Making Use of Your Second Bedroom at 555TEN

April 2019

Space in Midtown West is a true luxury. That’s why many people opt for a two-bedroom rental apartment: You can keep the first as your master bedroom, and the second, well, the options are endless. Here, we’ll suggest a few ideas for that second room to give you some inspiration.

Home Office
An increasing number of people have the option to work from home — though few have the option to work from a home with the eye-popping vistas of NYC found at 555TEN. Furnish your second bedroom with a desk and a computer, and you’ll have a home office that’s the envy of Midtown West. Every time you take a break from the screen, you can gaze out over the city and appreciate exactly what you’re working for. Complimentary coffee comes courtesy of your own chic kitchen, fitted out with quartz stone counters and stainless steel appliances.

Always meaning to read more? Your own personal library could help. Fit your second bedroom with a few bookcases, fill them up with all those tomes that have been on your reading list since forever, find a comfy armchair to sink into, source a good reading lamp, and you’re good to go. And, of course, this is one library where listening to music — or sipping a glass of Rioja — isn’t frowned upon.

Walk-In Closet
Fashion is an addiction, and it’s all too easy to wind up with a collection of clothes that has outgrown your wardrobe. Fortunately, in your two-bedroom apartment at 555TEN, you have the luxury of turning that extra space into a walk-in closet. Feel like a true star as you peruse the rails each morning, picking out that killer shirt or dress, and be smug in the knowledge that you needn’t ditch a single one of your 67 pairs of shoes.

Media Room
Fancy yourself as something of a movie buff? Live the dream by transforming your second bedroom into a media room. A large flat-screen (or a projector) and an uber-comfy couch are all it takes to create your own personal cinema. Oh, and a popcorn machine in the kitchen might be good, too! Plug in a game console, and you have the ultimate gaming night on your hands. You’ll show them who’s boss at Rocket League.

A Bedroom
You might, of course, simply want to make your second bedroom … another bedroom. After all, you’ll have plenty of willing dinner guests. And if the party continues into the wee small hours, that second room becomes an invaluable extra bedroom. Word of warning: Your guests might just love the bedroom so much, it’ll be difficult to get them to leave in the morning.