International Cuisine in Hell’s Kitchen

February 2024

Hell’s Kitchen easily maintains its unapologetic, no-frills attitude, offering a genuine New York City experience that is like no other. This authenticity informs the neighborhood’s culinary landscape, making it a bastion for food enthusiasts seeking fare and libation that is as honest and unpretentious as the locale itself.

Residents of 555TEN, the NYC luxury apartments for rent in Hell’s Kitchen, enjoy easy access to various dining spots catering to every imaginable taste. With so many fantastic choices just moments from the front door, the challenge shifts from finding a restaurant to selecting your particular culinary adventure for the evening.

The many establishments and eateries deliver exceptional taste and value — exactly what you’d expect from this dynamic and diverse neighborhood. Let’s explore a few of the superb selections that excite the palate and leave one hungry for more.

Jaz Indian Cuisine | 813 Ninth Avenue

Featuring Northern Indian fare, Jaz carries more than just the name of its founder, Jaz Rupall; it embodies her passion for cooking and heritage. From steaming tandoori specialties, curries, and entrees like jardaloo gosht (lamb with dried apricots and straw potatoes), Jaz offers a flavorful exploration (the lemon rice is to die for) of North Indian specialties in an intimate and inviting setting.

Ariana Afghan Kebob | 787 Ninth Avenue

Serving consistently wonderful Afghan entrees since 1986, Ariana Afghan Kebob is a classic and beloved mainstay that locals adore. Known for its flavorful and succulent seared-on-the-grill kebobs (served with rice and salad), Ariana’s menu also highlights unusual dishes like curried pumpkin, fried turnovers, and homemade dumplings.

Poulette | 790 Ninth Avenue

Poulette specializes in French-style rotisserie chicken, emphasizing quality and farm-fresh ingredients. The menu features perfectly seasoned and roasted chicken, complemented by a selection of sides, salads, and sauces made in small batches to ensure freshness. Indeed, it’s hard to resist the allure of Poulette’s flavorful and juicy chicken, especially when it’s accompanied by a generous mountain of mashed potatoes.

Hyderabadi Zaiqa | 366 West 52nd Street

Despite its modest size and walk-down location, Hyderabadi Zaiqa is not to be overlooked. The dedicated chefs here serve up some of the city’s finest dum biryani, a mixed rice dish featuring vegetarian and meat options lightly infused with spices — the goat is considered the best in all of NYC. If biryani isn’t to your liking, the surprisingly extensive menu offers plenty to choose from.

Rice X Beans | 688 10th Avenue

Rice X Beans offers authentic Brazilian cuisine in a warm and welcoming setting. Known for its traditional stews and seasoned meats served with rice and beans, it’s a favorite for those yearning for flavorful food straight from the heart of South America. Chef and owner Carlos Roberto Inácio, or Carlinhos, prepares the signature dish, a traditional black bean and pork stew known as feijoada, by slow-cooking the meat overnight and seasoning it with a secret blend of spices. It’s this attention to detail that elevates each tasty morsel into a memorable gastronomic experience.

Lum Lum | 404 West 49th Street

From the creative signature cocktails to the equally intriguing list of house specials to the specialty appetizer snack selection, Lum Lum offers a delightfully original Thai menu that consistently delivers. Where does one begin when every single item looks enticing? Goi neu — spicy beef tartare with fried shallot, toasted rice, and sweet yam chips — paired with a frosty Singha sounds great.

These Midtown luxury apartments offer an array of amenities designed for unparalleled comfort, yet the surrounding Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood beckons with a rich tapestry of gastronomical delights. For those who call 555TEN home, Hell’s Kitchen offers not just a place to live, but a vibrant lifestyle to enjoy. Check on availability, or contact the leasing team.