and fresh berries.

Take an after-dinner drink up to the open deck. The bracing February air will quickly be calmed to a breeze as you sip a Hull of a Mulled Wine (steamed red wine, pama liqueur, agave, lemon, cinnamon, clove, and orange) or a Campfire, made with espresso, Kahlua, Bailey’s, Praline, mole bitters, topped with just the right amount of whipped cream. At around 8 pm, be sure to catch the ultimate view of Lady Liberty as the captain slows the vessel for your viewing pleasure before you move to the lounge for a final round and the sounds of a live DJ. Linger for a while after you dock to stroll along the waterfront and take in one more glimpse of city lights glimmering on the water.

For an unforgettably romantic Valentine’s Day, there’s no better choice than an evening at Pier 81.


Top 10 NYC Rentals with Best Health & Wellness Amenities

City Realty featured 555TEN in its roundup of the best health and wellness amenities in New York City rentals, highlighting the luxurious fitness center at these Midtown luxury apartments. 555TEN residents have access to a sunlit fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art cardio machines, exercise bikes from Peloton, and a specialty shadow boxing system by Nexersys. 555TEN is also home to an indoor saltwater pool and a covered dog run for residents who prefer to run with their four-legged companions. Homes at 555TEN range in size from lofts to three bedrooms and feature customizable interiors with the Extell Choice, in-unit washer/dryers from Bosch, and Urmet Max touchscreen video interfaces.

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Box Your Way to Fitness This Year in Midtown West

There are two types of New Year’s resolutions: First, there are the overly ambitious or hastily made ones that last about two weeks. Then, there are the deeper ones — the ones that really stick, dramatically changing your life. A resolution to improve your physical fitness can definitely be one of the latter — if you can find a way to stay motivated and engaged.

Living at 555TEN luxury rentals gives you easy access to an approach to fitness that is as body strengthening as it is mentally empowering. TITLE Boxing Club is the game-changing studio that can bring some fire and ferocity to your weekly workout. The edgy excitement of boxing can help you avoid the boredom of an ordinary fitness regimen, and the discipline of the sport can give you a fine awareness of how you move and use your body.

TITLE is one of the best of the studios born in the wave of boxing popularity that has swept health-conscious New Yorkers. It was listed by Time Out New York as one of New York’s 20 best gyms and health clubs, and the quality and comprehensiveness of the workout is a big reason why it is so popular. The other major draw is the people who turn up at the club. There’s something about gathering your aggression and setting it free in healthy ways that is transformative, but doing it in a room filled with other physically and mentally inspired people takes the experience to a much higher level.

The sport’s popularity as a fitness activity is booming. You can find videos of the likes of Gigi Hadid demonstrating her boxing workout at, and read interviews with A-listers like Hailey Baldwin singing the praises of this newly fashionable workout. Baldwin told Elle magazine, “I’ve been boxing for the last three years. It reminds me of dance in how coordinated it is. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been.”

When you come for your first class at TITLE Midtown West, the deeply passionate and engaged instructors will show you how to wrap your hands and get settled into your space with a punching bag. Hitting the bag, as Baldwin says, is like dance in its demand for grace, agility, and rhythm. At TITLE, boxing is not simply a contact sport, but a reckoning with your own limits and ambitions. And your skills will develop as dedicated teachers like Edwin Ocasio and Wayne Phillips lead you through warm-ups and show you how to throw punches naturally yet forcefully.

Make TITLE Midtown West the go-to workout spot in your new life at your no fee rental at 555TEN. The teachers at TITLE will help you discover for yourself what Muhammad Ali meant when he said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”


This Just In

New York is an ever-changing city. From fashions to food trends, the storyline of Manhattan is always moving forward at a rapid clip. Some of this action is subtle, but much of it can be seen by just taking a look around. Hell’s Kitchen, once home to old, low-rise walk-up buildings, has become the epicenter for contemporary luxury living. Just look at the Midtown West apartments of 555TEN — located in a 56-story tower and offering all of the modern conveniences you could ever want. Amenities like state-of-the-art appliances, 24-hour doormen, a pool, and even a bowling alley are there for your comfort and enjoyment.

The neighborhood itself is having no trouble keeping pace with its dramatic transformation. This year, be on the lookout for a bevy of new restaurants, shops, and activities in Midtown West. Yes, the good old standbys will always be there, but you’ll be excited to know about the significant changes coming to your favorite part of town.

Ryan Sutton, chief food critic for EATER, summed up Hell’s Kitchen’s culinary reputation very accurately, calling it a “solid testing ground for new ideas.” Reflecting the area’s penchant for innovation — and thanks to the opening of Hudson Yards — notable changes are coming to the food scene in this part of town. This year, names like Thomas Keller, David Chang, and José Andrés all have new restaurants landing in the neighborhood. Andrés is even opening up an Eataly-style food market for Spanish food.

One of the best parts of living in a Midtown West apartment is your proximity to some of the world’s greatest entertainment. Broadway is literally a 10-minute walk from your home at 555TEN, and it’s a good thing, too. Several theatrical events are opening this year that you’ll want to see, including “Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus,” starring Nathan Lane and Andrea Martin, and “Hillary and Clinton,” a play about the Clintons with Tony and Emmy winners Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow in the title roles. Not only that, but 2019 is expected to mark the opening of The Shed, a massive multi-use entertainment venue with an impressive retractable roof — and situated right off the High Line — that promises to bring the best and brightest across all art forms.

Midtown West is set to become one of NYC’s hottest shopping destinations as many big brands locate themselves along the Hudson. While NYC is a mecca for world-class shopping — think: the glamour of Fifth Avenue, the cutting-edge boutiques of the East Village, and the hip vibe of the West Village — New Yorkers have lamented the fact that there wasn’t a Neiman Marcus in the city … until now. Other big names in fashion are heading for the area: Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, Cartier, and Kiehl’s are making to move west. And the best part is that it’s all just a quick eight blocks south of 555TEN.

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