Pumpkin Season

October 2018

Temps in the 80s are a thing of the past — until next year — and the city is ready for one of its favorite seasons. Some call it “pumpkin season,” while others rejoice in “sweater weather,” but with crisp, cool air swirling up the avenues, it’s indubitably fall in New York City. The break in the heat mixed with the excitement of fall festivities means that residents are ready to paint the town, well, orange, of course. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch the leaves change from verdant green to a riot of autumnal hues around the city and across the Hudson from the vantage point of your well-appointed home at the 555TEN luxury rentals. Break out the Le Creuset and cook yourself a savory cold-weather coq au vin. Or, have a glass of red wine in the luxe kitchen of your Midtown West apartment and head out to experience the season’s best offerings.

Here’s a list of our fall faves:

Kahve | 667 10th Avenue

What goes better with a chunky knit sweater than pumpkin-spiced anything? Yes, we know we’ve hit Peak Pumpkin Spice, but there’s nothing like indulging in a warm mug of the best chai tea you’ve ever tasted, tingling your palate with notes of cinnamon and ginger. And there’s no better place to get your PS fix than Hell’s Kitchen’s foremost coffee lounge — Kahve. Just a short walk from 555TEN, this has been the destination for coffee connoisseurs and tea devotees since 2011. A sleek, modern space, it’s the perfect spot to meet with friends, people watch, or grab a chai to-go before you take a refreshing morning walk down the Hudson.

Ghost Tour of Hell’s Kitchen | Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours

Hell’s Kitchen might be the must-live-in location of the moment, but it has some skeletons in its closet — or should we say, ghosts. With old-time taverns and landmarks of yesteryear, the neighborhood has a storied past, and some of those stories are a little spooky. Take advantage of this time of year and stroll along with a lantern-lit walking ghost tour of the neighborhood. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of your area — even if that history includes the “Gangland Killings” and four haunted sites.

Halloween Pumpkin Flotilla | Harlem Meer | Oct. 28

There’s a local legend that Washington Irving, author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” lived downtown around Union Square. While this myth may be as headless as the horseman he wrote about, it’s undeniable that Irving popularized jack-o’-lanterns as the preeminent symbol of the Halloween season. Experience these specters of the season in a fun and cinematic way. On Oct. 28 at the Harlem Meer, watch a fleet of illuminated pumpkins take to the water for a crepuscular cruise across the pond. Make the event special for your whole family by carving up one of the orange gourds yourself and entering it to be a part of the flotilla. Watching these homemade works of art glide across the water is nothing short of spectacular.

NYC Village Halloween Parade | Oct. 31

Outside of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Halloween Parade is one of NYC’s most prominent fall affairs. Take a quick cab downtown and prepare to be shocked, not from fear but in amazement of people’s creativity. This year’s theme is “I Am a Robot,” so expect a lot of riffs on androids. But if the past is prologue, you’ll see all of the ghouls, goblins, and witches one would expect from the country’s biggest Halloween celebration. Trick or treat in any way you see fit and join the parade — as long as you’re in costume.