Live Life on the Edge

December 2023

Perched over 1100 feet above the ground level of Hudson Yards, Edge sky deck offers breathtaking, unprecedented bird’s-eye views of New York City below. Its distinct triangular wedge design, extending 65 feet outward from the side of the building, allows visitors to experience the thrill of soaring high above the city.

As the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, Edge offers an unrivaled opportunity to take in the grandeur of NYC in a thrilling new way. Residents of Midtown West’s premier luxury apartment towers, 555TEN, can arrive at these exhilarating views in mere minutes.

From the 101st floor, cars and pedestrians move like miniatures below, and iconic landmarks like the Chrysler Building are taken in from above. The record-breaking elevation furnishes a view of New York City in its totality, allowing one to take in the breadth of its architectural history—from the towering Art Deco monuments of the Financial District to the sleek glass towers of Midtown, and the expanse of Central Park, whose ponds and rolling lawns evoke a sliver of pastoral greenery amid the urban expanse.

The tower’s elevator arrives at the 100th floor in under a minute, whisking visitors upward and showcasing the architectural and engineering prowess of the building’s design. On clear days, the sweeping 360-degree views extend up to 70 miles, showcasing the remarkable breadth of the city and its surroundings, including distant Ellis Island across the harbor as well as the Palisades, a line of steep, basalt cliffs that flank the Hudson River.

Beyond the breathtaking views from the outdoor observation deck, Edge entices visitors to indulge in the altitude by other, more leisurely means. The tower’s glitzy champagne bar and upscale Peak Restaurant provide opportunities for casual socializing against the stunning backdrop. The Sky-High Yoga sessions offered in partnership with Equinox allow ambitious zen seekers to flow in the clouds, using the open air and boundless skyline as their private studio.

When it’s time to return to solid ground in Midtown West, you’ll do so with your appreciation for New York City’s urban wonder renewed.

Live steps away from Edge and these unparalleled city views in the Midtown West rentals at 555TEN. Contact us today to schedule your tour of these luxury NYC apartments.