Indoor Amenities to Keep You Toasty During Winter

The Manhattan weather might be turning brisk, but the first-rate range of amenities at 555TEN will keep residents toasty through New York’s chilliest months. From Peloton bikes and a saltwater lap pool to a private bowling alley—here’s what’s cooking at Midtown NYC’s most covetable luxury rentals.

Take a saltwater swim

It takes a brave soul to go for a dip anywhere along the East Coast this time of year—but if you’re craving your fix of saltwater swimming, look no further than 555TEN’s indoor lap pool. Not only is it a mere elevator ride away from your apartment, but it’s heated—meaning you can do as many lengths as you like and still emerge feeling delightfully warm. Luxury.

Go for a spin (without moving anywhere)

Midtown Manhattan is wonderful for taking your bike for a spin; the 11-mile-long Hudson River bike path is on 555TEN’s doorstep, and the leafy expanse of Central Park isn’t much further. Still, for those days when it’s too icy to even contemplate putting on Lycra, 555TEN’s fitness center boasts state-of-the-art Peloton bikes that’ll have your blood pumping and calves bulging in no time.

Stay in shape till next spring

In fact, the fitness center at 555TEN offers everything you need to stay in shape till spring without having to once venture to the park or local gym. There’s a Nexersys Boxing Exergame to improve stamina and nimbleness, a weight room where you can make sure you maintain those muscles, and special studio classes to keep you flexible and give you a healthy glow your friends will envy.

Do playtime at home

At 555TEN’s luxury rentals, there’s the cozy option to stay home, cook your own cockle-warming cuisine in your bespoke modern kitchen, and spend the evening having a blast with friends at 555PLAY—featuring its own bowling alley and games arcade. However, if you’re looking for a more low-key evening without the cleanup, Midtown West boasts a wealth of restaurants to keep you fed from the comforts of your home throughout winter—with local favorites such as the delicious lamb madras at Curry India available through delivery food apps.

Sip fireside whiskies in the clubroom

Of course, you needn’t exert yourself at all to keep warm in these Midtown West luxury rentals. 555TEN’s clubroom is replete with cozy sofas and armchairs and its own real fireplace. While you can’t roast chestnuts on this particular fire, you can get very comfy next to it with a warming winter read and a generously poured bourbon. We won’t judge you for wearing slippers, either.

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