Penn Station: A New Experience Awaits

December 2023

For those residing in Midtown West, the overdue prospect of a reimagined Penn Station brings a wave of excitement, particularly for the residents of 555TEN. This upscale rental property, known for its luxury amenities, is ideally situated just blocks away (while feeling wholly apart from its frenetic pace). The proximity promises to augment the living experience in Midtown West, offering enhanced accessibility and a revitalized neighborhood vibe, complementing the high-end lifestyle at 555TEN.

As a leading candidate in the redesign competition, the vision presented by Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK) and Practice for Architecture and Urbanism (PAU) stands out. Their design features two spacious train halls, each topped with glass ceilings and skylights, aiming to infuse the underground areas with natural light. A proposed facade renovation, designed to echo the Beaux-Arts elegance of Moynihan Train Hall, and the integration of advanced navigation systems are also key highlights of this ambitious plan. These enhancements are geared towards transforming the current station’s wayfinding challenges into a seamless, tech-forward experience.

The plan also includes a new entrance pavilion on Eighth Avenue, promising to elevate both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the area. Additionally, the 33rd Street Farley Building is slated for a modern makeover, featuring new interior finishes and an energy-efficient lighting system.

Another pivotal feature of the Penn Station redesign involves the introduction of culinary and cultural experiences. The nearby Moynihan Train Hall provides a glimpse into this future, already hosting a gourmet food hall with an assortment of dining options like H&H Bagels, Burger Joint, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Art is expected to play a similarly significant role in the transformation. Planned installations aim to create an environment that goes beyond travel functionality, offering fully immersive cultural experiences. Visitors to the Moynihan Train Hall can already witness this blend of art and transit, with notable works like ‘The Hive’ by Elmgreen & Dragset, Kehinde Wiley’s ‘Go, 2020,’ and Stan Douglas’s ‘Penn Station’s Half Century.’

Residents of 555TEN are uniquely connected to one of New York City’s most significant urban projects—the rejuvenation of Penn Station. Living at 555TEN means being just a short distance from the heart of this evolving project and all the prospective advantages, all while being insulated from the bustle in a lifestyle-friendly oasis. Contact us to learn more.