Raising the Roof This Fall

November 2017

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons in New York City, and if you live in one of the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN, there is no more perfect way to enjoy the city and the season than the building’s all-seasons rooftop lounge. Here, the possibilities for socializing and relaxing—with the city at your feet—are endless, punctuated night and day by breathtaking views of the skyline and the river.

Host a post-brunch cocktail hour for friends after a busy weekend of theater, art openings, and the parties of the season. Take a trip (a few blocks away and all the way to the 1920s) to see The Play That Goes Wrong at the Lyceum Theater and then head back home to make everything right. The bar and lounge atop 555TEN provide a cozy yet festive atmosphere where you can kick back on your home turf and linger into the night. You and your guests can enjoy the views through the floor-to-ceiling windows while the glow of the indoor/outdoor fireplace warms your skin. For a more exclusive get-together, you can even book the indoor space for up to four hours. The sunset and the city will make their own show for you as the autumn breezes glance off the river and the buildings of Midtown West.

In this unique amenity overlooking Midtown West, urban design and nature form a perfect marriage, not just in the views, but also all around you on the roof. Thanks to the landscape designer Steven Tupu’s expertise, you’ll find yourself surrounded by pristine white birch trees chosen for their striking appearance in every season. You can relish the warmth of the indoor lounge and gaze at the carefully curated grasses and plants, which—like the landscaping on the High Line—stand and bend with the weather and create eye-catching moments within the larger outdoor space.

These plantings also provide green habitats for birds from near and far, another striking reminder that even in the city—and in the cooler weather—you are never far from nature when you make your home in one of 555TEN’s luxury rentals. Meanwhile, your guests, lulled by the natural beauty and the glistening lights of Manhattan and New Jersey, may get so comfortable they will feel like you’ve just taken them on vacation.