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Stargazing at the High Line

It’s a myth that the city lights prevent stargazing in our grand metropolis. Yes, we have a bright night sky, but one only needs to learn how to look past it, and know the best places for doing so. While you could head uptown to use the telescope at the Adler Planetarium, an equally splendid experience awaits much nearer to the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN. Every Tuesday, celestial enthusiasts and citizen scientists gather on the High Line for a night of fun and learning under the stars. Come out to take a peek at the cosmos through high-powered telescopes, or enjoy a romantic nighttime stroll along the park’s path. Or do both. Inspiration awaits you. You just have to take the time to wander out — and to look up.

From the dawn of humankind, we have turned to the sky in celebration of the heavens above. Inquisitive minds sought knowledge of all kinds from the movement of the various objects they observed. Early people saw gods and later developed beliefs that one’s actions were under the sway of celestial patterns and cycles. Later, scientists would discover immutable laws governing our universe and came to the conclusion that newly defined rules of physics and celestial mechanics were at play in the change of seasons and the movements of the tides. And just 50 years ago this past July, we took our first steps on the surface of our own nearby moon. In 50 more years, who knows what discoveries we will make…

That sense of wonder and discovery is within your reach on the High Line each Tuesday at dusk. From April through October, you can come to the High Line where the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York will be on hand to guide you in your exploration of our galaxy. The evening is free and requires no RSVP. Simply show up when the sun goes down and prepare to see true wonders: Saturn’s rings, the stormy eye of Jupiter, or even an assortment of comets making their way through our solar system on their travels through distant space. In the process, you’ll discover facts about space and its effects on our own terrestrial existence. You’ll also learn how to spot common constellations in the night sky, find planets and learn the best times to see them with the naked eye, and get tips on how to make the most of your own stargazing — with or without a telescope. Come early or late, for what’s visible can change depending upon the time of evening and weather conditions.

Use the rest of your night to enjoy the many pleasures of the High Line. Bring along someone special, and look skyward together, picking out celestial bodies that you were taught to spot earlier in the night. If clouds block the view, the High Line and its gardens are more than just a consolation: They are their own prize. Flowers and various plants bloom and grow in orchestrated plots throughout the season, offering a glimpse of flora native to Manhattan and the region. Or, you may stumble upon a summer or fall festival, a talk, or other events focused on music, the written word, or visual art. The High Line is more than a park, and no matter when or how you explore it, there’s always something new to see and discover.

With close proximity to the 555TEN luxury rentals, the High Line is a wondrous vantage point from which to take in the night sky. Mark your calendar for a few Tuesday evenings this summer and fall, and come at dusk to renew your fascination with the worlds beyond our own. And come prepared to enjoy the rest of the High Line as you meander among the gardens and installations of one of NYC’s most remarkable public spaces.

A Deep Dive: Pools in NYC condos and rentals making the biggest splash

Beating the heat this summer is easy for those lucky enough to call one of the Midtown Manhattan apartments for rent at 555TEN home. The Extell-developed tower is home to a long list of amenities, including a stylish residents’ lounge and state-of-the-art fitness center, but its most impressive attribute is its rooftop pool, which provides stunning views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan surroundings. Residents can even take a dip after summer’s come and gone—the building is home to an indoor saltwater lap pool, too.

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Neighborhood Treats at the Hudson Yards Farmers Market

We all go to the farmers market with the best intentions — namely, to buy plenty of fresh, local vegetables for making healthy, home-cooked meals — but sometimes, we leave with tote bags full of baked pastries, and end up spooning down some freshly made ice cream. Whatever your go-to farmers market treat is, foodies who live at the 555TEN luxury rentals will find something to love at the Hudson Yards Farmers Market. Stock up on summer staples like juicy tomatoes and dark, leafy greens, or indulge in a handcrafted treat. Either way, you’re turning what some consider a tedious chore — grocery shopping — into a chance to spend time outside, run into friends, taste local treats, and support local farmers and artisans. Here are some of our favorite vendors to check out at the Hudson Yards Farmers Market on 34th Street and Hudson Boulevard East. The market is open every Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. until November 21.

Nancy’s of Woodstock Artisanal Creamery

When it comes to summer treats, the siren song of Nancy’s of Woodstock Artisanal Creamery is nearly impossible to ignore. Straight out of the Catskill Mountains, Nancy’s of Woodstock uses only ingredients grown or sourced from the New York mountain range — including the milk — and leaves out additives, such as gluten, dyes, and preservatives. The result is a rich homemade ice cream that harkens back to an earlier time, when most foods were made by hand at home rather than produced in a factory. So, the foundation is solid, but what about the flavors? Nancy’s offers varieties that range from the “familiar flavors of your childhood to modern, whimsical, even exotic new tastes.” We’re looking at you, Blackberry Basil. There’s even a handful of vegan options that make use of coconut cream, so even the milk-averse can find something to love.

Abandoned Hard Cider

Have you ever visited an apple orchard? If so, you probably saw stately rows of neatly pruned trees, bursting with pale blossoms in the spring or succulent red apples in the summer. But not all apples come from such beautifully kept farms, lovely as they may be. The minds behind Abandoned Hard Cider know this, and they’ve made a business of seeking out feral apple trees, both in the wild and in overgrown orchards that have been long forgotten. It started when owner Martin Bernstein tasted fruit from the derelict apple trees that sprawled across his 100-acre Catskills farm and discovered unique, surprising flavors. Bernstein teamed up with Eric Childs, known as “The Fermentation Guy,” to use both the apples on his farm and other rare strains found in feral apple trees across the state. As a result, the two have handcrafted a selection of distinctive ciders, perfect to take home and sip in your Midtown West apartments.

Horman’s Best Pickles

In the heat of summer, it’s difficult to deny the appeal of the cold crunch of a fresh pickle. But not all pickles are on the same level. Pickles that are processed in a massive factory aren’t likely to have the flavor or texture of Horman’s Best Pickles. At the helm of the operation is Nick Horman, a self-described “third-generation pickle guy.” What sets his pickles apart from the rest? The process, of course. Horman uses cucumber growers that he trusts, monitoring the process from seed to harvest. He’s also inflexible when it comes to the temperature of his pickles, keeping each cucumber cold from the moment it’s picked to the moment the jar is sealed, unlike factory-made pickles that are heated during processing. This cold pickling process creates a pickle that is fresh and vibrant, perfect for adding to your picnic sandwich or dunking in a Bloody Mary. Oh, did we mention? Horman makes his own Bloody Mary mix, too. Your brunches are covered.

Splash cash: New York renters pay top dollar for access to pricey rooftop pools

The most-coveted amenities in luxury hotels are now becoming fixtures in high-end Manhattan real estate. The luxury Midtown rentals at 555TEN, for example, are topped by a spacious rooftop pool on the building’s 56th story, one of numerous amenities the Extell-developed building offers. The tower’s outdoor pool is also surrounded by a cabana-dotted deck, perfect for lounging when the weather heats up, as it offers sweeping views of the Hudson River and Midtown.

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Travel Made Easy At 555TEN

New York City has one of the best, most robust transportation systems on the planet. With subways, buses, taxis, pedicabs, and the rest, there are myriad ways to navigate the 302.6 square miles of the city.

With that said, however, not every region of the city is created equal — not by a long shot. And when it comes to getting around town, or getting out of the city and heading to Upstate New York, or Connecticut, or New Jersey, or out to the Hamptons, there’s really only one part of the city that has it all, and that’s Midtown West. And when it comes to Midtown West apartments, it’s hard to find one more centrally located than the 555TEN luxury rentals. Let’s explore the transportation options nearby.

There are seven (yes, seven) bus stops within a 10-minute walk of 555TEN, and many more just a few blocks farther away. And subways? There’s an incredible number of choices: You have the A train at the Port Authority Bus Terminal; the C and E trains over at 50th Street and 8th Avenue; the 1 at 50th Street and Broadway; the 2 at Times Square; the 7 at 34th Street and 11th Avenue (Hudson Yards); the N, R, and W at 49th Street and 7th Avenue; the B, D, F, and M at 47th Street (Rockefeller Center); and the 4, 5, and 6 at Grand Central Terminal. With only half of those options you could easily get anywhere in the five boroughs, but having so many choices means that any delays due to construction or other issues are easy to avoid. You’ll be able to fly around the city without having to think twice about how you’ll reach your destination.

And when it’s time to get out of the city, 555TEN makes it simple. The building is just a short walk from Grand Central Terminal, which is home to the Metro-North Railroad — the largest passenger railroad in the country. It’s an easy way to get to the Hudson Valley and Connecticut: two stellar areas for a weekend away.

Also nearby is the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which has buses and rail service going all over the country — expanding your travel options exponentially. And just in case that isn’t enough, there is also Penn Station, which is the place to catch the Long Island Rail Road or an Amtrak train to take you out east or in a number of other directions.


Being at 555TEN makes moving around the city or escaping for a weekend away a cinch. It’s a luxury that truly cannot be overstated.



Midtown West Art Culture

The eclectic Midtown West arts scene is vibrant year-round, but summer may just be the best time to get out and get into some of the best galleries in the city. Just blocks from 555TEN’s luxury rentals you’ll find multiple showcases for new, emerging, and established artists. Discover a modern masterpiece, explore new perspectives, or learn how to improve upon your own capabilities as a curator with an outing to some of the excellent galleries and art spaces near the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN.

Fountain House Gallery
New York is a city of artistic opportunity, and nowhere is that better represented than Fountain House Gallery. Fountain House Gallery and Studio is a place where artists living with mental illness can explore their own artistic pursuits and showcase their works for all to see. The gallery in Hell’s Kitchen sells these pieces, and works hand-in-hand with a number of other curators and institutions to create further possibilities for their artists. They aim not only to give a voice to those challenged by mental illness, but to confront the stigma of it head on. Each year, six in-house exhibitions come through the Ninth Avenue gallery, with some of the work also being showcased at their annual benefit event, Mad About Art. Impressively, works from Fountain House are represented in more than 400 public and private collections. Fountain House Gallery stands ready to help foster an artist’s creative vision, be they trained or self-taught, established or new, and make known the vital contributions of those suffering from mental illness.

Last Rites Gallery
The name of this space suggests the macabre, and the work inside Last Rites Gallery delivers that and more. Known for contemporary surrealism, Last Rites has established itself over the past decade as a venue for the display of work by “artists who are not afraid of exploring and dissecting every aspect of the human condition” and those investigating “the invisible, the unintelligible, and the inexplicable, with a focus on the most recondite twists and turns of reality.” While death and its many faces make an appearance in the works here, it’s most often in the guise of questioning what truly constitutes the end of existence — if there’s an end at all — and what that end looks like, both materially and metaphysically. The gallery describes their perspective as an “unconventional interpretation of the human existence that seems to escape any definition of what is real, unreal, or unknown.” We call it thought-provoking and worthy of multiple visits. The exhibition schedule is on a monthly rotation. Each new opening also boasts a reception where connoisseurs and artists can come together and engage one another directly.

The New York Museum of Contemporary Art
Dedicated to “living, working artists and the cultural preservation of the artist person,” The New York Museum of Contemporary Art is both an exhibition space and a marketplace for art. Wander through cutting-edge exhibitions that span techniques and styles from across the contemporary art spectrum. While we enjoy browsing the curated collections that line the walls, we’re absolutely enamored with the museum’s new app. It’s free to use and allows you to upload original artwork for the enjoyment of all. Whether you created it yourself, found it, or collected it, add the image to this online “gallery” along with the details of its media, creator, and location, and help to curate an ever-expanding array of work from around the world. You can also track your preferences, review your own art history, and manage collections for your viewing pleasure — all from the convenience of your smart device. It’s like having your own private gallery right in the palm of your hand.

Sean Kelly Gallery
Founded in Soho in 1991, Sean Kelly Gallery is curated by none other than British-born Sean Kelly, and represents both the established artist and those in “mid-career.” The gallery is housed in a Toshiko Mori-designed, two-story, 22,000-square-foot space at 36th Street and Tenth Avenue. As you’ll readily see, the work found here is focused on installation and performance. Artists from the founding period include the likes of Marina Abramović, Joseph Kosuth, James Casebere, and Robert Mapplethorpe, with most still represented there to this day. In addition, the gallery recently premiered a media campaign, known as Collect Wisely, aimed at resetting the dialogue for collecting and connoisseurship with an aim to refocus these pursuits on the appreciation of the art itself and not short-term monetary interests. The campaign also features a monthly podcast series, with each episode devoted to a collector interview and an exploration of that individual’s personal passions surrounding the art they collect.

Whether you’re a serious collector looking for the next Jackson Pollock or new to art with a strong appreciation for new perspectives and challenges to the artistic status quo, Midtown West has a wide selection of galleries sure to please your senses and fulfill your needs. Get out this summer and take in a new exhibition at any number of spaces around the neighborhood.

Beat the Heat at These Rental Developments with Outdoor Pools

As the summer heat descends on Manhattan, Lux Exposé highlights rentals where New Yorkers can cool off by jumping into a stylish outdoor pool. No building offers a better swimming experience than 555TEN, the collection of Midtown rentals at the intersection of Hell’s Kitchen and Hudson Yards. The 650-foot-tall tower boasts an exclusive all-seasons rooftop club with a spacious pool, an indoor/outdoor fireplace, private cabanas, and a bar, all with unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River. Available luxury rentals range in size from studios to three bedrooms, and in addition to the rooftop deck, residents enjoy access to a suite of amenities that includes a full health and wellness floor and on-site pet care from Throw Me A Bone.

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Taco Fiesta at 555TEN

With the hottest restaurants, clubs, and live entertainment at your feet, living in Midtown West means that you are at the epicenter of fun in Manhattan. Since the weather is (finally) getting warmer in New York City, you’ll want to get out and experience all of the diversions this vibrant neighborhood has to offer. But the good times will often come to you, as 555TEN hosts frequent parties and gatherings where residents of these luxury Midtown West apartments can meet their neighbors, see friends, and feast on some delicious food.

Recently, 555TEN’s residents were treated to a taco fiesta in the building’s all-season rooftop club — a space 650 feet above the city that offers stunning panoramic skyline views. This wasn’t just your typical “Taco Tuesday.” As with most things 555TEN, this was a next-level experience.

This fiesta began as all fiestas should: with drinks. Beer and wine flowed like the Rio Grande. The liquid highlight of the evening had to be the margaritas — salt-rimmed glasses filled to the brim with fruity watermelon and tart classic margs were a hit. But everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink tequila on an empty stomach.

Guests didn’t have to as they indulged in and raved about gourmet dishes from south of the border, such as tacos stuffed with slow-cooked brisket, perfectly prepared chicken, and mouthwatering steak — all served with traditional fluffy rice and beans. And the sides and salsa were flowing, too. Partygoers dipped into the buttery guacamole, that had the slightest but most welcome kick to it, and cascaded rich, tomatoey salsa on their tacos and their tortilla chips. There was even a spicy spin on french fries. Between the fries, the chips, and crispy taco shells, there was a whole lot of crunching going on. Muy crujiente!

Things really got into full swing once the mariachi band — yes, a real mariachi band — started playing. While residents could have burned off those taco calories with a workout session in 555TEN’s world-class gym, or by swimming a few laps in the building’s pool, many chose to dance to the soaring sound of the band — especially the children who grabbed maracas and looked like mariachis in training.

There are many things that make a building a desirable place to live — like singular design, excellent location, stunning apartments with sweeping views, and world-class amenities. And you’ll find all of these at 555TEN. But it’s the community events, like this one, that make these Midtown West luxury apartments really feel like home.

Gardening in the Heart of Manhattan

The 56-story tower at 555TEN present the perfect environment for growing a host of apartment-friendly plants. From providing pops of color, to performing valuable duties as air purifiers and mood boosters, plants make great housemates and even better decoration, giving us a connection to the natural world — even in the middle of Manhattan. Keep reading for our guide to filling your new 555TEN home with verdant vegetation.

Choosing the Right Plant
If you’re planning to do a bit of gardening in your new sky-high apartment, you first need to decide which type of plant best fits your needs. The simplest leafy addition to any home is Epipremnum aureum, often called pothos or devil’s ivy. This hardy green houseplant adds color and texture to any home, and is perfect for everything from sitting on a table to hanging in a basket. In their guide to apartment plants, blog 6sqft writes that devil’s ivy “can survive in a variety of lighting conditions,” and Apartment Therapy points out that the plant “will tolerate a missed watering here and there,” making it ideal for more absent-minded plant parents. Best of all, devil’s ivy acts as a natural air purifier, absorbing common household toxins like formaldehyde.

Another healthy option is Sansevieria trifasciata, which is commonly known as the snake plant because of its long, slim leaves that coil upward in a serpentine fashion. Sunset calls this plant “The Survivor” due to its capacity to thrive despite neglect (however unintentional) from its caretaker. Best of all, snake plants work at night to absorb carbon dioxide and strip toxins, including formaldehyde and benzene, from the air, making them great bedroom companions.

More adventurous homeowners may opt for the challenge of keeping exotic plants, which often need quite a bit of care to grow. If you’re up to the task, try the legendary Venus flytrap plant, which requires conditions that recreate its boggy native soil — as well as an occasional feeding of insects. Nothing starts a conversation like a carnivorous plant on your windowsill.

Public Gardens
Just minutes away from 555TEN is Hudson Yards, one of New York City’s finest new attractions, and home to the city’s smartest garden. This five-acre elevated garden is home to over 28,000 plants, including 200 mature trees, all of which provide roosts for a wide range of local and migratory birds. Residents of 555TEN will love their proximity to Hudson Yards, where they can find inspiration for their home foliage, as well as enjoy shopping, dining, and Vessel, NYC’s newest piece of interactive artwork.

Making Use of Your Second Bedroom at 555TEN

Space in Midtown West is a true luxury. That’s why many people opt for a two-bedroom rental apartment: You can keep the first as your master bedroom, and the second, well, the options are endless. Here, we’ll suggest a few ideas for that second room to give you some inspiration.

Home Office
An increasing number of people have the option to work from home — though few have the option to work from a home with the eye-popping vistas of NYC found at 555TEN. Furnish your second bedroom with a desk and a computer, and you’ll have a home office that’s the envy of Midtown West. Every time you take a break from the screen, you can gaze out over the city and appreciate exactly what you’re working for. Complimentary coffee comes courtesy of your own chic kitchen, fitted out with quartz stone counters and stainless steel appliances.

Always meaning to read more? Your own personal library could help. Fit your second bedroom with a few bookcases, fill them up with all those tomes that have been on your reading list since forever, find a comfy armchair to sink into, source a good reading lamp, and you’re good to go. And, of course, this is one library where listening to music — or sipping a glass of Rioja — isn’t frowned upon.

Walk-In Closet
Fashion is an addiction, and it’s all too easy to wind up with a collection of clothes that has outgrown your wardrobe. Fortunately, in your two-bedroom apartment at 555TEN, you have the luxury of turning that extra space into a walk-in closet. Feel like a true star as you peruse the rails each morning, picking out that killer shirt or dress, and be smug in the knowledge that you needn’t ditch a single one of your 67 pairs of shoes.

Media Room
Fancy yourself as something of a movie buff? Live the dream by transforming your second bedroom into a media room. A large flat-screen (or a projector) and an uber-comfy couch are all it takes to create your own personal cinema. Oh, and a popcorn machine in the kitchen might be good, too! Plug in a game console, and you have the ultimate gaming night on your hands. You’ll show them who’s boss at Rocket League.

A Bedroom
You might, of course, simply want to make your second bedroom … another bedroom. After all, you’ll have plenty of willing dinner guests. And if the party continues into the wee small hours, that second room becomes an invaluable extra bedroom. Word of warning: Your guests might just love the bedroom so much, it’ll be difficult to get them to leave in the morning.

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