555TEN | Up in the Sky in Hell’s Kitchen

July 2017

When you walk through Hell’s Kitchen, you belong to the streets’ choreography. This is famously energizing. If you are a resident of one of the luxury rentals at 555TEN in Midtown West, you can regularly enjoy that street-level excitement—the Broadway and off-Broadway theater scene, the colorful storefronts and boutiques, the beautiful Hudson River Park, and the vitality and democracy of pedestrian life—but when you step into 555TEN’s grand lobby, you enter a different choreography. 555TEN is your haven in Hell’s Kitchen, and high up in the sky—56 stories and 650 feet above the street—the building’s rooftop pool, sundeck, and clubroom enable you to add a little bit of distance to your Hell’s Kitchen immersion.

At that height, the larger, glittering city asserts itself. 555TEN’s all-seasons club room has floor-to-ceiling windows to get the full sky-high effect, of course, and it also contains an indoor-outdoor fireplace to keep you centered within the panorama. Meanwhile, the open-air sundeck, cabanas, and pool give you that instant summer vacation feel in the middle of Manhattan.

While it would be understandable if you spent much of your free time on 555TEN’s rooftop relaxing, swimming, enjoying a drink, and gazing at the cityscape, the following nearby rooftop bars and restaurants are all beckoning to you, too. And they each promise you a different experience of Hell’s Kitchen from a different height up in the sky.

The Press Lounge  / 653 11th Avenue

Named one of the world’s top 22 rooftop venues by ABC News—and lauded by publications like the New York Times, New York Magazine, and GoDaddy—The Press Lounge gives you enthralling views from the 16th floor above Ink48 Hotel. Beer, cocktails, and glasses of wine are on the drinks menu, while the food menu is composed of small plates of seasonal fare and munchable items like Italian salumi, cheese, hummus, olives, nuts, and the house-made pretzels called PRESSTZELs.” If you’re in the mood for a full meal, you’re encouraged to dine at sister restaurant PRINT in the same building, and if you choose that option, you can get into The Press Lounge after your meal without waiting in line.

Cantina Rooftop  / 605 West 48th Street

Across the street from The Press Lounge (and several stories lower), Cantina Rooftop offers an array of guacamoles, tacos, and ceviches from Executive Chef Gonzalo Colin, who channels his experience eating the street food of his hometown Mexico City into the job of feeding you deliciously authentic meals. With cocktails like the Pero Woah! (Bacardi rum, passion fruit, coconut, and pineapple) or the Teporocho (mezcal, pineapple, citrus, and spicy agave) and churros of chocolate and cajeta sauce or piloncillo flan with wild berries for dessert, it’s a very popular place, so book in advance to ensure you have the best year-round and round-the-neighborhood rooftop views.

Yotel Terrace and Rooftop Bar / 570 Tenth Avenue

The Yotel Terrace and Rooftop Bar is across the street from 555TEN, and at a relatively modest height of four stories, it’s a nice contrast to your high-rise home’s gorgeous sky view. The scenes from this rooftop are intimate; the surrounding buildings have a neighborly cast to them; and the offerings by Social Drink and Food, which are based on some of the best global street food options, complete the casual ambience. The lure of a fun and nourishing breakfast, lunch, or dinner on this cozy rooftop, which is heated in cooler weather, could just make you take that long march across Tenth Avenue on a regular basis.

Lovage / 350 West 40th Street

After launching earlier this year, Lovage Rooftop is the baby of this bunch, and, from its perch on the 37th floor—and with floor-to-ceiling windows that are 17 feet high—it’s quite tall and even a little precocious for its age. In a recent W42ST interview, restaurateur Ric Addison explained that he “wanted it to look like you were in a friend’s apartment, someone who’s been in the neighborhood for years.” With an eclectic mix of glittering gold bar stools, Lacroix armchairs, handmade, cloudlike light fixtures, and a glass roof, Lovage’s décor is worthy of the fabulous views. Specialty cocktails, wine, beer, and champagne are on tap. Just one floor below, the equally young Magnolia Restaurant, another venture from Addison and partner Jeff Lam, can fuel you for the trip up to Lovage and a night of over-the-sky gazing.

Once you come down from any of these heights, you can walk beside the waterfront or float along the streets a bit more before returning to your own dazzling apartment at 555TEN.