Gardening in the Heart of Manhattan

The 56-story tower at 555TEN present the perfect environment for growing a host of apartment-friendly plants. From providing pops of color, to performing valuable duties as air purifiers and mood boosters, plants make great housemates and even better decoration, giving us a connection to the natural world — even in the middle of Manhattan. Keep reading for our guide to filling your new 555TEN home with verdant vegetation.

Choosing the Right Plant
If you’re planning to do a bit of gardening in your new sky-high apartment, you first need to decide which type of plant best fits your needs. The simplest leafy addition to any home is Epipremnum aureum, often called pothos or devil’s ivy. This hardy green houseplant adds color and texture to any home, and is perfect for everything from sitting on a table to hanging in a basket. In their guide to apartment plants, blog 6sqft writes that devil’s ivy “can survive in a variety of lighting conditions,” and Apartment Therapy points out that the plant “will tolerate a missed watering here and there,” making it ideal for more absent-minded plant parents. Best of all, devil’s ivy acts as a natural air purifier, absorbing common household toxins like formaldehyde.

Another healthy option is Sansevieria trifasciata, which is commonly known as the snake plant because of its long, slim leaves that coil upward in a serpentine fashion. Sunset calls this plant “The Survivor” due to its capacity to thrive despite neglect (however unintentional) from its caretaker. Best of all, snake plants work at night to absorb carbon dioxide and strip toxins, including formaldehyde and benzene, from the air, making them great bedroom companions.

More adventurous homeowners may opt for the challenge of keeping exotic plants, which often need quite a bit of care to grow. If you’re up to the task, try the legendary Venus flytrap plant, which requires conditions that recreate its boggy native soil — as well as an occasional feeding of insects. Nothing starts a conversation like a carnivorous plant on your windowsill.

Public Gardens
Just minutes away from 555TEN is Hudson Yards, one of New York City’s finest new attractions, and home to the city’s smartest garden. This five-acre elevated garden is home to over 28,000 plants, including 200 mature trees, all of which provide roosts for a wide range of local and migratory birds. Residents of 555TEN will love their proximity to Hudson Yards, where they can find inspiration for their home foliage, as well as enjoy shopping, dining, and Vessel, NYC’s newest piece of interactive artwork.