Pier 84: Hudson River Park’s Oasis

August 2023

Pier 84 at Hudson River Park is a blend of relaxation, activity, and culture that’s hard to resist. As late summer and early autumn loom, it’s time to check out everything that the Pier has to offer—just a 10-minute walk from the Midtown Manhattan apartments for rent at 555TEN.

Here, you’re sandwiched between two landmarks: the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and the Circle Line. But the heart of Pier 84 is its own world, complete with a bustling boathouse, an array of dining options, and a lively dog park.

Lounge, Relax, Repeat

Center stage at Pier 84 is its lawn. Whether you’re catching some rays or enjoying a picnic, it’s the place to be. Nearby, there’s a thriving community garden—a city dweller’s patch of green where nature lovers can dip their fingers into the soil. Access to the community garden’s flora is exclusively for its official volunteers, yet everyone is invited to meander around its perimeters and soak in the lively pier atmosphere. 555TEN residents who are keen on lending a hand should review the Pier 84 page on the Hudson River Park website to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Hudson Adventures

Ever tried kayaking with skyscrapers as your backdrop? At Pier 84’s boathouse, you can paddle out and savor the unique view of Manhattan from the water. And if you’re new to kayaking, no worries—there’s a team ready to guide you. You can even go on a tour to a “secret beach.” The Pier 84 Boathouse also offers other water activities, including paddleboard and outboard canoeing.

History at the Harbor

Just a hop away is the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Dive into history aboard the USS Intrepid. This isn’t just about military might; it’s a journey into our space age and beyond. Current exhibits include “On the Mend: Restoring Intrepid’s Sick Bay,” “On the Line: Intrepid and the Vietnam War,” and “A View from the Deep: The Submarine Growler and the Cold War.” 

Pier 84 in Hudson River Park is more than just a hangout—it’s a Manhattan experience. From lazing on the lawn to embracing the Hudson on a kayak or stepping back in time at the Intrepid, it’s a mix of laid-back vibes and intriguing adventures.

While you’re checking out Pier 84 and the Hudson River Park, stop by 555TEN and check out our luxury apartments for rent. We’d love to give you some more tips on other hot spots near Midtown West.