A Night In

September 2018

A night out on the town in New York City presents an array of options. There’s the seemingly endless labyrinth of restaurants, cafes, pubs, theaters, concert halls, and museums, all waiting to be explored. And yet, there are times when even the most seasoned New Yorker prefers to lay low. Luckily for residents of the Midtown West apartments at 555TEN, a night in doesn’t necessarily require hours of labor in the kitchen and/or dropping off on the couch (although we can appreciate the appeal of both those options)! With the indoor bowling alley and arcade open to residents of the 555TEN luxury rentals, along with the selection of top-notch takeout in proximity, a night in can be convenient.

The arrival of Fall often brings with it a new set of culinary cravings; namely, the desire for something fresh, colorful, and maybe even a little spicy. For food that hits these marks and more, look no further than Añejo. Offering a pioneering, inventive take on familiar Mexican standbys, Añejo is a failsafe cure for your south-of-the-border hankerings. What makes it an excellent option for takeout is the huge selection of small plates, many of them creative and high-end. Take, for example, the Blistered Shishito Peppers, which are served with chipotle sofrito, chorizo, lime aioli, and corn tortillas. Or, the Duck Carnitas Enchiladas, smothered in chocolate mole and topped with shaved lettuce and cotija cheese. Order a few dishes, and you’ll have the perfect smorgasbord for sharing with friends back at 555TEN. And what should one imbibe during a journey through this menu? Why, tequila of course, preferably in the form of a classic margarita.

If you’d rather forgo a gastronomical adventure in favor of something tried-and-true, then, by all means, order a pizza. There’s a reason it’s the go-to meal when it comes to ordering in. And yet, pizza in New York is omnipresent, so finding the right pizza can prove an onerous task. This is where Capizzi comes in. Owner Joseph Calcagno grew up working in the kitchen alongside his Italian-born father and grandparents in their Brooklyn pizza shops, lending him experience that you can taste in his pies. They’re loaded with fresh, high-quality ingredients, but they’re also arrestingly simple. There’s nothing wacky afoot here, and, in fact, we’d recommend the Pizza del Nonno, an homage to the owner’s grandfather. It’s topped with crushed San Marzano tomatoes, fresh pecorino Romano, Reggiano Parmigiano, and a drizzle of olive oil—a winning combination that we’re sure is worthy of its namesake. Pair it with a sangiovese, and you might as well be in Italy.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with takeout from Pio Pio 8. This Peruvian restaurant, which has locations throughout the boroughs, is known mainly for its succulent rotisserie chicken, which is “marinated for twelve hours in a mixture of cumin, garlic, Peruvian beer, and a few other key ingredients the owners prefer to keep a trade secret,” according to New York Magazine. Whatever these secret ingredients are, together they transform an ordinary rotisserie chicken into something transcendent. It’s no wonder Pio Pio 8 has gained such a following. Try their most popular item, the Matador Combo. It comes with the aforementioned rotisserie chicken, yellow rice, red beans, tostones, salchipapa, and an avocado salad—plenty to share. Pair it with sangria, garnished generously with oranges.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have plenty of time to head (not far) out to play some games inside the entertainment wonderland at 555TEN.