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Top 10 NYC Rentals with Best Health & Wellness Amenities

City Realty featured 555TEN in its roundup of the best health and wellness amenities in New York City rentals, highlighting the luxurious fitness center at these Midtown luxury apartments. 555TEN residents have access to a sunlit fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art cardio machines, exercise bikes from Peloton, and a specialty shadow boxing system by Nexersys. 555TEN is also home to an indoor saltwater pool and a covered dog run for residents who prefer to run with their four-legged companions. Homes at 555TEN range in size from lofts to three bedrooms and feature customizable interiors with the Extell Choice, in-unit washer/dryers from Bosch, and Urmet Max touchscreen video interfaces.

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Box Your Way to Fitness This Year in Midtown West

There are two types of New Year’s resolutions: First, there are the overly ambitious or hastily made ones that last about two weeks. Then, there are the deeper ones — the ones that really stick, dramatically changing your life. A resolution to improve your physical fitness can definitely be one of the latter — if you can find a way to stay motivated and engaged.

Living at 555TEN luxury rentals gives you easy access to an approach to fitness that is as body strengthening as it is mentally empowering. TITLE Boxing Club is the game-changing studio that can bring some fire and ferocity to your weekly workout. The edgy excitement of boxing can help you avoid the boredom of an ordinary fitness regimen, and the discipline of the sport can give you a fine awareness of how you move and use your body.

TITLE is one of the best of the studios born in the wave of boxing popularity that has swept health-conscious New Yorkers. It was listed by Time Out New York as one of New York’s 20 best gyms and health clubs, and the quality and comprehensiveness of the workout is a big reason why it is so popular. The other major draw is the people who turn up at the club. There’s something about gathering your aggression and setting it free in healthy ways that is transformative, but doing it in a room filled with other physically and mentally inspired people takes the experience to a much higher level.

The sport’s popularity as a fitness activity is booming. You can find videos of the likes of Gigi Hadid demonstrating her boxing workout at, and read interviews with A-listers like Hailey Baldwin singing the praises of this newly fashionable workout. Baldwin told Elle magazine, “I’ve been boxing for the last three years. It reminds me of dance in how coordinated it is. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been.”

When you come for your first class at TITLE Midtown West, the deeply passionate and engaged instructors will show you how to wrap your hands and get settled into your space with a punching bag. Hitting the bag, as Baldwin says, is like dance in its demand for grace, agility, and rhythm. At TITLE, boxing is not simply a contact sport, but a reckoning with your own limits and ambitions. And your skills will develop as dedicated teachers like Edwin Ocasio and Wayne Phillips lead you through warm-ups and show you how to throw punches naturally yet forcefully.

Make TITLE Midtown West the go-to workout spot in your new life at your no fee rental at 555TEN. The teachers at TITLE will help you discover for yourself what Muhammad Ali meant when he said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”


This Just In

New York is an ever-changing city. From fashions to food trends, the storyline of Manhattan is always moving forward at a rapid clip. Some of this action is subtle, but much of it can be seen by just taking a look around. Hell’s Kitchen, once home to old, low-rise walk-up buildings, has become the epicenter for contemporary luxury living. Just look at the Midtown West apartments of 555TEN — located in a 56-story tower and offering all of the modern conveniences you could ever want. Amenities like state-of-the-art appliances, 24-hour doormen, a pool, and even a bowling alley are there for your comfort and enjoyment.

The neighborhood itself is having no trouble keeping pace with its dramatic transformation. This year, be on the lookout for a bevy of new restaurants, shops, and activities in Midtown West. Yes, the good old standbys will always be there, but you’ll be excited to know about the significant changes coming to your favorite part of town.

Ryan Sutton, chief food critic for EATER, summed up Hell’s Kitchen’s culinary reputation very accurately, calling it a “solid testing ground for new ideas.” Reflecting the area’s penchant for innovation — and thanks to the opening of Hudson Yards — notable changes are coming to the food scene in this part of town. This year, names like Thomas Keller, David Chang, and José Andrés all have new restaurants landing in the neighborhood. Andrés is even opening up an Eataly-style food market for Spanish food.

One of the best parts of living in a Midtown West apartment is your proximity to some of the world’s greatest entertainment. Broadway is literally a 10-minute walk from your home at 555TEN, and it’s a good thing, too. Several theatrical events are opening this year that you’ll want to see, including “Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus,” starring Nathan Lane and Andrea Martin, and “Hillary and Clinton,” a play about the Clintons with Tony and Emmy winners Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow in the title roles. Not only that, but 2019 is expected to mark the opening of The Shed, a massive multi-use entertainment venue with an impressive retractable roof — and situated right off the High Line — that promises to bring the best and brightest across all art forms.

Midtown West is set to become one of NYC’s hottest shopping destinations as many big brands locate themselves along the Hudson. While NYC is a mecca for world-class shopping — think: the glamour of Fifth Avenue, the cutting-edge boutiques of the East Village, and the hip vibe of the West Village — New Yorkers have lamented the fact that there wasn’t a Neiman Marcus in the city … until now. Other big names in fashion are heading for the area: Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, Cartier, and Kiehl’s are making to move west. And the best part is that it’s all just a quick eight blocks south of 555TEN.

This Winter, Warm Up on the Roof

Rooftop gardens, bars, and lounges are wonderful, there’s no doubt about it. But how many of them can you enjoy all year round? The answer, if you’re wondering, is very, very few. And of those that remain open all year, most aren’t designed to be truly enjoyed during the colder months — they just remain open in case any intrepid tenants want to brave the weather. At the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN, however, the rooftop club and bar are just as enjoyable in the middle of winter as they are in the summer or spring. In fact, nearly all of the building’s amenities were thoughtfully designed to be fully functional throughout the entire year.

But before we get to the roof, we need to mention the fitness center. This is not just a room with some weights and treadmills, this is a full-on, attended gym. You’ll find a private studio for yoga, aerobics, and weight-training classes, as well as a number of Peloton bikes for live, interactive spin classes, and a Nexersys high-intensity boxing game. All of this in addition to the indoor saltwater lap pool. So, if you’re looking to stay fit through the winter season, you won’t even need to leave the building.

Now, if you’re in the market for something a bit more relaxing, say, a cozy wind-down after a long day, that’s where the rooftop club and bar come in. You can head up there with a glass of wine, or perhaps a decadent hot chocolate from local gems Jacque Torres or Godiva, and either relax around the fireplace inside the club, or head outside and still enjoy the warmth from the roaring flames. The indoor/outdoor fireplace keeps the roof area accessible and warm. Imagine taking in the first snow of the season from the top of a building in Midtown Manhattan — and imagine being warm while doing so.

The views from 56 stories up extend for miles over the glimmering and occasionally snow-covered cityscape, making the rooftop a truly serene, unrivaled enclave during the winter months.

While many Midtown West apartments tend to cater toward the warmer seasons, 555TEN crafted its amenities to be enjoyed all year round. You and your fellow residents in the 555TEN luxury rentals have a stunning, private rooftop bar bathed in the glow of firelight, as well as a high-end fitness center, a bowling alley, an arcade, and much more. We wonder why anyone would ever leave.

The Biggest Amenities of 2019

When it comes to luxury homes in New York City, the difference between two buildings often comes down to which offers the more enticing package of amenities, and Real Estate Weekly recently ran a feature highlighting the most exciting residential features of the new year. For example, residents of the NYC luxury rentals at 555TEN will have access to a game room that combines new favorites and old classics to create a nostalgic take on a classic amenity. Residents will love the collection of iconic arcade games, including Pac-Man and pinball, as well as a full-size two-lane bowling alley where they can practice their form or just let off some steam by filling a few frames.

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What you need to know about living and renting in NYC with a pit bull

When it comes to owning particular dog breeds (like pit bulls), some luxury buildings take a more open-minded and holistic approach than others. At 555TEN’s Midtown rentals, professionals provide evaluations and services to ensure that their four-legged residents have as comfortable an experience as the two-legged variety. 555TEN features pet services by the renowned Throw Me A Bone, who are available to help residents with everything from dog sitting and walking to training and grooming, all without leaving their building.

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Manhattan on Ice

The ice-skating rink is a cultural phenomenon in New York. A great social equalizer, it’s the one place where everyone you know, from your boss on down to your high school arch nemesis, becomes humble – everyone takes a fall eventually. The rink is also a great place to meet family and friends for some winter fun, whether you plan to brave the ice or simply sit on the sidelines with a steaming cup of hot cocoa to people watch. And if you call Hudson Yards’ 555TEN luxury rentals your home, you have quick and easy access to Manhattan’s premier skating rinks. So, strap on your skates, cue up some Mariah Carey, and head on out to these world-famous rinks this season:

Classic Rockefeller

The Rink, now in its 82nd year, is open at Rockefeller Center. This classic skating destination is just a short walk from 555TEN. New Yorkers have been skating here since “The Wizard of Oz” hit theaters, but there aren’t any faux wizards, just the iconic bronze statue of Prometheus watching over the skaters. When you step onto the ice at Rockefeller Center, you join an elite club of former skaters that includes Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Truman Capote, Lucille Ball, and, of course, Olympic medalists Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi. Nothing worth having comes easy, as they say, so expect crowds; only 150 skaters are allowed on the ice at one time. And remember, the rink is open until midnight, so it’s just as good a spot for a late-night date as it is for a family outing.

A Storied Central Park Rink

One stop away on the A train is the beautifully appointed Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park. When this rink opened in 1949, it was an instant hit, gracing photo albums and post cards, and playing a starring role in movies. The setting couldn’t be more picturesque. The rink is surrounded by Manhattan’s most generous offering of nature, and provides the dramatic backdrop of the iconic Central Park South skyline. It’s a sight not to be missed. Go ahead and make a day of it: Head to the Central Park Zoo to greet talented sea lions, grab lunch at Tavern on the Green, and peruse the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, open through Dec. 24.

Skating Free

Looking for something closer to home? How about something free, while we’re at it? No, it’s not too good to be true. The annual Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park offers free skating to all (but you must bring your own skates or rent them for a small fee). The Winter Village hosts a 17,000-square-foot skating rink alongside a collection of custom jewel box kiosks that house a smorgasbord of food vendors and a host of holiday shops. It’s a great place to take the family for an afternoon of hot chocolate, Instagram-worthy food, gift shopping, and, of course, ice skating. (We won’t tell anyone if you fall.) Best of all, after you land your triple Axel and have your fill of delicious food, your cozy Hudson Yards home at 555TEN is just a short stroll down 41st Street.

A Home-Cooked Holiday

For busy city dwellers, dining out can become the norm, rather than the exception. This is especially true when one lives in hip Midtown West, where a lively restaurant scene means that locals are within mere walking distance of some of the city’s best dining. But when the holidays roll around, many of us feel a homeward pull. For some, it’s the nostalgia for the holiday meals of childhood. For others, it’s simply the desire to spend an afternoon in a warm kitchen, trying out a new recipe while the snow falls over the city.

Whatever keeps you at home, the key to putting together a cozy holiday feast is having the right kitchen. And the kitchens in the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN are definitely right. They are modern, well-equipped, and full of light — exactly the setting required for donning your imaginary (or actual) chef’s hat and enjoying an afternoon of chopping, mixing, stirring, and baking.

The kitchens at 555TEN come in your choice of finish – Sunrise or Sunset. These names refer to light and dark finishes, respectively, but they also hint at another facet of the apartments: the abundance of natural light. The epicurean-style, open kitchens give way to dining rooms that, like other areas of the apartments, offer floor-to-ceiling windows, providing both extensive views of Manhattan and plenty of sunlight. If you’re going to be spending hours working in your kitchen, you might as well have an amazing view.

But while aesthetic perks are important, any home cook will tell you that function reigns supreme in the kitchen. High-end stainless steel appliances ensure that your just-washed dishes will sparkle and your oven-baked goodies will emerge perfectly done and looking flawless. A white quartz breakfast bar doubles as both a workspace and a gathering place, so guests who tend to congregate in the kitchen need not be shooed out. There’s plenty of room for friends to jump in and help you slice and dice, and seating for those family members you want to treat with a break from cooking. Above the breakfast bar, smart open shelving provides an eye-catching spot for cookbooks, glasses, and whatever else you might want to display. This means you can find your guest a wine glass without skipping a beat.

If you’re somewhat of a novice in the kitchen, consider grabbing your coat and heading out to one of the numerous bookshops in the area to pick up a few cookbooks. You’re sure to find inspiration at mainstays like 192 Books on 192 Tenth Avenue at Twenty First Street, Hudson Booksellers at 625 Eighth Avenue, or the Barnes and Noble at 555 Fifth Avenue.

Every year, so many cookbooks are released that it can be tough to even guess which ones you might want. But a great place to start is this list of new cookbooks, chosen with care and posted for the benefit of your taste buds, at Epicurious, the ultimate foodie website. The new release “American Cookie: The Snaps, Drops, Jumbles, Tea Cakes, Bars & Brownies That We Have Loved for Generations” by Anne Byrn looks like it has more than enough ideas to fill a long, snowy afternoon. Plus, the book will look gorgeous on that open shelving, long after your cookies have been devoured.

Pumpkin Season

Temps in the 80s are a thing of the past — until next year — and the city is ready for one of its favorite seasons. Some call it “pumpkin season,” while others rejoice in “sweater weather,” but with crisp, cool air swirling up the avenues, it’s indubitably fall in New York City. The break in the heat mixed with the excitement of fall festivities means that residents are ready to paint the town, well, orange, of course. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch the leaves change from verdant green to a riot of autumnal hues around the city and across the Hudson from the vantage point of your well-appointed home at the 555TEN luxury rentals. Break out the Le Creuset and cook yourself a savory cold-weather coq au vin. Or, have a glass of red wine in the luxe kitchen of your Midtown West apartment and head out to experience the season’s best offerings.

Here’s a list of our fall faves:

Kahve | 667 10th Avenue

What goes better with a chunky knit sweater than pumpkin-spiced anything? Yes, we know we’ve hit Peak Pumpkin Spice, but there’s nothing like indulging in a warm mug of the best chai tea you’ve ever tasted, tingling your palate with notes of cinnamon and ginger. And there’s no better place to get your PS fix than Hell’s Kitchen’s foremost coffee lounge — Kahve. Just a short walk from 555TEN, this has been the destination for coffee connoisseurs and tea devotees since 2011. A sleek, modern space, it’s the perfect spot to meet with friends, people watch, or grab a chai to-go before you take a refreshing morning walk down the Hudson.

Ghost Tour of Hell’s Kitchen | Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours

Hell’s Kitchen might be the must-live-in location of the moment, but it has some skeletons in its closet — or should we say, ghosts. With old-time taverns and landmarks of yesteryear, the neighborhood has a storied past, and some of those stories are a little spooky. Take advantage of this time of year and stroll along with a lantern-lit walking ghost tour of the neighborhood. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of your area — even if that history includes the “Gangland Killings” and four haunted sites.

Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla | Harlem Meer | Oct. 28

There’s a local legend that Washington Irving, author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” lived downtown around Union Square. While this myth may be as headless as the horseman he wrote about, it’s undeniable that Irving popularized jack-o’-lanterns as the preeminent symbol of the Halloween season. Experience these specters of the season in a fun and cinematic way. On Oct. 28 at the Harlem Meer, watch a fleet of illuminated pumpkins take to the water for a crepuscular cruise across the pond. Make the event special for your whole family by carving up one of the orange gourds yourself and entering it to be a part of the flotilla. Watching these homemade works of art glide across the water is nothing short of spectacular.

NYC Village Halloween Parade | Oct. 31

Outside of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Halloween Parade is one of NYC’s most prominent fall affairs. Take a quick cab downtown and prepare to be shocked, not from fear but in amazement of people’s creativity. This year’s theme is “I Am a Robot,” so expect a lot of riffs on androids. But if the past is prologue, you’ll see all of the ghouls, goblins, and witches one would expect from the country’s biggest Halloween celebration. Trick or treat in any way you see fit and join the parade — as long as you’re in costume.

Bike Around the City

Everyone knows that New Yorkers are always on the move. And there are plenty of ways to get around the city, from riding the subway to gliding the ferries. But one way to travel is growing in popularity thanks to its convenience and enjoyability. If you want to get from your Midtown West apartment to your meeting Downtown quickly — and completely stress free — cycling is the best way to go. Residents of the 555TEN luxury rentals will find it easier than ever to explore the city on two wheels. Not only do these no-fee rentals provide access to in-house amenities that would please any cyclist, they’re also located in close proximity to some of the best bike trails, shops, and rentals in the city.

Whether you favor a casual weekend ride or find yourself using your bike every day, 555TEN has you covered. There is storage for your ride and a full-service bike station to tend to your beloved two-wheeler’s needs, so you’ll never find yourself dealing with a flat tire right before your epic ride up the Hudson. With several dedicated bike lanes in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s hard to find a reason not to take your bike to that brunch date.

However, some days call for a longer ride. The Hudson River Greenway features 11 miles of beautiful, well-kept trails. Riding along the river in the fall is the best way to take in the changing leaves, as well as some of the city’s most memorable sights, including Riverside Park and the historic Little Red Lighthouse. This dedicated bike-only “highway” stretches from The Battery up to the George Washington Bridge. But riders wanting to cover even greater distances will eventually find themselves able to access upstate New York on the Empire State Trail, and the coastline by following parts of the East Coast Greenway.

But you don’t have to travel upstate for an epic bike ride. Central Park has three long-distance routes to explore, ranging from six miles and up. With carefree weekends, holidays, and select hours during the week, riders can set their own pace for exploring the many sights of this incredible park, including Belvedere Castle, the Harlem Meer, and Strawberry Fields. Just make sure you keep your late-night riding to a minimum, as the park is closed from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

All that riding can be hard on a bike, but if you find yourself in need of a replacement, or just a new basket and bell, you can pedal over to Danny’s Cycles or Enoch’s Bikes, both on 10th Avenue, just blocks from 555TEN. Both shops are great for renting or repairs, or for purchasing a new cycle. But if you’re feeling a bit less committed, there are five Citi Bike stations just blocks away from your luxury rental. Whether you’ve been training for the Tour de France or simply nurturing biking aspirations since that time you got stuck on the subway for two hours while commuting to the East Side, 555TEN is the perfect home for those chasing their two-wheeled dreams. There has never been a better time (or place) for cyclists.

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