Living It Up with Fido, Steps from Pier 84 Dog Run

When it comes to embracing the furrier side of the family, 555TEN doesn’t just walk the walk; it fetches the ball and brings it back. Tailoring to those who understand that home isn’t complete without a pet by your side, 555TEN crafts an environment where every woof and purr is celebrated.

We’ve teamed up with Throw Me A Bone to create an on-site pet care experience that’s more spoiling than a belly rub from grandma. Our pet-loving experts make every pat count, keeping tails wagging while you’re out taming the concrete jungle.

The delight doesn’t stop at your front door. Our backyard, a private covered dog park, is a pooch paradise where tails wag freely, and the city’s hum is drowned out by joyous barks and playful frolicking. It’s not just a park; it’s a doggie daydream brought to life.

And when it comes to hitting the town, we’re just a dog’s bark from the widely acclaimed Pier 84 Dog Run, cozily tucked away in the heart of Hudson River Park. Think of it as an amusement park for your pooch, complete with cooling spray showers, water fountains, and intriguing stone pieces to conquer. Each visit is a new chapter in your pet’s adventure story.

555TEN also sits amid a veritable buffet of boutique pet stores. Whether you’re hunting down a squeaky toy that squeaks just right or a bespoke pet bed that matches your throw pillows, these stores have you covered. Pet shopping has never felt so chic.

So, pack up the leash and the favorite treats (oh, and your possessions too) and bring your furry friend to the place that gets it: the Midtown rentals at 555TEN. Here, we celebrate the love, joy, and sheer unpredictability that come with pet ownership. It’s not just pet-friendly; it’s pet-fabulous. Get ready to elevate your pet-parent experience—give us a call and let us show you around!