At the Hub of Transportation, Explore the City

March 2024

Residing at the 555TEN Midtown West rentals means being close to the center of New York’s transportation network. With proximity to the Times Square–42nd Street subway station, Penn Station, and the 42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal, residents have easy access to local and regional transit options. Whether commuting within the city, planning a trip to the Jersey Shore, or traveling to cities like Boston, Philadelphia, or Washington, D.C., 555TEN’s strategic location simplifies travel for work, leisure, or exploration, connecting you efficiently to the broader Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Times Square–42nd Street Subway Station: A Portal to New York City

The New York City subway system is an intricate network connecting diverse neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and significant points of interest. The Times Square–42nd Street station is particularly notable, serving as a crucial hub with multiple line connections, facilitating easy access to Manhattan’s core. This station also offers direct links to Grand Central Terminal, which is renowned for its architectural splendor and serves as a central point for Metro-North Railroad services.

For cultural enthusiasts, the subway is a gateway to the Upper East Side’s Museum Mile, home to several of the city’s renowned museums. Shoppers can alight at 34th Street–Herald Square to visit the iconic Macy’s store, while nature lovers might prefer the 59th Street–Columbus Circle stop, offering a pathway to Central Park’s southwestern areas. The subway system stands as a reliable means to navigate New York City’s breadth, offering a window into its varied urban tapestry.

Penn Station: Your Conduit to the Northeast and Beyond

Penn Station is a key node in New York’s extensive rail system, providing access to a multitude of destinations. It’s the place to start if you’re venturing to the lively streets of Boston, exploring the historical richness of Philadelphia, or touring the landmarks of Washington, D.C. The station’s connectivity, facilitated by Amtrak, NJ Transit, and the Long Island Rail Road, makes it a reliable and convenient choice for all travelers. Whether your journey is for business purposes or leisurely exploration, Penn Station simplifies your travel with its efficient network. It’s not merely a station; it’s a pivotal gateway to the Northeast corridor, seamlessly connecting you to the broader expanse of the region and ensuring your travels are smooth and hassle-free.

42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal: A Gateway to Regional Adventures

The 42nd Street–Port Authority Bus Terminal serves as a pivotal center for bus travel, connecting passengers with a wide array of destinations both near and far. From this active terminal, travelers can set off to the scenic Catskills, unwind on the beaches of the Jersey Shore, or delve into the charm of the Hudson Valley. It stands as an essential link for those seeking respite from the city’s bustle, offering varied options for day trips, weekend escapes, or longer expeditions.

Residents of the NYC luxury rentals at 555TEN have a multitude of travel options within and from Manhattan right at their doorstep. With subways, trains, and buses all within easy reach, they’re perfectly poised to zip around the city and beyond, making every journey as easy as a day in the park.