The Edge: Overlooking Hudson Yards and Beyond

March 2022

With the legendary skyline just outside your window, living in Manhattan often feels like living on top of the world. Known for its superlatives — a world capital of culture, nightlife, fine dining, and everyday excitement — New York City is home to some of the world’s most recognizable architectural landmarks, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Empire State Building, not to mention its famed green spaces, including the High Line and Central Park. A recent addition to the pantheon of the city’s architectural wonders is the skyscraper at 30 Hudson Yards and its “dance” partner, 10 Hudson Yards. Designed by acclaimed architects Bill Pedersen and John Pedersen, 30 Hudson Yards is just moments from the Midtown Manhattan apartments at 555TEN and offers a uniquely exciting attraction: Edge, a new public observation deck on the building’s 100th floor.

Residents of 555TEN have access at home to a rooftop 56 stories up, which boasts a private residents lounge, an indoor/outdoor fireplace, an open-air sundeck, private cabanas, and a swimming pool — all 650 feet above Midtown West. But for those seeking out even loftier perches, Edge soars 1,131 feet into the sky. In fact, it’s the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, offering mesmerizing panoramic views of the East River, the Hudson River to the west, and nearly all of the city’s landmarks. The 80-foot public deck is a triangular wedge that protrudes from the side of 30 Hudson Yards, and, as its name suggests, creates the feeling of being at the edge of a vast precipice, suspended in midair, in the midst of the clouds.

Those wary of heights, and the feeling of floating high above the city below, can rest assured knowing Edge is a sturdy 765,000-pound platform, which comprises 15 individual sections bolted together and attached to both the southern and eastern sides of 30 Hudson Yards. Of course, leaning into the view against the angled glass wall enclosures is part of the thrill of experiencing Edge. For the truly adventurous, City Climb at Edge offers the world’s highest open-air building ascent along the 45-degree angled staircase that crowns 30 Hudson Yards. At the top, climbers can lean out (while securely strapped and buckled in) and take in the views below. And after the climb, visitors can toast with a glass of Champagne and take in the most spectacular sunset views in the city.

Whether poolside at home or at nearby 30 Hudson Yards and Edge, 555TEN residents can sit atop the city and feel truly on top of the world.