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Deep-Freeze Fad: Whole-Body Cryotherapy

What do Justin Timberlake, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Aniston, and Cristiano Ronaldo have in common? Besides success, fame, and a seemingly everlasting youthful appearance, these celebrities all swear by the same controversial wellness trend: whole-body cryotherapy. If for some reason the word “cryotherapy” gives you chills, you’re on to something. The prefix “cryo” means, according to, “icy cold” or “frost.”

Whole-body cryotherapy, or WBC, is the practice of subjecting your body to extremely cold temperatures. If you’re thinking that you do that every winter, think again — we’re talking about temperatures that are, quite literally, otherworldly. The inside of a WBC chamber is cooled using dry nitrogen vapor, bringing the air inside down to a breathtaking -280 degrees Fahrenheit — roughly the temperature on Saturn. How does the body survive such temperatures? The key is in brevity: WBC participants only stay in the chamber for short bursts of time, between two and three minutes.

According to Vitality NYC, the wellness center just blocks from the 555TEN luxury rentals, the process “signals a chain of physiological reactions that stimulate circulation, healing, and detoxification.” WBC enthusiasts say these reactions lead to a wide range of benefits. One example is the claim that WBC can aid in rapid weight loss. As the body kicks into overdrive in order to maintain a healthy temperature, the “metabolism is swiftly raised and the body burns more calories to facilitate heat production.” How many calories, exactly? According to Vitality NYC, a single session can burn as many as 800 — more than the average person burns during a five-mile run. Other touted physical benefits include reduced inflammation and improved workout recovery time, results that make WBC popular with elite athletes.

People who have undergone WBC also report benefits to their mental state. Increased feelings of calm and relaxation are commonly claimed, a benefit Vitality NYC asserts is an “increase in the hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine.” This increase is also said to be the force behind a reported drop in issues like insomnia and anxiety.

WBC is also thought to boost the body’s natural detoxification processes, encouraging the skin to expel toxins and absorb oxygen. A good detox has benefits not only for your health, but also for your appearance. According to Vitality NYC, the skin has a very specific response to extremely low temperatures, activating “cellular repair mechanisms” that increase collagen production and reduce cellulite.

If cold therapy sounds unappealing after the long winter, you can take your wellness in a different direction, and book a session at Vitality NYC’s infrared sauna. This therapy uses infrared light to heat the body, a process that some claim activates a cleansing and detoxifying process.

Wherever your wellness journey takes you, into bitter cold or deep heat, you’ll only be steps away from the Midtown West apartments you call home, where you can reap the benefits of a rejuvenated body.

A Perfect Spring Saturday

Spring is here, and the perfect Saturday awaits after a long work week. Its starting point is your 555TEN luxury rental. With an attended fitness center in-house and a private studio for scheduled classes and individual use, you can wake up and head straight to your favorite gym session. When you’re done with your cardio or your laps in the saltwater pool, head out for a stroll and enjoy all that the neighborhood offers. What does your ideal Saturday look like? For our suggestions on food, feeling and looking fabulous, and places to have fun with friends, read on.

The Midtown West apartments at 555TEN put you in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and at the center of a plethora of options for living well. Nothing caps off a hearty workout on a crisp spring morning like a nutrient-rich and protein-packed smoothie. Refresh yourself at the nearby Juice Press. If you’re up with the sun and looking for a healthy and powerful boost for your body, opt for the Clean Green Protein. Blended with spinach, banana, kale, hemp protein, raw almond butter, chia seed, coconut nectar, and raw almond milk, this one packs a whopping 16 grams of protein and 20 grams of fiber — but it will leave you feeling light and ready to take on the day. For a mid-morning treat that will transport your mind while soothing your muscles, order a Hawaiian Healer. The combo of lemon and mint with banana, cinnamon, ginger, pineapple, and maple are sure to bring a bit of to Maui to Manhattan, enlivening your spirit and satisfying you with alternating hints of heat and sweet.

Feeling good can only be made better by looking fabulous, too. After breakfast, swing by Drybar Hell’s Kitchen for a quick blowout or touch up. Never been to Drybar? Then you must book an appointment and see what all the fuss is about. They offer no cuts, and they don’t do coloring. They’re all about the blowout. It’s that simple. Looking to drop those curls? Ask for the Straight Up. In want of classic waves in the style of old-school Hollywood? Then you’ll probably want the Old Fashioned. Does your best look appear when you’re under the sun and in the sand? They’ve got you covered with their Mai Tai — a look that says effortless and beachy. Skip the scissors and the dye on this Saturday, and let Drybar style you with any one of 11 different looks sure to complement your own personal sense of style.

Finish your day with good friends, flavorful food, and the best of beverages at Legacy Records, one of the hottest new restaurants in NYC. Chef Ryan Hardy brings Italy’s northern coasts to your table with delectable and inviting classics like branzino with salsa verde and Amalfi lemon, and novel twists on world cuisine, such as honey-lacquered duck for two with satsuma mandarin and pistachio. Oenophiles will delight in just knowing that Arvid Rosengren, the reigning “Best Sommelier in the World,” is leading the hospitality and wine team that includes Jeff Bell, a master of mixology. Together, they’ve managed to curate a beverage selection offering draft beers from Brooklyn (Threes Brewery Table Beer Saison) to Belgium (Orval Trappist Ale), wines that span the best of Europe (Jacqueson Rully Blanc 2017, Burgundy, France; and Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo ‘Perbacco’ 2014, Piedmont, Italy, to name two), and a list of shaken and stirred libations that could easily keep you and your crew here for an entire evening out.

The perfect spring Saturday is all within reach at 555TEN. All you have to do is get out there and enjoy it.

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