Picture-Perfect Summer

July 2018

Just steps from the 555TEN luxury rentals, the Hudson River is a destination with an atmosphere all its own. Its natural beauty and cultural opportunity will become the anchor for your Instagram-ready summer days and nights living in these Midtown West apartments.

Start your ideal summer morning by spreading a towel beach-style on the grass in Hudson River Park. No need for traffic-congested trips to the beach when you and your friends can relax and have an Instagram-worthy picnic of lattes, avocado toasts, and yogurt parfaits that you can pick up from Think Coffee on your way to the river from 555TEN. If the lapping of the water calls to the sailor in you, you can take the New York City Sunset Sail, where, with a drink in hand from their full bar, you can watch the sun go down over the harbor. The dramatic look of the boat’s sail against the glittering skyline provides the chance for a picture you—and your followers—won’t want to miss.

Residents of 555TEN can walk on and off a New York Water Taxi, conveniently located at Pier 83, and use the water as a means of getting around town in a way that will be just as gratifying and fun as your ultimate destination, and even more camera-ready. For a classic tour, the boats from Circle Line Cruises also depart from Pier 83. Try the Complete Manhattan Cruise when out-of-town friends come to visit and want to pose in front of every angle of the island in one night.

For a fine-dining experience on board another beautiful ship, Hudson’s at Pier 81 is the right place to get photos of friends enjoying luscious food and views. Or you can take a ride with the North River Lobster Company on “New York’s only floating lobster shack,” a phenomenon, complete with lobster rolls and “froze,” that has to be splashed in all of its quaint glory all over your Instagram account to be believed—and envied.

Further inland, the river is still your playground (and background) when you go for drinks at Cantina Rooftop, where you can drink tequila and eat tacos for Happy Hour and come back later in the night for live music. Perhaps best of all are the river views that punctuate your days and nights at 555TEN itself, where you can luxuriate in an evening swim plus a glass of wine and capture the perfect pictures of your summer life on 555TEN’s rooftop, with the river glittering in the distance.