A View from Above

September 2018

Living in New York City is all about the views. And at the 555TEN luxury rentals, the views of Manhattan, including the Empire State Building, are unsurpassed. You’d be hard-pressed to find more striking vistas in all of NYC. But there’s one way you might to be able to get a better look—from a helicopter or plane gliding over the Manhattan skyline.

Blade, a startup that many have called the “Uber of helicopters,” is an aviation company that flies the city’s elite to or from airports around the city or on glamorous weekend getaways. That means it’s not just a service for high-powered business people to get back to work after taking that redeye; it’s a valuable aid for anyone who seeks the ultimate in luxury and ease without the hassle of long waits in traffic.

Booking one of their seaplanes or helicopters out of Manhattan for a trip to the Hamptons, let’s say, is just as easy as living in your Midtown West apartment. Residents of the luxury apartments for rent at 555TEN are accustomed to using the building’s app to make their life a little more comfortable, whether it’s having someone walk your dog or pick up a delivery. Blade’s app is just as easy; you can even book a last-minute seat the same day you want to travel.

After your flight is booked, head to one of Blade’s lounges—there’s one just a 15-minute walk from 555TEN on the Hudson River. This is where the first-class experience starts: check your bag, get a wristband, and head to the bar, where you can sip on rosé in Blade’s signature adult-beverage sippy cup that will ensure your wine doesn’t spill on takeoff or landing. With drink in hand, you’re ready to board. For this particular route, you can take a seaplane or a helicopter; either way, you’ll be treated to a one-of-a-kind perspective of the city that few people get a chance to see. Soaring above the river, you might even get a glimpse of your neighbors enjoying the rooftop pool at 555TEN.

Relax as you watch the traffic snarl and jam beneath you and be grateful you’re not stuck in a car. Thanks to Blade, the splendor of the Hamptons is just a few minutes away. Once you see the urban architecture of New York and the suburbs on Long Island fade into pastoral and beachside vistas, you’ll know you’ve arrived. Wasn’t that so much easier than taking the Hampton Jitney?

But Blade doesn’t only service the Hamptons; you can book jaunts to Nantucket, Sag Harbor, and the Jersey Shore, including Atlantic City. The company even offers charters to Miami and Palm Beach.

Whether you use the service regularly or purchase it as an unforgettable gift for a client or loved one, sometimes it is good to have your head in the clouds.