Bike Along the Hudson River Park

August 2023

Hudson River Park: An NYC Treasure

New York City, the urban jungle, holds an unexpected treasure along Manhattan’s West Side—Hudson River Park, which has a bikeway up and down its entire length. This expansive park, stretching four miles from 59th Street to the lower tip of Manhattan, presents a perfect setting for cyclists, joggers, and laid-back strollers alike. And it’s so close to 555TEN, that it’s almost part of your backyard.

Get to Know Hudson River Park Better with a Digital Guide

Explore the park in depth with a handy digital guide on the Bloomberg Connects app. It’s a free and fun way to discover everything about the park, from its numerous art installations and public performances to its inviting piers, making your visit more than worthwhile.

Pier 84 Jazz Nights: Music and More

When the sun sets, jazz nights come alive with rhythm and soul at Pier 84 near 555TEN. Here’s your chance to enjoy some live jazz, soak in the lovely waterfront views, and immerse yourself in the rich, multifaceted culture of New York. Recent artists include Ariacne Trujillo Quartet, Salongo, and Eric Person Quintet. Check out the park’s official website for schedules and more.

Stroll, Jog, or Bike Along Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park offers a fantastic experience, whether you’re after a heart-pumping jog, a calming walk, or a leisurely bike ride. It’s not just a backdrop; it’s a living microcosm of a city that never sleeps.

Beyond the Usual: Hudson River Park Attractions

Delve into the captivating public art in the park, including the permanent AIDS Memorial between Pier 46 and Pier 51 and Long Time, the sculptural water wheel at Pier 66, or explore the various piers, each with its own appeal: fishing at Pier 34, the “green beach” at Pier 45, a nautical playground at Pier 51, and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at Pier 86, to name just a few. Anthophiles and other appreciators of nature can check out the bloom guide to find the right times to view the park’s 55 different types of flowers.

If you’re a resident of one of the Midtown West rentals at 555TEN, the Hudson River Park is so close that you can make it part of your daily itinerary. Contact the 555TEN team to hear more about life on the West Side of Manhattan.