555TEN | Interview with Michael Fazio of LIVunLtd Concierge

April 2017

One of the great perks of living in 555TEN’s luxury Midtown West rentals is that every resident has automatic access to the services of LIVunLtd, a lifestyle concierge that specializes in making client experiences effortless, from finding hard-to-get theater tickets to planning parties and events and even coordinating a move. Here, founder Michael Fazio explains what sets LIVunLtd apart and why residents of 555TEN may come to rely on their services as part of the 555TEN lifestyle.

How did you and Abbie Newman start working together?
While working as concierges in some of New York City’s finest hotels, we compiled a “little black book” of our special VIP guests who would call upon our help from wherever they were in the world. We eventually realized that we could take our expertise out of the hotel world and into the wider world of concierge service. One of our clients was a real estate developer who hired us to create a concierge program for a luxury residential building. And the rest is history!

What will LIVunLtd offer the residents of 555TEN?
Residents of the luxury NYC rentals at 555TEN will all become registered LIVunLtd clients and enjoy unlimited access to the team of concierges based in our Midtown Manhattan office. Residents can work with our team to streamline their moving-in process, make restaurant reservations, book concert tickets, or even plan a party or a spa day.

What sort of atmosphere will the LIVunLtd team cultivate at 555TEN?
Exclusive clubs like the SoHo House offer a model of comfort and service that has inspired us to customize some of the offerings at 555TEN in a way that makes residents feel catered to. This luxury rental building has beautiful amenity spaces, so that gives us a great setting in which to plan events like culinary demos and tastings by popular NYC chefs, film screenings, author and expert talks on a range of topics—from fashion to finance—and casual cocktail gatherings and game nights where residents can meet each other.

Will LIVunLtd offer any special promotions or experiences to 555TEN residents?
Luckily, our substantial client base allows us to gain special access to Broadway shows, baseball games, arts festivals, and more, so each month we’ll be offering 555TEN residents the chance to take part in one of these special events. Recent highlights included access to tickets to a benefit performance of Hamilton, a private suite at Citi Field with pregame photo ops, and a special preview of J. K. Rowling’s new movie, followed by an after-party. We also offer regular discounts on products and services through our monthly newsletter.

In your opinion, which Midtown West hot spots might become local favorites for 555TEN residents?
The Marshal, Esca, Dianne & Elisabeth, and Robert, the restaurant at the Museum of Arts and Design, are all wonderful. The trick is getting a table, and that’s where LIVunLtd can help. One of our “secrets” is to book as far ahead as one month. Another is to call at 4 pm, which is when restaurants are reconfirming their seatings for the evening—that’s when you might score a table due to a last-minute cancellation.

A great day at 555TEN’s Midtown West Rentals begins with “rising and shining.” How does the team at LIVunLtd like to meet a new day?
Depending on the day, we might like to start with a Ninja Essentials class at Mark Fisher Fitness and then stop in at Juice Press to refuel with a Super Food Smoothie. Or we might check to see if there’s a Daybreaker morning dance party or book a trampoline class and get airborne with Louis Coraggio. For brunch, we’d take a walk to Indie Food and Wine near Lincoln Center for oatmeal and coffee and then walk to DeWitt Clinton Park with one of our pups to play at the dog run. A power breakfast at Cafe Cluny or Marta is also a savory weekend treat.