Events in Times Square

October 2023

555TEN: Times Square’s Best-Kept Secrets

Times Square isn’t just neon lights and bustling crowds. It’s increasingly where the NYC magic happens, hidden in plain sight. With a steady mix of beats, art, and buzz, there’s no room for a dull time here.

The Sounds of October

For music lovers who live in the Midtown luxury apartments at 555TEN, the Times Square area isn’t just a tourist hot spot; it’s a dynamic jukebox that happens to be an extension of their neighborhood. Want to plan ahead for some of the top musical events that are on the horizon at venues in or near Times Square? The Times Square website has got you covered. Here is a glimpse of some of the best upcoming acts in October:

October 13 -14: Jazz composer and pianist Hiromi will be performing at Sony Hall.

October 14, 21 & 28: The Satin Dollz swing band is bringing a weekly celebration of 40s and 50s supper club music and society to Bond 45.

October 25: Sony Hall will be hosting the brilliant Emmy award-winning violinist Damon Escobar.

Year-Round Art

The Times Square billboards are famously eye-filling, and for three minutes from 11:57 pm to midnight every night, 90 of them come together to showcase digital video art by a different artist or team of artists each month. In October, the Times Square Midnight Moment will feature animations of night-time flora blossoming and blooming in Anna Ridler’s Circadian Nocturne. And in November, the Midnight Moment will pair artist and filmmaker Andrew Ondrejcak with actress and director Isabel Sandoval for Screen Test: Isabel, an exploration of gender and identity through the lens of iconic movie scenes.

555TEN: West of Times Square and in the Middle of Everything

Times Square is just one of the many New York attractions that is a short walk from 555TEN. Join our community of residents who have seemingly endless options for theater, music, art, food and drink, green spaces, and shopping just outside their door. Contact the 555TEN team today.