Stay Home at 555TEN

February 2023

As the cold weather and the holidays descend on New York City, there is no better place to reap the benefits of relaxing at home than at the Midtown West luxury rentals at 555TEN, where an unparalleled suite of amenities transforms home base into a realm of fitness, fun, and possibility.

Straight from Extell’s vision of rental amenities rivaling those of a luxury hotel, you’ll find standouts like a saltwater pool, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, a bowling alley, a kids’ playroom, and a rooftop bar to help get you through the winter. With all this at your disposal, you’ll feel like you’re on a cruise — down to the water views — right in the heart of Manhattan.

To get a sense of how these carefully considered spaces can enhance your life, think of them as everyday fixtures that can offer extraordinary experiences to fit any mood. The travertine-lined pool is the perfect place to work out in the morning, but it can also be a calming spot for a relaxing dip on a Friday afternoon, when you might delight in frittering away the last hours of daylight with both a refreshing swim and a good book to read in a lounge chair by the calming saltwater.

The rooftop bar and lounge at 555TEN can be a lovely spot to host friends on a Saturday night, but it’s also an elevator ride away for a spontaneous glass of wine paired with a stunning sunset.

Organize play dates for the kids in the playroom, where they can bond with neighbors their own age and make lifelong friends, or find new activities to open their expanding worlds. For grown-up playtime, having access to an on-site bowling alley makes it easy to plan a party or even to turn a regular weeknight into a game night.

The fitness center means you have access to Peloton bikes, cardio equipment that can be programmed with your personal fitness profile, and the Nexersys Boxing Exergame, which not only keeps you fit but may become one of the most enjoyable stress relievers for the holidays — and beyond. With dedicated studio space for private use and group classes whenever you want them, you’ll have all the benefits of a communal, expert-led workout without the added hassle of a commute in the wintry weather. Drop in on a yoga class as needed, or make them a part of your weekday routine.

Renting in New York has never been this luxurious, thanks to the Extell touch at these luxury no-fee apartments in the heart of NYC, which redefines what it means to stay home for the holidays.