Jonathan Adler’s Maximalist Model Apartment at 555TEN

August 2018

Jonathan Adler, who has been called “the authority on Modern American glamour since 1993,” has a genius for juxtaposing elegance with a sense of play, a trait which is everywhere apparent in the model apartment he has designed for the luxury Midtown rentals at 555TEN. As the man who hung a sign in his shop that reads “minimalism is a bummer,” he has taken his talent for striking the fine balance of clean lines and eye-catching shapes and patterns and run with it. His use of the space in 555TEN’s apartment highlights the stunning views, the gracefully constructed layouts of these homes, and their exquisite features like double-paned window walls that minimize noise via state-of-the-art acoustic technology. And, as a way to start their own customization process and channel the creativity of a master of design like Adler, residents are invited to make their own mark on their apartments by choosing a dark or light “Extell Choice” finish. The “Sunrise” or “Sunset” shades will accent wooden floors throughout the homes, the millwork in the modern kitchens, and the vanities in the Porcelanosa-tiled bathrooms with Waterworks fixtures.

Here is a look inside the Jonathan Adler model, which uses all the innate beauty and refined touches of the 555TEN rental homes to great effect.

As soon as you walk in, the Globo Console in the entryway will be the perfect introduction to Adler’s aesthetic. With its sleek white lacquer cabinet top, brass legs, and blue cabochons, it suggests a Hollywood starlet’s vanity and a Kubrick spacecraft so graceful it will prepare you for liftoff into Adler’s stratosphere, where each object of the home is a friendly, useful work of art.

Down the hall, you will find the living room, anchored by the Baxter Sofa and punctuated by the Pompidou Chair, whose continuous back and arms are as comfortable to be enveloped in as they are satisfying to look at. The whole room combines plushness and a light color palette with gleaming accents that mimic the way sunlight reflects off the buildings that make up the lovely skyline view.

The dining room centerpiece is the Caracas Table, which features an hourglass-shaped antiqued brass base and a pristine circular top that is ideal for lavish dinner parties and for catching the light pouring in through the corner windows. The master bedroom, which focuses on neutral color tones and accents of green and pink, contains a Connery King Bed, whose headboard and footboard manage to create a modernist piece that is paradoxically reminiscent of the beds of kings. In a signature move, Adler has added to the room his Large Mongolian Lamb Bench, whose interaction of hard and soft echoes the other textural juxtapositions throughout the home, creating a feeling of total comfort, imagination, and luxury.

In the kids’ room, Adler charges full steam ahead with lots of options for sitting, sleeping, and playing. The Maxime Lounge Chair has such a low-slung, wide, and cushioned seat that it encourages the best kind of sprawling. The Moroccan Pouf becomes equal parts chair and toy. It’s an excellent addition to a residence where the furniture is meant to please the eye, pamper the body, and give life that unexpected twist that keeps things interesting, in the true spirit of the Hudson Yards rental apartments at 555TEN.