Hell’s Kitchen Photography Workshop

February 2020

The over-the-top bright lights of Broadway. The sunsets behind the Hudson River. The gleaming towers and tall buildings — like the Midtown West luxury rentals at 555TEN — that make the skyline iconic. There’s no question as to why New York is the most photographed city in the entire world. The city’s ever-changing, dynamic energy lends itself well to images in a variety of media, from quick snapshots posted on social media to high-end glossy editorials that attempt to capture NYC’s unique features.


You can get in on all the photography fun by taking a tour with Shoot New York City that will let you explore the town and practice your photography skills. The upcoming Hell’s Kitchen & Midtown West Street Photography Workshop focuses on the neighborhood surrounding the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN. This four-hour tour will take a small group out into the world of high-octane street photography on Saturday, Feb. 29. Whether you’re a selfie-snapper or a professional photog, this tour is sure to be both exciting and illuminating.


But what exactly is “street photography”?


Street photography isn’t your typical pose-and-smile endeavor. It’s a fast-paced, unplanned style that, when done correctly, captures the heart and soul of its subjects in serendipitous moments captured by the camera lens. While the style may seem random, the best street photographers know what to look for and possess a technique that makes catching these moments on film second nature to them.


On the surface, street photography seems like a simple undertaking: Just go out onto the street and take pictures. But, as anyone who’s ever attempted to take a perfect shot in the moment will tell you, it’s anything but.


One of the most common obstacles to overcome is the fear of taking your camera out and shooting. After all, it can be unnerving to point a camera at strangers and take their picture. One of the goals of Shoot New York City is to help those new to street photography get over any embarrassment or fears they might have about shooting in public.


In addition to overcoming mental blocks, Shoot New York City teaches you valuable techniques for getting great shots — with a focus on composition. How you frame and compose your shot affects how an audience will see the picture, which can make or break the message you’re trying to convey. While getting the angles correct is easy with a still object, like the Empire State Building, it’s a bit more difficult when you’re shooting “from the hip.”


The “Auto” setting on most cameras will get you fine photos most of the time, but true photographers know that “Manual” is the way to go. During the workshop, you’ll learn how to use your camera like a pro and dig deep into the more mechanical aspects of street photography. Think: aperture, focus, and f-stop.


Ready to get out there and channel your own Helen Levitt?


Sign up for Shoot New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen & Midtown West Street Photography Workshop today. The tour only accommodates five people, and the event will take place rain or shine. And, most important, don’t forget your camera — both digital and film cameras can be used.