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The Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards

Spring is in the air, and New Yorkers are ready to get back outside and explore a reopening and reinvigorated city. One of the most beloved and quintessentially “New York” pastimes might be strolling through Central Park and admiring storied landmarks and architectural marvels. Residents of 555TEN’s Midtown rentals are close to some of New York’s most famed attractions, including the city’s latest destination and engineering masterpiece: the Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards.

Just a few blocks south of 555TEN and at the center of Hudson Yards, the square features parks, gardens, and space for taking in some fresh air in the shade or enjoying a morning paper and coffee from the shops and restaurants nearby. But the Public Square and Gardens is a bona fide 21st-century destination. In addition to fast Wi-Fi throughout, the square was built atop a working railyard and deploys state-of-the-art horticultural technology to deliver nutrients, irrigate and drain, and allow root growth to its thicket of trees and tens of thousands of diverse plants across five acres. Wildflowers throughout the park offer a colorful tableau of spring’s brightest—and also attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to maintain plant life across seasons.

Visitors can enjoy the park year-round—with plants and greenery supported with temperature regulation control. As part of a sophisticated ventilation system, tubing embedded within the platform beneath the tree roots circulates cooling liquids to combat the heat emanating from the train yard below, while the roots of the large trees throughout the park are supported with soil beds to allow them to grow and stay healthy and aerated. The 60,000-gallon stormwater storage tanks irrigate the park’s greenery while limiting the greenhouse output of pumping extra water throughout—a commitment to providing a sustainable, all-seasons destination.

At the center of the Square is the Vessel, designed by Heatherwick Studio. This honeycomb structure is now one of New York’s most recognizable architectural triumphs. But the striking design of the Vessel isn’t meant to be taken in passively. Visitors can explore the interactive design by ascending the structure’s 16 stories through over 150 interconnecting flights of stairs and taking in the view at one of the designated viewing points high above the city.

Though 555TEN residents can enjoy the comforts of home in their exceptional NYC luxury rentals, stepping outside to the Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards is a perfect reminder of the best of New York in the spring.

Going Out and Open in Midtown West

There’s no question that the past year has been a time of adjusting, adapting, and getting through hard times. But New York City has been the center of resilience and innovation and has transformed its streets and public spaces to let people walk, bike, dine, and be out and about in the city like never before. Residents of Midtown rentals at 555TEN are ideally located to take advantage of the city’s new Open Streets program and to visit the still-flourishing small businesses, safely socialize with friends and family, and enjoy the warm weather for an afternoon or evening in the neighborhood.


The Open Streets program creates both Temporary Limited Local Access and Temporary Full Closures in areas throughout the city during designated hours throughout the week. Limited Local Access limits most through traffic, while Full Closures create open streets and block all vehicle access and parking. Both programs make streets and public spaces easier for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate and allow streets to be used for outdoor dining, retail, or other programming to support the city. 555TEN residents can enjoy limited Local Access and Full Closures on nearby 46th Street or along Broadway from 36th Street to 42nd Street and 47th to 53rd Streets to the north.


The program is designed to allow residents a chance to explore the city and get out and rediscover the offerings of their neighborhoods—and beyond—throughout the city’s boroughs. 555TEN residents can rediscover or create a new morning ritual with a stroll through the streets and grab an espresso and a pastry from their local cafe. While the exclusive 555TEN dog run is still in business for four-legged friends to enjoy, a long walk exploring the sights and sounds (and new smells, for your pets) will bring an exciting change of pace. Or it may be time to take the bike and helmet out of storage for a ride through Midtown to the East River or north to Upper Manhattan that will lend a whole new perspective on the city. Residents can also opt to dine out at their favorite local Italian, tapas, or seafood spot nearby or indulge in a Michelin-star meal for a celebratory occasion, then venture over to Broadway to see the landmarks and attractions at the heart of the Theater District.


While the city continues to adapt and make its streets more open and traffic-free for everyday enjoyment, residents of 555TEN can take advantage by visiting their beloved neighborhood shops, restaurants, and sights and discovering new favorites as they explore the city anew. And if you don’t live here yet, now is also an excellent time to explore our luxury Midtown Manhattan apartments.

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