A Coffee Lover’s Paradise in Midtown Manhattan

March 2023

A New York apartment is only as good as its nearby coffee shops. And residents of the Midtown Manhattan apartments at 555TEN have their choice of high-quality brews just moments from their building’s lobby. So, grab a to-go lid and come with us on a tour of these fine cafes near 555TEN.

First on our list is The Jolly Goat, located seven short blocks south of 555TEN. It features an intimate red brick interior, a food menu complete with bagels and pastries, and, of course, a full hot and cold coffee menu. The shop also sells eggs and yogurt from local dairy farms, making it a breeze for 555TEN residents to support local agriculture while grabbing a latte.

Head north to find the next coffee shop on our tour, Afficionado Coffee Roasters, where New Yorkers can get their single-origin fix and carry out a bag of beans to boot. The shop is dedicated to roasting and brewing coffee from single-origin beans, working directly with growers and roasting every bean by hand on a vintage 1955 Gothot roaster. Drop by Afficionado to taste coffee the way it was meant to be.

Just a little farther north than Afficionado is White Noise Coffee, a small-batch roaster with a dedication to unique presentations. The shop specializes in experimental affogatos, including the iconic matcha affogato and the decadent tiramisu affogato, while also serving a full food menu and offering bags of beans ready to be ground and brewed at home.

For a quick bite and a to-go cappuccino, 555TEN residents will love Frisson Espresso, located just a few blocks northeast of their building. This intimate shop is known for its mini pecan pies and quiche Lorraine as much as its espresso, which comes complete with intricate designs poured into the foam. Though located near Times Square, this shop is a local favorite.

Last but not least is Bird & Branch, a small shop run by a husband and wife team dedicated to giving back to the community while serving great coffee and food. The shop always has something new and exciting on their menu, such as fresh-baked loaves of sourdough bread and the black sesame brown butter pie in celebration of Pi Day (3/14).

With this many high-quality coffee shops within a few blocks, the NYC luxury rentals at 555TEN are a great place for any joe-drinking New Yorker to lay their head. So, head to the availability page and find your next Midtown apartment today!