Hudson Yards’ Cinematic Sporting Experience

October 2023

At the crossroads of Manhattan’s dynamic West Side lies Hudson Yards, an urban escape, offering culinary delights, cultural happenings and stylish retail. Crowning the Public Square’s lush gardens sits the lively Backyard at Hudson Yards, home to an iconic open-air 30-foot 4K LED screen.

For nearby denizens at 555TEN seeking a grand-scale game day experience, the Big Screen grants front row seats to the action: international tennis opens, pro golf tournaments, global soccer matches, plus NFL and MLB matchups.

Situated against the backdrop of Thomas Heatherwick’s famed ‘Vessel’, the Big Screen is quite a sight at the foot of the glossy, latticework mega-sculpture, capturing the kinetic spirit of the neighborhood.

Far beyond the average sports bar, Backyard’s sprawling outdoor setup fosters festive camaraderie. Fans lounge in seating pods or relax in cabana-style furniture mere feet from the cinema-sized screen. Surrounded by friends, sipping craft brews and nibbling on first-class street food, the communal atmosphere amplifies the spectating experience.

From the U.S. Open serves to the PGA Championship’s putts, the Big Screen presents sports in magnified detail. Autumn weekends feature college football rivalries and hard-hitting NFL clashes best viewed under the stars. The lively atmosphere rivals that of the stadiums themselves.

For 555TEN residents, catching a primetime matchup on the Big Screen is but a quick jaunt. Upon arrival, you can score a courtside lounger with a direct sightline. No need to compete with the crowds or risk spilling your tasty microbrew when cheering along.

From outdoor concerts at Backyard to screenings of nostalgic and seasonal films on the great lawn, the venue satisfies entertainment cravings in grand fashion. 555TEN offers luxury living with Backyard’s big screen located just down the street.