The High Line

September 2018

One of the most beloved spots for tourists and NYC natives alike is the High Line. Living in a 555TEN luxury rental guarantees that you can enjoy this very green and very pleasant pathway every day! If you are as obsessed with the High Line as we are, you will want to check out some of the many greenway events offered there, including stargazing, historical tours, and even tai chi classes. Spend an hour or a day within its confines, and you’ll quickly discover the opportunities that await you just a short distance from 555TEN.

Even if you’ve already traipsed through the perennials or wandered beneath the substructure to inspect the trestles above, you’ll still marvel at what you can learn on the High Line Tour: From Freight To Flowers. While the last train cars full of frozen turkeys rolled across its elevated tracks in 1980, the knowledgeable docents who volunteer as High Line tour guides will take you back even further and deeper into a history that’s much more interesting than Thanksgiving gobblers. Their insider’s perspective on the park’s history, design, and landscape takes a unique park and presents it as a modern marvel of reclamation and conservation with information on its horticultural displays and, of course, its origins as a humble rail line. Find out how the park’s plants were selected for their hardiness or learn how water recycling is employed to prevent rainwater loss.

When day turns to night, the High Line is an excellent place to remember that there are lights above and beyond the twinklings of street lamps and high-rises. Yes, despite what you’ve heard, there is a nighttime sky to be seen above NYC, and the Stargazing events in the park give you the chance to get a very detailed look at it. Each Tuesday evening from April to October, park-goers are offered an opportunity for a romantic stroll through the High Line’s paths and also to take a peek at the worlds above. High-powered telescopes, courtesy of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, are brought in, and members of the club guide you on an exploration of the cosmos. On rainy days, make sure to check the High Line website or Twitter feed where they’ll announce any cancellations by 3 pm.

Of course, the High Line is more than just earthly and celestial tourism. It’s also a living, breathing space that hosts a lively variety of activities for all pursuits. On their calendar, you’ll find regular offerings of outdoor tai chi and meditation sessions, as well as talks and art exhibitions. A Walk Through Time by Kamau Ware is a commissioned work currently showcased on the High Line. Portraits and oral histories of seven New Yorkers, along with personal narratives telling the stories of their 7 o’clock routines, are shared in tandem with a walking tour through the park. The Agora Art Tour, guided by High Line Art Assistant Curator, Melanie Kress, is a unique exploration of the park’s many murals, sculptures, and other forms of public art. You also can take in a performance from the LIVE! Series, which features “dynamic live performances and participatory activities that provide a platform for visitors of all ages to experience the High Line through music and motion.” Dance parties, poetry readings, and other happenings in the LIVE! experience are a reflection of the vibrancy of New York art and culture — all of it delivered to your very doorstep.