Thanksgiving at 555Ten

November 2017

The signs are all there: the weather has begun to cool; the clocks have slid back an hour, ushering in 5 pm sunsets; and department store sales ads are showing earlier in the season. It’s official; the holiday season is here. And the opening ceremony, the grandiose introduction to this period of unencumbered wonderment, is undoubtedly Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving does not have all the stress of the later holidays; it’s rather pure in its approach. It’s about family, friends, and food. So, if you’re one of the lucky New Yorkers who recently moved into the 555TEN luxury rentals in Midtown West, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your new digs.

Here’s our 2017 Thanksgiving hosting guide:

Cook Ahead

This one is vital. Leave as little to the last day as possible because there are always hiccups that will arise and cause significant delays. If you leave too much to Thanksgiving Day (or Eve), when the inevitable derailment occurs, things could snowball into calamity, and nobody wants that. Moreover, Thanksgiving Day should be about spending time with your family and friends. Regardless of how stunning the kitchens are in your 555TEN apartment, you don’t want to be stuck there all day. Some dishes obviously need to be left to the day of, but many (and we mean many) can be prepared the night before.


We’ve all been to those Thanksgivings when one person cooks nearly everything and never gets to enjoy the holiday. Don’t let this be you. As you’re preparing something, call a friend and ask them to help out. It’s more than likely that you’ll receive many offers of assistance throughout the preparations; graciously accept them!  Moreover, in the lead-up to the day, send out an email and see if anyone is interested in contributing; this will help ease the individual burden and also differentiate the menu a bit. Thanksgiving should be an ensemble performance.

Utilize the Neighborhood

Some people ascribe to this notion that everything served on Thanksgiving needs to be homemade, but we do not agree. You live in New York City, one of the culinary capitals of the world; it would be foolish not to utilize your surroundings.

Carlo’s Bakery, which has been in business for over a century for a good reason, is just a few avenues away, and their cookies and cakes are phenomenal. (Try their Chocolate Cheese Rugelach!)  Amy’s Bread is also right around the block, and their pumpkin pie and their old-fashioned cornbread are both stellar and perfect for Thanksgiving. And just to the east is the acclaimed Little Pie Company. You may be an incredible baker, renowned throughout your family, but the odds of you making a better pie than them are remarkably low. Their sour cream apple walnut pie will blow your mind. Plus, buying a pie is much less work than making one although you should order your pies ahead of time. Last but certainly not least, to the east is the famed Magnolia Bakery at Rockefeller Center. It’s a little more of a trek, but all their stuff is delicious, and we’d recommend grabbing some of their cupcakes to switch it up a bit.

Enjoy Yourself

Since even Mario Batali has things go wrong on Thanksgiving, the key is not to stress over the little mishaps. Be the best host or hostess you can be; show your guests around your sprawling residence; point out the premium finishes as you gaze out over shimmering Manhattan through your massive windows. Hang out; have a drink; converse. Make your friends jealous (but in the nicest way).